Chapter Two:

Eventually, everyone had calmed down about my sudden decision. It wasn't until the twins said something that I regretted it slightly.

"First thing we need to do is fix your appearance." They said in unison, eyeing me up and down. I pushed up my glasses and tightened my hat slightly.

"What's with the hat and glasses anyway Athena? We can hardly see any of your face!" Tamaki yelled at me, though not in a bad or angry way, just surprised.

"I don't like to get a lot of attention. I've never had it before." I said, fidgeting.

"Well, if you can Hana-chan, pretty please remove your hat and shades!" Honey said to me, pulling on my sleeve.

"Well…" I started, still unsure but Honey gave me an encouraging smile and I faltered. "Fine. Just...give me a moment." I said. I sat down on one of the couches while everyone sat down on the one opposite of me to get a better view of my face. I breathed in a shaky breath. Only my father had seen my eyes and hair. I had no idea how they would react. In one quick movement I snatched my hat and glasses off to reveal my slightly messed up white hair and blue eyes as I stared at the others. They stared blankly back at me. We remained like that for a few moments before I started to fidget under all the attention. I couldn't see what they were thinking.

"Athena." Tamaki said suddenly, getting up off the couch. I stared at him fearfully. "You look absolutely...ADORABLE!" He shouted the last word and grabbed me into a earth-shattering hug, almost squeezing the life out of me.

"Your white hair and blue eyes are a very unusual and rare trait. This could be what we've been looking for." Kyoya added from the background with a smile on his face. I was surprised to find that it wasn't a fake one.


"WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT!" The twins yelled this time, spinning around in circles.

"He's SO CUTE! His hair is so WILD!"

"HANA-CHAN YOU LOOK AMAZING!" Honey added, jumping onto my back so he could rest on my shoulders. I handled him easily and looked at him, my eyes sparkling without me even realizing it. They always seemed to sparkle at times when I'm happy.

"Thank you Honey-senpai." I said to him. This led to the twins and Tamaki going into another "he's so cute" mode. I stared at them in amusement until I felt Honey being lifted off my shoulders. I turned around to find Mori lifting him off me.

"He's heavy." He said simply.

"Aw Takashi!" Honey said, looking up at him with a pouty face.

"Yeah Mori-senpai, I'm stronger than I look!" I said to him to, doing a pose in the process.

"Just in case." He said. I looked over at him and with wearing a small frown I made my "puppy dog" eyes at him. It worked and I actually saw a faint blush on his cheeks. While Mori was distracted Honey jumped out of his arms and onto my back into piggy-back mode. I then stuck my tongue out at Takashi and ran away smiling with Honey laughing on my back.

"Just try and get us Takashi!" Honey yelled before I took off, avoiding Mori who was playfully trying to get me and Honey, Tamaki who wanted to give me another hug, and the twins who were going to try to have me change clothes. All too soon, Kyoya stopped us with a wave of his hand.

"The club's about to start." He said, never looking up from his black book now in his hands. I set Honey down who was still smiling madly and turned as I saw the twins and Tamaki out of breath behind me.

"You run too fast." Tamaki said between breaths. I looked down at the three of them and smiled.

"I've had a lot to run away from." I said but as soon as I did I regretted it. Everyone looked at me in confusion and sympathy. I cleared my throat and recomposed myself.

"Anyway, am I starting today?" I asked in my usual business tone. Tamaki's smile returned from my little slip and he grinned at me in excitement.

"YES YOU ARE! You are going to attract a LOT of guests!" He yelled at me in excitement while doing a little twirl in the air.

"Wait a minute boss, we need to figure out what type he is!' The twins said, studying me intently. Tamaki snapped his fingers in remembrance.

"You're right and I already have the perfect role for him." Tamaki said. He then pointed at me before saying: "Athena Hana. From now on you are known as the Innocent type!" He finished dramatically.

"Actually, that suits him rather well." Kyoya said, studying me as well. Mori and Honey nodded their heads.

"It's perfect! Good job boss!" The twins said while patting me on the shoulders.

"Now Athena! Prepare yourself for your first day as a host!" Tamaki said and before I knew it girls were sweeping into the classroom, almost all of them looking over at me in excitement.

"Ladies, I would like to present our newest host, Athena Hana, the Innocent type!" Tamaki said in his princely voice. A white rose suddenly appeared in his hand and he handed it to me. I guess it was my "host color" because white represents innocence. Soon enough I was sitting nervously on one of the couches surrounded by all the girls who had requested me. There were only five but it was my first time and of course, I was a girl so it made me even more nervous.

"So Athena, tell us about yourself!" One of the girls said, smiling at me. I stared at her in surprise.

