Chapter 12, Losing My Mind.

Is this Kami's plan?

Those people over there, are they people who know Kami?

Kami didn't tell him anything, but he guesses that those people are part of Kami's plan. It could be that Kami didn't want to give everything away, because that would've taken away from the experience of the adventure. Adventures are about keeping your eyes open and paying attention to everything. That must be why Kami didn't tell him anything about finding people waiting for him.

It doesn't matter, though, he's going to go over to them and meet them properly. With a happy smile on his face, he quickly walks over to the people. From his travels around the world, he's learned to like meeting all types of people, even the funny looking ones. He really likes meeting new people. It's nice and fun, and he just really likes it. It's just one of those nice things that he likes.

'Hey guys!' he cheerily calls out for them before fully reaching them.

He wants to ask them if they are friends of Kami too, but he stops himself just in time. There will be time to ask them that once they get talking. They don't respond to his greeting, though. It's like they don't hear him, because they don't even look his way. It's no problem, he inwardly dismisses as he continues to walk to them. When he's standing with them, he'll greet them again; they'll hear him then.

Feeling a little more excited at the thought of being closer to them and soon interacting with them, he makes his steps bigger, his whole body beginning to spark with anticipation. He is so close to starting the promise that Kami made to him, and that makes him feel energetic like he wasn't before. He's not sure what it'll be like for him, he only knows that Kami's word that it will be unlike anything before, is true.

'Hey guys,' he greets again, now being two steps away from them.

Being close enough to be heard, he expected all three of them to look at him, but only the taller one with no hair on his head looks at him. The shorter one, the smaller of the two of men too, continues with his arms crossed over his chest and his face looking in the direction in front of him. What's so interesting over there, Goku wonders, his eyes quickly turning to find the thing that's keeping the short man's attention away from him?

'What are you looking at?' he curiously wants to know, turning his face to the short man.

He found nothing interesting there, that's why he's asking. He only saw a small cubicle, like a box actually, some distance away from them. It's funny that he never saw that when he was walking over to them.

'Hey, Vegeta,' the taller one says to the other. 'Doesn't he remind you of Raditz's father?'

Is the bald guy talking about him? And why didn't he let the short man answer first? He looks at the bigger man, thinking that it was a little rude of him to cut into a conversation without waiting for his turn. He'd actually like to know what the small man is looking at, only, that same man rudely gives a reply to his friend, which Goku doesn't appreciate at all.

'I don't care, Nappa.'

The short man is not a very nice man when he talks. That's no way to talk to his friend. Even if he really doesn't care what his friend is talking about, he shouldn't say it like that. It's just not a nice way to talk to anyway. It's even worse than ignoring someone. He almost says something to the short man, but his bigger friend shrugs at the answer, seeming like he's not bothered by it.

'All right, Vegeta,' he says. 'I was just asking.'

Okay, Goku decides, he should try again. It could be that he just caught them at a bad time. They are finished talking now, so he can step closer to them and try to talk to them again.

'Hey guys,' he tries again, making sure to sound friendly.

As if they don't hear him, they don't answer him again, and instead of thinking that they are ignoring him, he tries again, choosing to go with an introduction of himself to just greeting them.

'I'm Goku. Who are you guys?'

They don't answer him again, not even looking at him, and looking at them carefully, he begins to think that maybe they don't hear so well. They have these things over their one eye and ear, and those could be the reason that they're not hearing him. If they won't talk to him, then he'll just stick with them, he decides. They might be from this place, and they might be able to lead him to wherever Kami wants him to end up.

'We're running out of time,' the short man says. 'Nappa, go through that box find food.'

'Sure Vegeta,' the other one snickers his answer.

He must like eating as well, Goku thinks, looking at him. That's the snicker of a person who likes the idea of being in charge of finding food. Had he been in the bald man's place, he would be so happy to do that task. There would be so much that he could taste while he was getting the food.

'Don't eat any of it, I'm warning you Nappa!'

'Yes, yes, Vegeta,' he laughs as he begins to walk away from his two friends.

'Onionni,' the short one turns to the last of the three of them, 'you find technology. Find everything you can.'

'Yes, sir,' she bows and just like the other one, Nappa did, she takes off.

It's just the two of them now, Goku realises, leaving him unsure of whether to follow one of the two who just left, or stay with the rude guy who likes to keep his arms crossed and give orders. He would rather prefer to go with the girl, she is bound to be nice. The girls that he has met have always been nice to him, always gentle and taking care of him if he got hurt, so he would prefer to follow the girl. Who knows, maybe she will talk to him.

