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Harry awoke feeling very strange. Don't get me wrong he felt incredible, in fact he felt better than he ever felt before in his life, he just could not figure out what had changed. Thinking hard he remembered the beating he gotten from his uncle and the voice of Padma asking him if he could hear her and asking her mother to help him. When he stopped recollecting last night's events he finally realized there was a weight on his chest that should not be there, looking down he saw a head full of long silky black hair. Could it be that the voice he kept hearing, and the person who saved him, was the same girl he played with as a toddler? Was that the same girl who was lying on top of him right now? Startled he tried to move but quickly found that the girls arm was locking him firmly in his place.

"Uhm Padma" he said, "are you awake?" The girl in question opened her eyes to look at Harry, Harry however could not help but notice how beautiful she was. She had silky long black hair falling on either side of her face, her skin was olive warming to carmel, and deep dark brown eyes. Padma who was still waking up suddenly realized Harry was talking to her, and that she was sleeping on his chest. She quickly jumped up before engulfing Harry in a bone crushing hug shouting "you're ok, you're alright, right? I'm so happy you're alright." "Please Padma calm down a bit and explain to me what happened after I passed out. I remember being hit and losing consciousness, I remembered hearing your voice the next thing I know you're sleeping on my chest. What happened?" "Uhm...well..uhm you see,...uhm and..uhm" Padma stammered feeling her cheeks burn up.

"Please Padma let me explain" the ghost of Helena Ravenclaw said floating towards the two children. "First off Harrison I am Helena Ravenclaw, your Great great Grandmother. You can call me Nana or Helena but I would prefer Nana. Before I explain you should both get dressed, I had Dipsy buy you some new clothes as your old ones obviously won't fit you anymore." It was at this comment the two teenagers realized they looked a lot more mature, around 14 if they had to guess, before turning bright red and trying to hide from one and other. "Please don't be embarrassed, you are married after all." Helena added, obviously having a hard time not to laugh at the spectacle before her. Padma relaxed a bit before Harry's outburst "MARRIED! EXPLAIN!." "Please Harry get dressed first and then I will explain it to you" Padma said. Harry looked about to argue before realizing that maybe he should get dressed, and disappeared in the bathroom that appeared on the left side of the room while Padma went to the right.

After about ten minutes both Padma and Harry returned and, with Padma's help, Helena explained what happened. How Harry had ended up in a magical coma, and was on deaths doorstep, until the ritual Helena and herself used to save his life. To say Harry was shell-shocked would have been an understatement, to hear he nearly died was just too much for him. It only took him a moment to realise what Padma did for him. He turned towards her before saying in a cracked up voice "y..you did that for me. For someone you barely know?"

Padma, who was looking deeply in Harry's, eyes sighed "you're not just someone Harry. You're the person I always feel with me in here" she said placing her hand on his heart. "They might have separated us that November night when your mother were murdered, but in my heart you were always with me. Two years ago I realised that there was some kind of bond between us. So for the last two years I've been trying to read up on all kinds of magical bonds, I just could not understand what was going on until yesterday Helena told me." "Told you what?" Harry quickly cut in. "That we share a soul-bond Harry. It's a very rare bond that forms between two people who are truly perfect for one and other, it's a bond that forms the first time people meet, the problem is that that person can be anywhere anyplace at any time at any moment. So For instance your soul mate could be someone who lived 500 years ago or like us could be as close as family." "You're saying that every time I heard your voice in my head that was really you talking to me?" Harry asked "I always thought I was losing my mind." "Yes Harry that was really me talking to you trying to comfort you in any way I could." Harry who was trying to keep up with the explanation, looked Padma straight in her eyes, before speaking in a clear voice that left no doubt about the truth to his words. "Thank you, I needed that and it gave me strength, and It was what kept me going, hoping one day I could leave that hellhole." Padma who had been trying not to break Harry's gaze walked up and hugged him tightly to her body. "You're welcome Harry" Padma whispered in his ear. "Besides those moments helped me too as when I tried to comfort you, I felt complete."

"Okay you two sit down please" Helena told the two 10 year olds, who thanks to the ritual and all the abuse Harry had suffered over the years were very much 14 year old teenagers now. "We have much to discuss, and I have a lot to teach you, yet we have very little time. Padma if you wish you may write your parents a note saying that you're doing well and will be home on Saturday or better yet Sunday. Harry I don't think you would want to write your adoptive aunt do you?" "Nah, I'm good Nana" Harry replied. He watched Padma write a quick note to her parents and give it to Dipsy. Before the room changed to a Ravenclaw Colored livingroom.

After Harry and Padma sat down on a large couch Helena began telling her life story. "Please don't interrupt as this is very difficult for me to tell, but Harrison you deserve to know your family history." After getting a nod from both Padma and Harry Helena began. "I was born shortly after the founding of Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry, to Rowena Ravenclaw and an unknown father. When I was six my mother started pushing me to learn all the forms of magic I could, by the age of seven she was finished giving me bassic classes in Charms, Arithmancy, and Ancient Runes. I was ecstatic that my mother, the great Rowena Ravenclaw, would soon start to teach me how to duel. It was on my eighth birthday that my mother held me under the Crusiatus Curse, for the first time, for failing to learn a new spell." Padma gasped while Harry merely looked confused. "Uhm whats the Crusiatus Curse" he asked. Padma was about to answer when she was cut off by Helena. "The Crusiatus Curse Harry is also known as the torture curse, it gives you a feeling as if a thousand hot knifes are being thrust into your body over and over again." "B..b..but how could your mother do that to you? I mean shouldn't she protect you from harm?" "Harrison my Mother Rowena was a powerful gray witch who did not condone failure on any level. It's how she was raised by her mentor after she was orphaned at the age of three, when muggles burned her parents at the stake for being magical. Remember his was still a time of witch hunts and failure meant death and my mother, being a proud woman, would not allow her only daughter to fail! Thus I would learn or I would face the consequences."

