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December 25th—The Twelfth Day of Christmas

Hermione woke up in a most blissful state. She was wrapped up in Remus' long arms with her head resting on his chest. Her body still had that sated feeling of post-coitus and she could still feel her pores buzzing from her last orgasm about five hours ago. Though she didn't get much sleep, she was too excited for today to feel at all tired. It was Christmas.

The thought made her so excited, she found herself incapable of not fidgeting excitedly within the circle of Remus' arms, which, as a result, woke him up as well. He released Hermione from the confines of his arms so he could rub the sleep out of his eyes. Hermione smiled lazily up at him, admiring how the early-morning rays of sun peeked through the window and fell upon his sharp cheekbones and pale eyelashes.

"Mmfff…'morning, love," he mumbled as his eyes cracked open into tired-looking slits. The full moon was about a week away so things would be getting a little rougher this week. Hermione didn't mind, though. She was already too invested in the relationship to be scared off.

Pushing the troubling thoughts of his lycanthropy away, Hermione pushed a stray lock of hair out of his eyes. "You mean Happy Christmas," she smiled back.

"Mmmmm…so it is," Remus replied, trailing his fingers up and down her spine lightly enough to cause goosebumps to appear all over her skin.

Hermione was putty in his hands for all of five seconds before she remembered everything she needed to do this morning. Oh, it was going to be a great day!

She rose from the bed and began walking out of Remus' bedroom, naked as the day she was born. Remus had been so mesmerized by the way her arse moved as she walked that he only realized what was happening by the time she left the room.

"Hey, wait! Where are you going?" Remus shouted, springing off the bed and running into the hall to catch up with her.

"Off to shower while you make breakfast, silly. I'm fairly certain that I have some of your jizz still clumped up in my hair from that last round. You know, I never thought I'd like being cream-pied, but that was not nearly as horrid as I thought it would be," Hermione explained with a chuckle, not bothering to turn around or stop walking as she headed towards the bathroom. She was being a tease and she knew it.

Remus couldn't decide whether he wanted to run over to her and take her against the wall for teasing him so mercilessly, or to do as she said and attempt to commit every detail of last night to memory. What a wonderful evening it had been…

Before he could even make a decision, though, Hermione had closed the bathroom door behind her and he heard the lock click in place. Sure, he was a wizard and could unlock the door if he wanted to, but the fact that she had used the lock made him think that perhaps she wanted a little time by herself before they would inevitably go back to fornicating and sleeping their way through the day.

Remus skipped his way downstairs, feeling quite energetic and lighthearted, despite the ever-approaching full moon. He was feeling so satisfied and happy from all the sex with Hermione that he couldn't feel any symptoms whatsoever. It was wonderful, and he could only pray that it would last a while longer.

Once in the kitchen, Remus decided that a nice, protein-filled breakfast would be most beneficial today. Not only would the protein be good for him in the week before his transformation, but it would also be good to help give him and Hermione some more energy to continue their physical activities. Some eggs and breakfast sausage would do the trick. So, turning on the radio to some sort of Christmas dozen drummer concerto, he set to work.

Meanwhile, Hermione was already busy washing her hair with some cucumber-scented soap, relishing in the feel of the hot jet of the shower head against her slightly sore muscles. She had already made a to-do list for her time in the bathroom, including shaving all areas of her body that were in need of shaving, scrubbing every inch of herself with some fragrant body soaps, coating her hair in conditioner until it behaved, and slathering moisturizer all over once she was done so that she would be soft and sweet-smelling. She wanted to be nice and prettied up for Remus today. She was his gift, after all.

Once she had finished with the shower, she was faced with a dilemma: should she put on the lingerie right now and give him his present right away, or should she put on some regular clothes and save the surprise for later?

Her stomach growled and answered her question for her. Breakfast first. She decided to put on a bathrobe overtop of the lingerie so that when the time came, she would simply have to untie the robe and lay herself out for him. She felt herself blush and get a little wet just thinking about it. Oh, how she couldn't wait for him to unwrap her.

It took the brightest Witch of her age a whole five minutes to untangle the many ribbons of the knickers and to figure out how to put them on properly, but the rest was pretty easy after that. The bralette wasn't much of a challenge, as the breast-piece and the armholes were pretty obvious. She loved the way the front of the bra was all lace and the straps and back were all made of the same red ribbons as the knickers.

Hermione took a moment to admire herself in the mirror before she had to cover herself with her robe. The bright red brought out the blush in her cheeks and made her look quite pretty. It had always been her colour. The ribbons that wrapped around her hips accentuated her curviness, which she was normally quite insecure about, but in this instance found herself admiring them. She honestly looked like some sort of Christmas lingerie advertisement, and she felt quite proud of herself for it. Despite her scariness, Fleur really was a genius.

Slipping on her white cotton bathrobe, Hermione decided to use her magic to shorten the hem of it just to make her that much more enticing and that much less like Molly Weasley on a weekend. She skipped her way downstairs, admiring the sound of Remus whistling Beethoven's ninth from the kitchen, coupled with the sizzling of what her nose told her was breakfast sausage.