Maybe she will tell him who they are, and if they know Kami. Oh, and then maybe she'll tell him about their tails. He'll have to tell her that his tail had to be cut off, but he doesn't miss it that much. He used to have a lot of fun with it when he was younger, but it's okay, he can live without his tail; he doesn't mind not having it anymore. He makes up his mind to just follow the girl, and as he does, the short man next to him, calls for her.


Stopping her movements, the girl looks back, but she doesn't say anything to ask why she's being called. These people are strange, they have the strangest ways of interacting with each other. They don't act like they are friends, or that they even like each other.

'Raditz arrives in twenty minutes,' the man tells her. 'You better be finished by then.'

Nodding, she turns away and continues walking. Thinking that he'll lose his chance to talk to her if he lets her disappear, Goku runs after her. He quickly catches up with her, relaxing his legs to fall into easy and paced steps, but she doesn't slow down to walk together with him. She leaves him a step behind, but he still offers her his hand in introduction, not minding that he has to partly leap to her.

'I'm Goku,' he tells her.

He's thought about it, and the worst that could happen, is that she's unpredictable like Bulma. If that's her, the most that she'll do is scream at him for talking to him at the wrong time. Yeah, he won't like to be screamed at, but it will be better than getting no response at all.

'Your name's Onionni, right?' he tries again.

Not answering him, she slowly takes the weird thing off her ear and eye, presses something on it, and then only looks at him. He notices that she doesn't look happy or angry, she just looks like she's alive. Looking alive isn't always a good thing, he has learned as an adventurer and a fighter. Sometimes, it can be a deceptive trick to make the other person not feel threatened, when actually, they should be worried. He'll have to wait and see what her looking alive means.

'You had better leave this planet,' she tells him seriously. 'You're clearly not of this planet. You could be one of us, they way you look.'

'What? I'm not leaving,' he answers with a frown, also dropping his hand.

There's no use in holding out his hand for her anymore, it's clear that she won't take it, to shake it. He also doesn't like the way that she's now looking at him, from the top of his head to the boots covering his feet, like she has no interest in talking with him.

'Then you will die,' is all she says, her eyes quickly going over his whole body again.

After that, she presses on her weird thing again, closes it over her eye and ear again, and then puts more distance in her steps, but all he can think is that, uh... No. This is his home, and he doesn't know what she's talking about, by him not being from this planet. This is where he's been all his life, and this is where he will be for the rest of his life. And-

'I won't die!' he shouts after her, having stood still when he couldn't understand why she would say senseless things to him

He hoped that she would take him seriously, but she ignores him. He follows her anyway, feeling like she's the better choice between all of them. The other reason for following her is that he wants to know where she's going. Unlike the other two, she at least spoke to him. He doesn't at all like to be ignored, so he would rather stick with the one who is likely to talk to him.


Closely following the girl around, first through the cube and then along the path of an empty street, they eventually get to the first stop. They'd walked on the empty street for a long time, and he almost thought that there was nothing to see around here, but then they came to another cube like thing, and when they entered the cube, they stepped into a very big room. The room, mostly dark, except for the few lights flashing around in different places, reminds him of Bulma's junk room. It's not really the exact same, but Bulma's junk room has so much junk that flashes, that this could be another one of her junk rooms.

'Hey!' he calls for the girl. 'What are we doing in here?'

He hasn't really forgotten that she doesn't seem to want to talk to him, but he's already forgotten it. His attention has already been drawn to a more cheery place, a place of remembering his friend Bulma, and that's enough for him.

'Getting supplies,' she answers. 'This planet has some of the best technology we've ever had.'

Blah, blah, blah. Aaah. She's really like Bulma then. Bulma is the only person in the world who likes to talk about junk and technology. She calls it important parts and pieces, things that are absolutely necessary in her fixing and creating of other things, but to him, it's all just junk. The same is with this new girl. She's talking to him, and he likes that she's actually talking to him to him, not ignoring him, but technology, meh! He doesn't care. Even looking around at all that's within the room, he's not interested in technology. Yeah, he knows what technology is; it's a fancy name for all those junk pieces that Bulma puts together, and still, he's not interested in it.

Come to think of it, maybe all girls are like Bulma in a way. He hasn't spent much time with girls, and he hasn't really seen them with technology junk, but he sure hopes that Chi-Chi isn't like that. He just knows that when they get married, he wouldn't like to come home from training, to find the house full of junk. Ugh, he'd hate that. His Grandpa was a very neat man, and then after that, Master Roshi made them clean up after themselves, so he would prefer it if the place where he lived, was free of junk. Chi-Chi looks like she might be a neat girl, someone who knows how to keep things clean, but he will have to wait and see how she turns out.

