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On Sunday morning Harry awoke to the familiar weight on his chest that he had become accustomed to over the last week. Being in a soul-bond Harry and Padma needed to sleep in the same bed as too much distance would have serious side effects. He still remembered when Helena told them about what it means to be soul bonded and how separation for a longer period of time could lead to illness and death. She also explained that as the bond grows Harry and Padma would be able to share thoughts and memories, but most amazingly, when the bond became strong enough they would be able to speak to each other in their minds. Harry still could not believe how lucky he was to have someone like Padma.

Over the past week he and Padma had gotten to know one another when his great grandmother Helena taught them Potions, and how to be a Lord and Lady of a most ancient and most noble house. When Harry had to learn a lot more about how to be a Lord than Padma needed to learn to be a Lady, it was balanced by the fact that Padma needed to practice Occlumency. Harry having to learn Legilimency had the easier task, however with Harry's natural Occlumency the lessons he needed to learn came easier, but he ended up spending a lot of time helping Padma create her mindscape. When Padma helped Harry with his Legilimency lessons, being a natural Legilimens, Padma could find the cracks in even the strongest mindscapes.

Sharing in these lessons made them very close, as being in each others mind they needed to trust one and other completely, all in all after a week of being worked like slaves by Helena the two young teenagers would be returning to Padma's family today. Harry was anxious, after all he realized that he was the guy who took Lord Patil's daughter away at the age of 11. They may have aged during the ritual mentally and physically, but their date of birth would remain the same. Thanks to the Dursleys Harry was more mature than he should have been, and Padma's love for learning didn't help, but after talking to Helena about it she said they should be happy they only aged three to four years as it could have been much worse.

Harry was pulled out of his mussing when he heard Padma yawn and quickly looked down to see Padma's deep dark brown eyes staring up at him.

"Morning Harry" Padma yawned with a smile that caused Harry to blush deep red. He might be a very mature almost 11 year old boy in a 14 year old body, but Padma looking at him like this first thing in the morning still made him blush like a schoolgirl. Who could blame him though it's only been a week after all.

"Morning Padma, we should get up I'm sure nana the slave driver has more work for us this morning before she sends us home." Padma laughed "I'm sure she does Harry now let's get ready to go home." Having said that Padma quickly got up and walked into the bathroom to get ready for the day. Harry couldn't help but smile at his good fortune for once and quickly got up to get ready in the other bathroom.

Harry came out of the bathroom the same time Padma did and they were greeted by Helena Ravenclaw standing by a beautiful decorated dining table. "Good morning Lord and Lady Ravenclaw." "Good morning Helena,Nana" Padma and Harry chorused at the same time. "Now Nana why are you so formal this morning" Harry enquired. " "Remember my mother's Diadem I mentioned earlier this week Harry?" "Yes you said I need to take it to the goblins, what about it?" "I asked Dipsy to do that that for you." "Oh okay I guess, what about the Diadem nana?" " Well I'm sure it will help Padma create her mindscape, my mother enchanted her Diadem to function as an eidetic memory. It doesn't really give wisdom that was just the myth around it, because my mother was very smart, however the perfect recall from the diadem would help Padma to create her mindscape. Also, I want to remind you that should you need anything or want to come back here before school starts in September Dispy is at your disposal. Before you leave I also want to give you a list of things to buy before the school year. I've already had Dipsy move most of the Ravenclaw Fortune to a newly created Gringotts vault, you will need to meet with the goblins to set up a family account manager for the Ravenclaw family though. While the Ravenclaw Fortune is not as vast as some of the most ancient or noble houses it will make sure the two of you can live the life of a rich noble, at least until you're both forty or so. So don't you dare spare coin on clothes or anything you require. It's up to you to put yourself in the best position to succeed if that means spending most of our fortune, do so. Wisdom is a more valuable commodity than galleons could ever be, and after you graduate I want you ready to remake the Ravenclaw fortune anyway. For now Acromantula silk will do for clothes, also remember Harry you need to show everyone that the Ravenclaw Family is alive and well. If you fail our family will be looked down upon." she admonished.

Harry looked at his grandmother with fear in his eyes when Padma grabbed his hand and firmly looked at the Ancient ghost. "We will make the Ravenclaw family proud Helena, Harry and I won't let you down." " I know you won't Harry with Padma by your side I'm sure you will make me proud, make Rowena proud" at this Helena knelt down before Harry and continued "because you, my grandson, are your mother's son and heir. Now are you ready to face Padma's parents or do you need another moment?" "Nah I'm good Nana, better get this over with!" with that Harry and Padma took Dispy's hands and the little elf apparated them away.

Patil Manor

Arriving in the Lounge of Patil Manor Padma called out, "Mom I'm home".