When she walked into the kitchen, Remus, as per usual, struggled not to drool at the sight of her. She looked and smelled so soft and feminine, and the wolf within him made its presence known as it admired her along with him. Her bathrobe ended just above her arse, was cinched at the waist by the ribbon tying it together, and the low neckline gave him a perfect view of her glorious cleavage. He was suddenly less hungry for food and more hungry for her.

"I hope you made lots. For some reason, I'm positively ravenous this morning," Hermione smirked, causing Remus to feel quite proud of himself. Something about the morning after always made him feel quite manly, especially when Hermione was walking a little funny. She seemed to be walking fine this morning, which was something he would have to correct later on.

"Funny, I seem to be having the same problem, though it isn't the eggs that I'm craving right now," he smirked. He was delighted to see Hermione blush as she chuckled.

"Keep your pants on until after breakfast at least, would you? I'm much too hungry to be tempted into another round right now. Tea or coffee?" Hermione teased.

"I think coffee would be appropriate this morning, especially with what I have planned for later," Remus said, waggling his eyebrows.

"You, Sir, are skating a very fine line with all those sexual comments after I just told you how hungry I am," she scolded as she pulled out the manual coffee maker.

Remus groaned. "Call me Sir again and I'll be miles away from that fine line."

Hermione laughed and slapped his arm playfully. She realized that she could easily get used to mornings like this with Remus. Things were kind of perfect right now. She planned to cherish this sweet monotony for as long as it lasted.

After they finished breakfast, the couple sat on the love seat in the sitting room with the Christmas tree in it.

"So I know we never really discussed gifts or anything, but I did manage to buy you a little something to mark our first Christmas together," Remus said, pulling a small box out of his pyjama pocket and handing it to her.

"Is there even any point in telling you that you didn't have to?" Hermione smiled up at him.

"Absolutely none. I am a Gryffindor through and through, which means chivalry and stubbornness are in my DNA. Now open it up before I lose my control and rip that oh-so enticing bathrobe off of you," Remus growled.

Hermione smirked inwardly when she thought about what his reaction would be to what she was wearing under her bathrobe. Despite how funny that would be, she obeyed him and undid the pretty little ribbon wrapped around the box. Inside she found a gorgeous silver bracelet with a tiny snowflake charm dangling off the end.

"I saw it when I was walking to the bookstore after you banished me from that boudoir photography place and was instantly reminded of that night in the snowstorm when we had our first kiss," Remus blushed. He was so awkward at gift-giving and it was positively adorable.

"Thank you, Remus. I really love it," Hermione said, showing all the sincerity of her affections for him in her smile. She really loved her present and wasn't sure she could ever be convinced to part with it. It was so beautiful and exactly her style.

Hermione leaned forward to kiss him, and soon enough kissing turned to full-on making out. When she felt Remus' hands fumbling with the knot of her bathrobe, she let out a squeak and pulled away.

"Is everything alright?" he asked, his eyes wide with worry that he had done something wrong.

"Everything's perfect, I just realized that I need to give you your present now," Hermione replied, and she was certain her face was turning red. She was so nervous; she had never done anything this daring or bold before and was praying that it would go well.

"Do we have to right now? I was rather hoping for a nice long shag as a thank you for the gift," Remus said, waggling his eyebrows temptingly. Hermione giggled and slapped him lightly on the arm. Merlin, her hands were already shaking and sweating. She could feel her heart begin to race slightly.

In an attempt to give herself some time to collect herself and start it off how she had envisioned it, she took Remus' hands and placed them over her eyes. "No peeking, okay?"

"Of course not," Remus smirked mischievously.

"I mean it. Don't open your eyes until I tell you to," she scolded, getting up off the couch.

She quickly checked her reflection in the glass of the living room door to make sure her hair was alright before slipping off her robe and hanging it off the back of a nearby chair. She reached her hand into the pocket of her robe and pulled out a long, thick red ribbon that she had found earlier. She then wrapped it around her bare midriff and tied it in a bow. The finishing touch.

Then, laying on her side under the Christmas tree in what she hoped was a sexy pose. "Open up," she said in a barely-there voice. She was so nervous for this and was suddenly regretting her decision to do this the way she did. Wouldn't it have been better for her to simply walk out of the bathroom like this and into the bedroom where Remus would have been waiting for her? Or perhaps wearing it to bed one night and waiting for him to notice when he brushed up against her in the night? Why was she pretending to be some sort of sexy model at some cheesy photoshoot? This couldn't possibly be attractive…

But she was too late. Remus had opened his eyes and was now staring down at her with a whole new type of intensity. He opened and closed his mouth a couple times, as if trying to string together a few words but was failing miserably. Hermione pushed herself up into a sitting position and had started to push herself up so that she could run away in embarrassment when Remus finally managed a single word: "No."

Hermione froze. She was certain the blush she was sporting had run all down her neck and was probably even touching the tops of her breasts at this point. "W—what?"

"Stay where you are," he said simply, his expression still intense and unreadable.