'I don't like technology,' he finally lets her know, carefully turning away from studying the room surrounding him, to face her.

Looking at him, there's an expression on her face, much like that of people who think he's not being serious do, but it doesn't bother him. He's used to people giving him that kind of look.

'How do you not like technology?' she asks.

He just doesn't like it, that's all. There's nothing more to discover about him not liking technology. Sure, it's useful, but it's not something that he's interested in. To answer her, though, he shrugs and then silently shakes his head. For the most part, he's lived his life just fine so far without using technology.

'There's so much to admire,' she faces him. 'There's so much usefulness to get from technology. Can you imagine how much our battles would be advantaged? We could…'

Blah. Blah. He stops listening to her, only to see her lips moving, because who wants to listen to talk about technology. If she was talking to him about fighting and Martial Arts, he would definitely agree and listen to her, but since she's not, it's all just unimportant stuff to him. Plus, he still has no idea as to whether or not Kami made them available for his adventure.

'Hey!' he suddenly remembers, interrupting her as he does. 'Do you know Kami?'

Probably disliking that she was cut off, she makes a face at him, asking, 'What?

'Kami,' he repeats. 'Do you know Kami?'

'No,' she rudely answers him.

After that, like she's fed up with him, she turns away from him, to go about taking what she wants. Everything that she gets, she fills into a bag, and she does it without talking to him. In silence, he watches her until she finishes, and then begins to lead him back the way that they came. He doesn't get it, what was Kami's point in bringing him here. These people won't talk to him, and it doesn't seem like they want him. When they return to the others, he will find his own and leave them behind.

They return to the others, but in a different place from where he remembered them to have been. It didn't seem like they had been gone for that long, but he sees that there are now three instead of the other two only. Another thing is that they are all standing on the life side of white looking open balls, with the last white ball not being open.

'Hurry up, Onionni,' the bald one says, and then seeing him walking next to the girl, he makes an irritated face. 'What? You're still here?'

The other two had not been paying attention to him and Onionni, but when the bold one makes the comment, they both look up. Vegeta, Goku remembers the name, only looks at him for second and then looks away. He's really a mean guy, Goku thinks, not friendly or welcoming at all. How would he like it if someone did that to him? The new person on the other hand, looks at him for longer, like he's looking at something interesting. It's a look that Goku recognises because sometimes, he does things, and then people give him that look, for longer.

This new guy doesn't seem to be satisfied with just looking at him, since he starts to walk towards him. While he is walking to Goku, his eyes remain on Goku, sometimes narrowing like he's trying hard to solve one of those Maths problems. Ag, Goku hates those, he really does. It's a good thing that he never has to do Maths equations in his life again.

As the new guy gets closer, Goku really wants to be nice and say hallo to him, but he remembers that when he greeted them, he was ignored, so he waits. He'll wait to see if this new guy will talk to him, or if he will just walk past him like he is not there. He wants to say hallo, that's just who he is, especially now that the guy is standing right in front of him, but he will wait. The guy is looking him right in the eyes now.

'Father,' the new guy says to him.

'No,' he denies, also shaking his head. 'I'm Goku. Who are you?'

The new guy doesn't answer right away, and it feels like he's trying to make up his mind about something, but then he suddenly says, 'Raditz.'

Raditz. He'd heard that name before. Nappa had said something about Raditz's father to Vegeta. So this is Raditz.

'Oh, hi, Raditz,' he takes the chance to say his hallo, and make any type of conversation. 'You have a tail too.'

He recognises the tail, because for in the past, when he was doing certain things and he didn't want his tail to get in the way, he used to wrap it around his waist. It used to be very effective when he did that. He guesses that these guys find wrapping their tails around them, is much better than having it hanging behind them all the time.

'You don't have a tail,' Raditz says, looking at his waist.

'It was cut off.'

Like he's angry, Raditz steps closer to him, demanding, 'What do you mean it was cut off?'

What's his problem? And anyway, who is he to ask such a private question? It wasn't his that was cut off. What does it have to do with Raditz what happened to his tail? He actually feels like Raditz is trying to get into his private life, so he steps back from

'It was cut off,' he simply says, to put an end to the talk about it.

And anyway, he didn't think that saying something so straightforward could mean anything other than what it means.

'So you had a tail before?' Raditz pushes the topic, even stepping closer to him again.

