Once upon a time there were many people who had once been dragonsa nd they lived in england which is a country near europe.

They turned 11 all on the same day and all said "wow now I can go to Hogwarts!" really excited about it. Then owls came and delivered their letters.

Their names were Ice Warden, Light Weaver, Storm Catcher, Shadow Binder, Arca Nist, Plague Bringer, Wind Singer, Earth Shaker, Glade Keeper, Tide Lrod, Flame Caller. But secretly once they had been secret dragons in another world. No one believed them so it was a secret. They were Icewarden Lightweaver Stormcatcher Shadowibner Arcanist Plaguebringer Windsinger Earthshaker Gladekeeprs Tidelord Flamecaller. But those were weird names so their human parents gave them other names instead. Oh right their human parents knew because they all had dreams of dragons before becoming pregnant.

They all went to Diagon Alley and went to Ollivanders. Then they met for the first time. "omg its you" they said toeach other because they knew that they were all int he world but they didn't ever meet because they were kids and their parents didn't know they were other dragons in the same world as them.

"hi kids lets get your wands!" said Ollivander staring at them.

Tide went first but no wands wanted to work. Ollivander was sad. Tide was sad. All the dragon/children were sad. Then Tide got an idea. "is it because i was a dragon" he said

"Wow really?" screamed Ollivander in astonish.

"yeah we all were" chorus dragons said.

Then Olivander went into the back room and opened up a secret door into a back room in the back room. The back back room! Then he opened up a secret cupboard in the back back room. Inside the secret back back cupboard were 10 wands.

"here try these" he said and gave tide all the wands. Tide used them all and one worked. Then all the other dragons tried except Arca because there were only 10 wands.

"What do I do" Arca asked in desperate because he needed a wand to go to Hogwarts to learn to be a good wizard in England even though he was actually a dragon!

"Share" said Ollivander "I guess because no other wands work for you sorry – or wait are you the secret one?"

"what's the secret one" chorused dragons.

"Wizards have legends of the Secret One who can do wandless magic better than anyone. Are you that person, Arca Nist?"

Arca waved his hands and magic camed out. Everyone ood and aawwd.