"At the age of fourteen I found out my mother's mentor was none other than Morgan or Morgana Le Fay, and that my father was her one and only son who was murdered shortly after my conception." "Wait" said Padma "are you saying you're the granddaughter of Morgana Le Fay?" "Yes Padma I'm the granddaughter of Morgana Le fay. But Morgana was not the evil witch everyone believes she is today." at this Helena sighed and took a deep breath. "You see back when Hogwarts was founded muggles were very aware of the wizard and witches around them, and Morgana believed that magical's should rule over the muggles instead of serving them as Merlin wanted. That's what started the blood feud between Merlin and Morgana, you could say it's not unlike Dumbledore and Voldemort these days. My mother and I believe that magical beings are better than muggles, as we are the next step in evolution."

"When I attended Hogwarts I met a boy named Erwan Eveningshade. Being a muggleborn my mother did not approve of our union when I started to date him and was thinking about marrying me off to Slytherin's son Salazar Jr. But after seeing how talented he was in Runes, Transfiguration, and Potions my mother decided that maybe this boy was worthy to be with me after all. Not to mention that even Salazar could not shut up about Erwan's potion skills as he was nearly as talented as Salazar Slytherin himself! At the age of sixteen I found myself pregnant with Erwan's child. Salazar Jr was furious as he had desired me for many years, and could not stand that I was defiled by someone as low as Erwan a filthy Mudblood. A huge battle broke out between Salazar Jr and Erwan which resulted in Erwan being killed. During this battle Salazar Jr fired a curse to cause a miscarriage at me, which I only partly managed to block, causing great damage to me and my unborn daughter." "

"At the end of the battle just before Erwan died Rowena, Helga, and Salazar arrived and were horrified what Salazar Jr did. They knew that Salazar Jr hated muggleborns but this was too much for Salazar. Salazar who had blown up in rage quickly moved in front of me and started to duel his son which resulted in his son fleeing and Salazar being mortally wounded. However when Rowena and Helga wanted to help him he told them in a clear voice that they should help me instead. Helga and Rowena worked for hours on me trying to stabilize me and my baby and only managed it by digging deep into sacrificial magic aided by the help of a dying Salazar Slytherin. The price of sacrificial magic is costly and this ritual proved to be very expensive, resulting in that the fact that my daughter would be born without access to her magic. As Salazar, his life ebbing, was still furious with his son he disowned him from the Slytherin family. Vowing that only a child of his daughter who had proved themselves worthy of the Slytherin trait would be able to claim his title. After that he turned to me. "Helena I know your greatest fear is the extinction of your family. I'm sorry for what my son did to you but I vow to you now that your child will be born healthy and live a long life, and even though you will bear no more children when the time is right the Ravenclaw and Slytherin families will rise again." These where the last words Salazar Slytherin ever spoke as he died moments later."

"When Dahlia was born I knew I had to find a way to help her access her magic and when she was six I left in search of a remedy, my mother promised me she would take care of her. It was two years later that the Baron came to see me and told me of my mother's declining health after Salazar Slytherin Jr's attack on Hogwarts. I knew that Salazar had been killing muggles for several years but his attack on Hogwarts shocked me. However I could not return to Hogwarts as I was very close to creating a ritual that would restore my daughter's magic. When I refused to return with the Baron he became violent, he was always a hot-tempered man. Furious at my refusal, jealous of my wisdom, he stabbed me... after realizing what he had done, he was overcome with remorse. He took the weapon that had claimed my life, and plunged it into his own heart. I was standing at death's doorstep but knew I could not yet pass on, sworn as I had, not rest until the Ravenclaw family regained its glory and it's magic. The guilt of having died before I was able to help my daughter I was drawn back to Hogwarts as a ghost. When I arrived at my mother's chamber she was horrified to find that I had died, but after she calmed down, we spoke and for the first time I saw my mother vulnerable. I told her about the ritual I was working on and what had happened and that I would not rest until the Ravenclaw family was once again restored to glory. Rowena smiled at this before she passed away in the arms of her granddaughter Dahlia with me at her side."

Harry and Padma both had tears flowing down their cheeks after hearing Helena's life story. Harry was determined not to let Helena down and without knowing what he was doing he stood up and proudly declared in a clear voice spoke. "I, Harrison James Evans, heir to the most ancient and most noble house of Ravenclaw, Do Solemnly swear by wearing this ring to uphold the values and traditions of the Ravenclaw family. As Lord Ravenclaw, I swear to bring back my family honour and strive for the betterment of the magical community. This I swear, so may it be."

The room was flooded with light and when it cleared a silver ring with a large sapphire appeared on his finger.

Padma was shocked, for one thing how did Harry know how to do that? And secondly she was shocked to see a matching ring had appeared on her finger. Helena, who was smiling widely at this point, walked up to him before speaking in a kind voice. "Thank you Harrison, now as you are the Lord Ravenclaw, it is my duty to teach you whatever form of magic I can and it is your duty to respect the Ravenclaw values and carry this with you at all times." When she said that a beautiful Goblin made rapier appeared in front of Harry handed to him by Dipsy. Harry and Padma were awe struck by the beautiful sword presented to them. It was definitely made to be used by either a man or woman and the handle was adorned with precious gems, the most prevalent being sapphires, and on the hilt inscribed in flowing writing 'wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure'. "There is also my mother's diadem" Helena spoke "But first it should be sent to the goblins to cleanse it from the dark magic that was placed on it." She did not go into detail as today had been long enough for the teens and they still had to start on learning how to brew ageing potions and, more importantly, De-ageing Potions before they could return home.

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