Oh man, he really doesn't want to talk about this. It has nothing to do with anyone else, but Raditz is not being like the other ones, and treating him like he doesn't matter, so he guesses that he can be nice and answer him.

'Yeah, I had one,' he confirms. 'Ever since I was small.'

'You idiot! Why did you cut it off?'

Hey, what's he getting angry for? It wasn't his tail, you know. He doesn't like how this Raditz is getting upset with him, when they aren't even friends. His own friends didn't question him much when they realised that his tail was gone, so he doesn't want anyone else asking about it. That's the reason that he only shrugs this time, refusing to answer anything else about his tail.

'Hey, Raditz!' the one called Vegeta calls. 'Unless you would rather stay here, with that, it's time to go. You too, Onionni!'

Hearing that, Goku no longer pays attention to Raditz, or even Onionni, he instead looks towards Vegeta and Nappa, to see where they are headed to. Inside the white balls, he sees them climb, and his curiosity takes over, leading him to walk to them.

'Where are you going?'

Vegeta completely ignores him, finishing to climb inside his white ball and then closing it behind him. For the time that Nappa looks back at him, it seems like he will say something to answer him, but then he also says nothing, proceeding to get into his ball and close it.

'We're leaving,' it's Raditz who says this, walking towards the balls. 'And just a friendly reminder, you're going to die.'

Die? He's not dying.

Raditz looks at him one last time, and then heads for the pods. They all do, even Onionni walks past him without saying anything to him. He watches in confusion as the remaining two get inside their balls and after a while, all of them take off into the sky, not even looking at him, except for Raditz and Onionni. Of course, since he can fly, he takes off after them, and even as they get higher and higher, he isn't discouraged. He trusts Kami, and Kami sent him here for a reason, so he will wait.

Higher and higher they get, until they are at a level where the ground which they just left behind feels to be so much smaller than it actually is. At that level in the sky, he stops looking at the sky and focuses on the balls to see what the four will do. Only Vegeta of all of them opens his ball, and produces an energy ball in his hand.

For a minute, Goku is excited by the fact that Vegeta can do that as well, because not many people can do it. He's thinking to ask Vegeta where he learned to do that, just to know, and share their common ability, but suddenly, Vegeta releases the ball, not even making a point to aim it, he just lets it go, dropping it.

It confuses him.

Why did Vegeta do that? If he'd been looking to chase him away from following them, then he should've aimed at him, not just dropped it. That was not very clever. If that ball makes it to the ground, it'll just-

It's going to hit the ground!

Realising that, he quickly turns to chase the ball with his eyes. At the speed that it's moving downwards, he has to chase it, because simply following it won't be enough to keep up with it. It's a small ball of energy, one which won't even do that much damage, but why did Vegeta have to do that? It wasn't very nice of him. He had no reason to do it.

The ball continues down its path, and he takes the chance to look back at Vegeta. He finds that Vegeta is already in his ball and they are already taking off, further away than they were before. At this point, he doesn't feel like he wants to go after them anymore. He's sorry, Kami, but he'd rather go for another adventure. He looks back down, and just a second after looking, not able to see the blazing ball of energy anymore, a huge explosion bursts from the ground.

He had not been ready for that.

The ball… It had looked so small… It had just looked so small. It seemed like it wouldn't do any damage, but… That's an explosion going on down there, the flames dancing together with the huge clouds of smoke, and he just… He can't believe his eyes. There are, or were people there. He can't just believe his eyes. That's his home. His home is there, down there, but his home is busy being destroyed by an explosion that has no sound from all the way up here. Everyone he knows… Bulma, Korin, Master Roshi, Kami, Krillin and the others, and then Chi-Chi and her father… They're all gone. They're all gone!

No. No. Nooo.

It can't be true.

Everything in him wants to deny it, his heart weakly saying, 'No. No. No,' over and over. His breathing starts coming out slowly, because all of a sudden, the air is hurting his nostrils to take in. It's really weighing him down, if he takes in too much of it.

But Kami said…

Beginning to remember what Kami had told him, he brings his hands to tightly clutch his head.

Kami said this would be training. An adventure, he promised.

He lied. Kami lied.

This is training? Then why aren't his muscles physically hurting? Why does it feel like a pain that cannot be touched? It feels so different from the burn of training. So, so different, that he feels like he's beginning to die.

'Kaaaaaaaaamiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!' he bursts out, his cry painfully strangled, because no one will hear it.

They're all gone.

Chapter 13, Motion Sickness.