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Chapter 2 Growing up

Harrison James Potter, or Harry, was a freak. At least that was the opinion of his relatives, at number 4, Privet Drive, Surrey. Quoting his uncle, Vernon, "What could you expect - drunk of a father and a whore of a mother".

Harry, however, would never respond to any insults to his father. To be honest, he agreed that his father was a good for nothing bastard. His mother, however, was different; he loved his mother with all his heart, and wouldn't stand any insults made at her, of course, that would only result in a good whipping. Yet, his mother was the only one who ever loved him and Harry knew she had died for him. He remembered that night all too clearly. And as a bonus, no thanks to the tortuous stay at his relatives, he would get to relive it in his sleep over and over again. He would never say it out loud, but he missed his mommy even though he was now nearly 8 years old and incredibly smart. He still longed for his mother.

Harry was no stranger to violence. Every time Harry would not have breakfast ready in time for his relatives, he would get a beating. If he didn't clean the house on time he would get a beating. If the garden wasn't in perfect condition he would get a beating; but if something happened he could not explain or say the M word he would get whipped with his uncle's belt and thrown in his cupboard under the stairs. Yes, Harry truly was a freak. Who else would hear voices after a good beating, well 'voice', as it was always the same. A kind and caring voice belonging to a girl consoling him, "its ok Harry, you're going to be fine", always something along those lines. Remarkably every time he fell asleep listening to that voice he woke up healthy and feeling refreshed. Once he asked if she had a name, "Padma", she had replied. He remembered a Padma Patil from when he was very little, but he was sure that the imaginary conversations were clear signs of him losing his mind. He probably just wanted to remember better times.

The day had just begun like any other at number 4, Privet Drive. A loud shrill cacophony echoed around, "Get up boy, get your lazy butt up and make breakfast for us. It's an important day today."

"Yes, Aunt Petunia," replied Harry getting up. Grudgingly, he dressed, entered the kitchenette and walked over to the stove to start breakfast; only to be pushed to the ground by his cousin Dudley. "Well hurry up boy, don't have all day," Uncle Vernon shouted. As quick as Harry could, he started breakfast hoping for once he could have a bit of breakfast himself before he had to go to school. Just as Harry was about done cooking his aunt ordered him to clean the bathrooms before he was allowed to go to school. Just my luck Harry thought but quickly ran upstairs to get it done. Lucky for him he just managed to get inside of the classroom when the second bell rang.

Harry loved school because it was one of the few places he could be away from his relatives. His teacher was a kind woman named Roxy, who would always take her time to talk to Harry. She would even help him with his homework after school. She cared for Harry, and was smart enough to understand the situation. She would always tell Vernon, "The brat doesn't listen, so I had to give him a detention." The truth, however, was that she tried going to the authorities once for child abuse and almost lost her job because of it. No, Roxy had to make sure no one would suspect a thing. Today she asked Harry to stay behind again making Dudley smile a milewide smile. "I guess I'll just tell dad you be late today," he smirked, knowing Harry would be in big trouble.

"Harry," Roxy told him later, "I want to tell you how proud I am of your school work lately. I know your relatives don't care about it, Harry. But I care. Your mother would be very proud of you."

"You knew my mother? Harry asked.

"Yes Harry, your mother was my best friend. Look, Harry, you're old enough now to know that there are powerful people who want to keep your real family away from you. I managed to get a job here as your teacher to try and help you as much as I can. But you have to understand that even though I'm your godmother. I should not be here. If the wrong people knew I was here my family would be in a lot of trouble can you understand that?"

"Then why are you here?" Harry asked, confused.

"Because I care about you, Harry and I made a vow to your mother when you were born that I would always be there for you. So if you ever need anything please let me know ok? I will try my best to help you."

"Okay Mrs. Roxy, may I go home now, otherwise I'll be in real trouble."

"Ok, I keep this short. I have something for you Harry, but please don't tell anyone or show it to anyone, and call me Roxy in private," Roxanne said with a big smile. "This is a book that will help you control your emotions, and keep your thoughts private. I gave your mother the same book once, it's time you read it. Practice what's in the book. If you have a question let me know."

Harry quickly examined the book – 'Mind Arts for beginners' by Maxwell Barnett. "Th…thank you", he stammered. "You're welcome, Harry. Now run along before you get in trouble." Roxanne told him before giving him a quick hug and sent him on his way.

When Harry arrived home, he immediately started working on dinner before being subsequently locked up in his cupboard. Harry didn't mind it much, though he would have loved some food and maybe something to drink. As quick as he heard the locks click, he removed the book from his back where he had hidden it. Thank god it didn't fall out, he thought before starting to read.

Over the next months, things remained mostly the same. His relatives used him as a slave made their displeasure known every time something went wrong. Roxanne failed to get custody of Harry. And Harry was the smartest kid at school. There were few windows of joy, when Roxy would tell him about his mother.