Hermione sat back on the floor and stared up at him with unveiled insecurity and bashfulness. Remus stood up from the couch and slowly made his way over to where she was sitting. He then knelt on both knees in front of her and, so slowly it seemed almost like slow-motion, he brought his lips to hers. He tasted of orange juice and warmth, and his kisses were as soft as silk.

Hermione returned his delicate kisses after a moment of shock, and let her fingers run through his hair. After a moment of soft kisses, Remus grabbed Hermione's wrists in one hand and pushed her down with his other so that she was lying flat on her back. He then moved her wrists so that he was holding them above her head and continued kissing her from above.

Hermione was in heaven. His kisses were so delicate and reverent that one might think she was made of glass. Soon he began trailing his loving kisses down her neck and chest, between her breasts until he reached the ribbon she had tied around herself.

"Is this for me?" he asked, giving the end of the ribbon a gentle tug without undoing it.

"All for you," Hermione half-moaned, goosebumps breaking out over her skin as she felt his breath on her abdomen.

"I've always said that ribbons are the best part of unwrapping the gift—that is, of course, second to actually finding out what the gift is. Will I be allowed to play with my gift once I open it?" Remus asked, a sexy smirk tugging at his mouth.

"Whatever you want…I'm yours," Hermione breathed back.

"That's exactly what I wanted to hear," Remus muttered, before grabbing Hermione around her waist and lifting her up into his arms, smiling when her legs wrapped around him naturally.

"What are you doing?" Hermione shrieked as Remus lifted himself to his feet and began carrying her swiftly down the halls and up the stairs.

"Taking you to my bedroom so I can play with my present properly," Remus said while letting one of his hands cup and squeeze her arse. Hermione giggled, feeling all of her worries and tension from earlier disappearing and being replaced by lust.

Remus strode briskly into his room and laid Hermione down quite gently before quickly taking her bottom lip between his teeth and resuming the sweet, sensual kisses. Remus' hands left her body and she began to hear the telling sounds of him taking off his belt and unzipping his pants as he continued to kiss her.

Soon enough, Remus was completely naked save for his boxer briefs. "Now it's your turn," he growled in her ear before sucking on her earlobe for a few seconds. Hermione was practically arching off the bed, despite the fact that they had only been kissing. She was certain that her ribbony knickers were positively soaked.

First came the bow she had tied around herself, which he pulled apart with a single tug. He pulled one side of the ribbon so that the rest of it slid out from under her and dropped it onto the floor.

Next, his clever fingers slid under her back and undid the clasps of the bra, ensuring to trace and tickle her chest and arms as he slid it off. He planted many open-mouthed kisses over her breasts and nipples as they were revealed, and Hermione gasped in pleasure. Every part of her was suddenly so sensitive and every touch felt almost electric.

Finally, it was time for the knickers to come off. Remus bent down to kiss Hermione once more on the lips, a bit more roughly and passionately than before. "You are so beautiful," he growled against her mouth before grabbing at the front of her knickers and ripping them clean off. Hermione let out a startled gasp as he ripped them off, but it quickly turned into a moan as Remus pressed the ruined knickers to his nose and sniffed them. It was so sexy and animalistic that Hermione had to wonder if it was a werewolf thing or simply a man thing.

Tossing the knickers to the side, Remus began to remove his own underwear. His cock sprang free of its confines almost happily, and it looked harder than Hermione had ever seen it. She squirmed around in anticipation, trying her best to suppress the whines of need that were being ripped from her throat.

Remus was back on top of her in an instant and, without further ceremony, sheathed himself within her. He set up a much slower and more sensual pace than he usually did, and he seemed to be in no rush whatsoever to finish. He showered her in kisses and murmured compliments and dirty talk. Hermione was having a hard time remembering a time when she felt so loved and cherished.

This was the most romantic and intimate they had ever been with each other during sex, and Hermione had to admit that, though she loved a good hard fuck, slow and sensual could be just as amazing. Soon, the couple could feel themselves getting more frantic in their love-making, beginning to feel the beautiful torture of their impending releases.

Oh, Remus! Oh, harder…please, Remus. Oh!" Hermione moaned incoherently, her hand moving between them so that she could rub her clit in order to get just that extra bit of friction that would push her over the edge.

Remus had begun to grunt as well, his breathing growing ragged and thrusts starting to become disorganized and lacking rhythm. He angled his hips upwards so that he would be hitting Hermione's g-spot, and like magic, Hermione started screaming out her orgasm. Remus followed almost immediately after, the wonderful feeling of Hermione clenching around him causing him to fall over the edge with her.

Once the couple had come down from their high, Remus flopped down next to Hermione on the bed and pulled her into a sweaty, blissful embrace.

"Thank you for the present, Hermione. I absolutely loved it," Remus smiled into her hair.

Nuzzling up against Remus' chest, Hermione let out a little chuckle. "I'm so very glad. Happy Christmas, Remus."

"Happy Christmas, Hermione."

And it was a very happy Christmas, indeed. And a very, very happy New Year as well…