Within minutes Abhisar and Aruna Patil ran into the lounge shouting "PADMA PA…." stopping mid-sentence looking at the teenagers standing in front of her "P.. Who are you?" Abhisar demanded, quickly grabbing his wand to point it at the two teenagers in front of him. Harry as quickly as he could stepped in from of Padma before addressing Padma's parents. "Hello Mr and Mrs Patil' I am Lord Harrison James Ravenclaw, Son of Lily Potter nee Evans and soul-bonded husband of your Daughter Padma Patil. Before we explain what happened after your Daughter saved my life, why don't you ask Roxy and her family to join us. I'm sure she'd love to hear this as well, and we will explain everything including why we look as we do." "Apparently we forgot to take our de-aging potion this morning in your excitement to get home Pad's!" Harry quietly whispered in Padma's ear making her giggle.

After a quick floo call the Greengrass family arrived and Harry and Padma told them what happened. From meeting Dipsy and Helena Ravenclaw, the ritual, Harry Claiming his Lordship, to the training in potions, history, pure-blood politics, and the mind arts. By the end of the explanations they were shocked. Roxy was happy that her godson survived, and while Aruna was upset that Padma had run off like that, she coudnt find it in her heart to be mad seeing how happy she looked. When several people in the room wanted to speak Harry continued.

"Due to the fact I'm a natural at Occlumency I have a eidetic memory and curses, like the Imperious curse and confundus, or memory charms won't work on me, nor will veritaserum. As Padma is a natural Legilimence she's the only one in this room who would be able to break my defenses. However due to our soulbond in time we will become experienced in both and a threat to the ministry, or so Helena thinks. Therefore we must ask all of you for an oath not to repeat anything we have told you to anyone. We will still attend Hogwarts in September and take a de-aging potion to make sure no one suspects anything. After all we still have almost no magical knowledge except mind arts and potions making us a target, as many would want to use us to further their own goals, as they did with the last soul bounded couple Nicolas and Penelope Flamel.

Padma spoke up next. "Now there is one more thing we need to discuss Roxanne, as you're the descendant of Salazar Slytherin does that mean you're the heir or is it one of your children? Because if this is the case together we own half of Hogwarts and we should look for the final two heirs. Then maybe we could restore Hogwarts to its former glory."

Roxanne thought for a moment, every eye in the room on her left her feeling very uncomfortable but replied in the end. "No I'm not the heir of Slytherin Padma, as I do not speak the language. But Daphne does so I have a feeling she will gain Ladyship to the Slytherin family on her eleventh birthday next week."

Padma squealed at this and hugged Daphne for all her worth exclaiming "We get to change Hogwarts together!" "Not quite Padma we still need a third founders heir before we are allowed to change anything in the charter. It's why there have been no changes since the founding of Hogwarts. Should we find the Gryffindor or Hufflepuff heir then, yes, we get to change Hogwarts. "Hmmm maybe the Goblins can help with that" Harry added looking at Padma and Daphne, "I mean if we don't change anything there won't be a use for Hogwarts in a few generations. There is no Dark without light and no light without dark. Grindelwald was wrong in the way he went about it, according to Helena he was trying to restore the old ways. The old Religion is something the founders believed in and it's up to us to restore that before it's too late." "Uhm, what's this old religion you speak of?" Aruna asked.

However before Padma or Harry could respond it was Daphne who answered. "The old religion isn't a religion so to speak,but a belief that all people, creatures, and Elements are equal. There is no difference between light and dark wizards or witches, as there is no difference between Veela, werewolves, vampires, goblins, gnomes, centaurs and so on. We are all equal. As the high priestesses of the old religion were the founders of Hogwarts, they decided to create a school that would embrace and protect this. So when they finally finished creating Hogwarts all magical beings would go there. However over the last eight centuries the ministry and purebloods took more and more power for themselves, eventually culminating with dark lord after dark lord, and the loss in the belief of the old religion and the way that it balances the magical world. It's also why so many wizards are below average these days."

Padma picked up after this. "Also according to the old religion magic is sentient, you see that's why you have three children, an heir and two beautiful daughters, Cryrus. And you Abhisar, have two beautifull daughters. While people like Lucius Malfoy are lucky to even have one child. You see the old religion states clearly that murder is against nature and so it punishes those who commit that crime, and the worst crime according to the old religion is to violate another being. It's why all death eaters in the last war had no children after they took the mark. Helena explained that to take the mark they had to perform the two crimes that go against magic itself and so magic herself would punish them for it by making them infertile. And if we, meaning my soul bonded husband Harrison and Daphne, don't change things then magic will be lost forever in just a few generations."

The Greengrasses and Patills were stunned by this revelation not knowing how to react when Harrison spoke up again, "I suggest we rest for a bit and you can think about what we just shared with you. Helena has spent all week teaching Padma and me and this will continue when we return to Hogwarts in the coming year. Apparently she has learned a lot over the last thousand years by ease dropping in Hogwarts and sadly for our generation we are at a point were it won't be easy for any of us." With that Harry turned to Padma and Daphne asked if they could talk in private before walking out of the room.

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