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Halloween 1981

It was a beautiful Halloween evening, and Lily and James Potter had for this memorable occasion, invited their closest friends to come over.

Lily knew it was a risk to have their friends over but after nearly a year of hiding she wanted to see her family again. So it was on this Halloween, that they decided to spend some quality time together. Everyone came, except for the Longbottoms and Peter who was still in hiding. Lily was talking to her closest friends, Aruna Patil and Roxanne Greengrass over how amazing it would be if someday one her sons would marry one of there beautiful girls. Aruna had two beautiful twins, Padma and Parvati when Roxanne had a son of three, and a one year old daughter Daphne. Lily was still full of pride as she saw her two sons Harrison and his twin brother Alexander. She knew Alex was magically more powerful, but Harrison seems to always know what was going on and was incredibly smart. James always told her that Alex took after him when Harry was much more like her. Lily didn't disagree, but her tight-lipped smile awkwardly ended James' chuckles. Their hearts felt lighter and for a moment they felt a sense of normalcy return to their lives, as they went to sit and play with their children on the floor

James was in the meantime was busy talking with Abhisar Patil, Sirius Black and Cyrus Greengrass about possible marriage contracts between their children. However none of the men where stupid enough to piss their respected wives off. They might want their children to marry one day, but they all knew should they sign a contract their respected wives would hex them into the next millennium. None of them had a death wish or a wish to sleep on the couch for the next year. That thought alone scared them enough to just talk about it. But then, men can dream, can't they?

Alex was playing with Parvati, Alya and Elijah while Padma and Harry where just observing. They liked to play but with these many people in the room they would just observed. And make sure they observed everything that was going on. At ten o' clock everyone left for their homes and James and Lily put there two sons to bed. Lily and James walked into the nursery, with James feeling that something was off, but could not put his finger on it. So after Lily put Harry in his crib he handed her Alex with a big smile before saying, "Here is your other heartbreaker. You know the girls will be fighting over those two in a few years right"

Lily could not help it, she laughed, "Yes, and you and Sirius better not make them Marauders before there 16th birthday or else…" She said this with a glare that could melt ice but the smile on her lips told James she didn't really mean any of it. Before James left to go downstairs he could hear Lily sing a lullaby for her two handsome baby boys. He would never grow tired of hearing and seeing his beautiful wife fuss over them.

When Lily walked down stairs she could see her husband deep in thought. She smiled mischievously before sneaking up on him wrapping her arms around his neck and giving him a passionate kiss. "Knut for your thoughts, love," she whispered in his ear.

"I don't know Lily something is off. I have had this strange feeling all night. First I thought it might have been the house, you know, full of people again for the first time in months but now I'm not so sure."

"Love, you worry too much." Lily replied, "Peter is in hiding, and we're under the Fidelius Charm. Nothing will happen sweetie, just try to relax." Just as those words left her mouth James felt the wards fall.

"Lily, it's Him! Take the children and run, I'll hold him off! Run!" James voice sounded full of confidence, but too those who knew him they could detect the fear in it. Lily gave him one last passionate kiss before running upstairs to fetch her sons.

The door blasted inside and a voice spoke, "Why don't you give up, Potter. You know you cannot beat me. Join me and you and your wife can live. All you need to do is give up those brats of yours for only I can live forever." Voldemort sneered before stepping inside the house.

"Over my dead body," James shouted before casting a quick Reducto at the Dark Lord, followed swiftly by a Diffindo, Sectumsempra, Confringo and a bone breaker. Voldemort just deflected the curses and side stepped the other before smiling.

"As you wish Potter".

James could fight for only about two more minutes before Voldemort got the upper hand and shouted Avada Kadavra! James managed to dodge it, only to be hit by a blasting hex, knocking him out. Voldemort laughed at his victory, over the naïve fool. He made his way upstairs to rid the world of the child who would one day be his equal.

In the Nursery, Lily stood in front of her baby boys, casting ancient spells and drawing runes on the crib, hoping it would be enough to save them from death by the hands of the madman. Hot tears welled her eyes as she tried to work without wasting a single second. She was sure he had killed her husband by now if his laugh was anything to go by. Just as she turned around from her children, the door to the nursery was blown off.

"Hand me the children!" Voldemort sneered, "You need not die, girl, Severus asked me to spare you. I'll only ask you once."

"No, not my baby boys! Please have Mercy! Kill me instead but please leave my children. I'll do anything," she begged. Just as Voldemort pointed his wand to her, Lily shouted Avada Kadavra. Voldemort jumped aside, shocked that the girl would dare to use the killing curse on him. He started to cast another curse just as Lily fell to the killing curse he sent at Alex.

"Foolish girl, dying for a little child." he murmured to himself. "Now which one of you is the chosen one…" He said looking at both boys, "It's you, isn't it," he spoke, turning to Alexander, "Yes, I can feel great power coming from you."

He quickly pointed his wand to Alexander before shouting Avada Kadavra. What happened next happened so quickly that the Dark Lord didn't know what to do. The other twin pushed his little brother away, making the killing curse rebound and destroying his body. It was a spirit that fled the house swearing one day he would have his revenge.

When James was renevated by Albus Dumbledore, the first thing he asked was what happened to Lily and his boys. Albus helped him up and told him to come upstairs with him. When they arrived in the nursery, the first thing James noticed was a lightning bolt scar on Alex forehead. Albus, however wanted to be sure who was the child of prophecies and started to cast a compilation of spells. After he was sure, he picked up Alex and told James, "I give you Alexander Charles Potter, the-boy-who-lived."

James however asked, "What about Harry? Is he ok? What happened here?" Albus took on a sad voice before replying, "I'm afraid Harry is a squib James, I'm sure that Alex survived the killing curse but it left Harry a squib, and its best if we sent him to Lily's sister to be raised as a muggle. I'm sure you know Alex will need special training and his squib brother will only be in his way."

"No! Never! I don't care if Harrison is a squib, Headmaster, he's still my son."

Albus smiled, "Very well James, if that's how you see it, I'll will take my leave."


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