"You want to know about me?" I asked. Her eyes lit up and she nodded her head vigorously. "I actually would like to get to know you guys. You're all much more interesting than me." This caused them to turn red. Is it too hot in the host club room? Maybe I'll ask Tamaki to turn down the heat. The same girl who asked about me smiled shyly.

"I-I would like to get to know you though." She said nervously. I stared at her before smiling slightly. I leaned close to her face, causing her to go red again.

"Your smile, it's very distracting." I said to her. The other girls all swooned at my comment and the one I said it to almost fainted on the spot. I sat back up and looked around at them. About two more had joined since I started.

"Well, let's see. I'm not sure what to tell you pretty ladies." I said. Some giggled at the last comment.

"Hobbies?" One suggested. They all looked at me in excitement. I thought about it for a while.

"Well, I kinda don't want to admit it…" I said, rubbing the back of my neck in embarrassment.

"You can tell us Athena!" One girl said. I smiled at her.

"Well, I really like to write. Not just stories but songs as well. I guess you could say I'm a composer." This seemed to catch the attention of everyone at the host club. I saw the twins looking toward me with interest in their eyes.

"Can you sing us a song?" A girl asked me. I looked up in surprise before a huge goofy grin came onto my face and my eyes started shining in happiness.

"You, you want to hear me sing?!" I asked them quite eagerly. My father never wanted to hear me talk, let alone sing to him.

"Aw, he's so cute!"

"Did you see his eyes sparkle!" A couple of them whispered. I stood up and went to the back of the room where I knew they stored the instruments. I came and sat back onto the couch with a guitar in my hands.

"Are you gonna sing?" One of them asked me, squealing in excitement. I smiled at her.

"For you lovely ladies, anything." I said, causing them to swoon. The other host members had gathered around slightly as well. I could even see Kyoya looking up from his laptop in interest. "I just wrote it so it might be a little rusty but I call it Glorious." Thankfully my voice was deep enough, even when singing, to make it sound like a boy. I started playing a calming little sing on the guitar and before I knew it, I started to sing.

After searching, trying to find you

I thought I lost my luck

But I'd never thought in a million years

That you would just walk right up

Now that I found your love

I could never let you down

Even when the times get rough

Nothing's gonna stop us now

We'll grow old and we'll never be alone

And no matter where we roam

We'll be Glorious

We'll be glorious and you know it's true

Now we're glowing like a fire illuminating from within

So we keep on climbing higher to the sky

We're going where we've never been

Now that we set us free

Nothing's gonna hold us down

Even when the time's get rough

We'll never lose the fight in us

We'll grow old and we'll never be alone

And no matter where we roam

We'll be Glorious

We'll grow old and we'll never be alone

And no matter where we roam

We'll be Glorious

We'll be glorious and you know it's true

You and I we're never gonna rest

Keep up the dream like it's life or death

And you and I we're never giving in

Never giving in, never giving in

And you and I we're never gonna rest

Keep up the dream like it's life or death

And you and I we're never giving in

Never giving in,

We're never giving never giving…

We'll grow old and we'll never be alone

And no matter where we roam

We'll be Glorious

We'll grow old and we'll never be alone

And no matter where we roam

We'll be Glorious

We'll be glorious and you know it's true

By the time I finished with the song I was slightly panting for breath. Everyone was surrounding me and some even had tears in their eyes. Suddenly, they all broke into applause and I felt myself going red.

"Thanks." I mumbled before jumping in fright as Tamaki gave me a huge hug.

"Athena that was BEAUTIFUL!" He yelled in my ear, giving me a slight headache. The twins were crying in each other's shoulders saying how amazing that song was through sobs. Haruhi had also given me a small hug after I had finished and even Kyoya had to compliment it.

"Athena, how did you learn to sing like that?" A girl asked.

"My mother. She taught me." I said but I sadly looked toward the ground after mentioning my mother.

"Hana-chan you're amazing! Right Takashi!" Honey said to me, jumping into my arms and smiling at me widely.

"Yeah. That was amazing." Takashi said. I looked up at him, surprised, but I soon gave him a smile, one he returned. My head then shot up as I remembered something.

"Tamaki!" I yelled. Tamaki looked at me a little worried when I had yelled out his name.

"Something wrong Athena?' He asked.

"You need to turn down the heat! Everyone seems to be going red this evening." I said simply. Everyone quieted down.

"Um, Athena, that's called blushing." The twins said. I stared at them blankly causing all the girls in the room to go red with blushing again.

"Aw Athena, you're SO INNOCENT!" Tamaki yelled again, grabbing me into another one of his bear hugs. I just let him hug me, still confused about the red face situation. I mean, it was because of the heat, right?

Aw Athena, you're so innocent! Thanks anyone who's been reading this. I know I made Chapter 2 pretty quickly and its not as long as the first one but hang in there guys! The next chapter will be more interesting! :)