After the summer when Harry returned to school Roxanne tested his Occlumency and was shocked Harry had good developed shields. No matter how hard she tried, she could not break them, even when she used her wand without him noticing. She quickly deduced that he was a natural Occlumens which meant that Roxy could tell him the biggest secret. Magic was real!

Roxanne also started to teach him Legilimency and a few simple spells he could do wandlessly- he would need them. Legilimency, he could use on his relatives to anticipate and hopefully avoid a beating. Other spells like Lumos and small wandless healing charms for when he was locked up or hurt.

On Christmas Eve, Harry was once again in his cupboard meditating and working on his mind palace. It was a true fortress, full of memories and thoughts. When in meditation he found something around his magical core he never noticed before.

Now he was sure it was there, just that he had never focused so much on it. After an hour of playing with what looked like a tight belt around his magic, a huge explosion erupted from within him blowing the cupboard door right of its hinges.

Vernon jumped off the bench where he and his family were watching a Christmas show, "YOU!" Vernon shouted, gripping Harry by his hair, "WHAT DID YOU DO?"

"I didn't do anything, I swear it just happened." Harry stammered. In truth, he knew what happened as the belt around his magical core snapped, but he knew that if he said anything about Magic his punishment would only be worse, not to mention it will get Roxanne in trouble. When Uncle Vernon grabbed the fireplace poker Harry knew he was in deep trouble. Please help me, he screamed in his mind, hoping someone would hear him.

Patil Manor

Padma Patil was a witch. Not just a witch, but she was a Natural Legilimens, a rare gift that allowed her to read minds. But her biggest secret was that she had a special mind connection to a boy, named Harrison; the only person privy of that was her mother. She thought about telling her twin sister, Parvati but she was such a gossip girl, Padma couldn't trust her with a secret this big. The last thing she wanted was to be a laughing stock, or called crazy by her sister and her best friends, Alya Carina Black and Lavender Brown. No that just wouldn't do, you see Padma was a bit of a loner. She only had one friend, Daphne Ophelia Greengrass and of course, Harry, but unfortunately she could only talk to him when he was close by or hurt and she didn't quite understand the connection. As too little was known about magical bonds, except the marriage bond which was created when a witch and wizard were married. No she did not know what was going on but she knew all would be clear in time.

Padma had just finished an amazing dinner with her family. Just as she walked in the living room, she heard Harry screaming in pain and begging for help. She knew at once things were not good. Padma knew she could not get her parents to go and check on Harry, so she did the only thing she could think of, act like her best friend Daphne.

Padma quickly walked to her parents, and told them she was going to go to bed early, giving her dad a hug and slyly lifting his wand from his robe pocket. "Mom, apparition is done by Destination, Determination, and Deliberation, right?" She asked in a childish tone.

"Yes dear, why do you ask…?" Aruna Patil replied to her daughter but before she could finish that sentence she heard Padma say, "Sorry Mom". Padma focused real hard and apparated away. Aruna was pulled along through a tube before landing in a strange living room.

Aruna, realizing what just happened was about to shout to her daughter for doing something so stupid, when her eyes fell on the boy in front of her. Aruna knew then, that this had to be the boy Padma had been dreaming and talking about. She immediately grasped her wand very tightly pointing it to the man who was about to hit him with a poker.

"Touch him again and I'll kill you." Aruna told the whale of a man in front of her.

Vernon paled dramatically at seeing the witch point her stick at him. He might hate magic, but he was not stupid enough to fight that woman. After all he knew that she could kill him with that stick and quite frankly Vernon did not feel that the freak was worth the trouble. Padma in the meantime was already on her knees in front of Harry. Harry who was bleeding all over his back and half unconscious, "Harry, can you hear me?" she asked, putting her hand on his shoulder. "It's Padma, can you hear me?" When she got no response, she shouted, "Mom help me, he's not responding". Vernon in the meantime was shouting profanities towards the woman, demanding the freaks to leave his house, before he was hit and silenced by a red beam.

Petunia screamed, "What did you do?" before she also fell to the ground.

Aruna who had quickly stunned the man and woman, turned to her daughter and the boy she had dreamed about so many nights. "Harry is it?" She asked her daughter. "Yes mom, please help him." Padma pleaded. Aruna who had little experience as a healer fired off her beautiful swan patronus to alert her closest friend, Roxanne who used to be a healer at St. Mungo's, hoping she would be able to help the boy.

"Padma we need to get him to our home. I just asked Roxanne to come over," she will fix Harry up. "Don't worry sweetie, let's get him home". Aruna sent one more glare to the muggles, before apparating away with Harry and Padma.

Chapter 3 will be about Healing Harry.

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