Prologue: The Beginning

(This is what I have for the beginning, don't expect so much as this is only my second story, and I have also got to worry about the first story I made: Down a Different Road, so there's that, also I'd like people to enjoy the scenarios I put down, so please review, Comment, and give suggestions to my current stories, the next chapters will be out soon. -Thank you, and enjoy :D .)

(P.S. I might or might not add Pincest waaay down the road and I don't plan to introduce any other character's except for Dipper for most of the chapters, if you don't care for this type of story then don't bother reading, this type of story mostly takes place following Dipper explaining how most of his life played out differently. I got my insperation a long time ago after watching: The midnight Show's Home Invasion.)

-Slam- "Thought you could get away without your scheduled beating Pines?" mocked the cliché bully at the beginning of certain stories. "What do you want now David?" groaned a battered and bruised dipper, slowly standing before being headbutted square in the forehead, dropping Dipper back to the dirt. "Oh you KNOW what I want, I want you to pay for getting in the way of my love for Mabel… and when I'm done, Mabel will finally see how perfect we are for each other."

Dipper looked up to one of his many tormentors, this one having a strange obsession with his sister… he was one of the tallest kids in school, had buck teeth and red hair, dressed in his usual 'nerdy' attire, it surprisingly helps him stay out of trouble, since no one would believe a nerd beat the crap out of him… it was a huge blow to his ego to say the least.

Which sparked something in him, something larger than he could even begin to imagine… it was a wave of emotional rage that had been bottled inside him ever since his sister was apparently the favourite twin between the pair… to say it hurt finding out was a complete understatement, for he was emotionally crushed.

It didn't help that his own sister decided to take advantage of this newly found depression, making him do her chores and bullying him as much as the other kids had, even going as far as to kick him around, much like David was doing just now.

Then there was his ex-best friend Jacob and ex-crush Katie, it turned out they had been dating secretly… he found out after confessing to her some time after school… which had practically disintegrated his social life, humiliating him completely and utterly when she told the whole school and completely spit on his confidence as a person. It also turned out his supposed 'best friend' had been using him from the start, telling him his simple plan to take Katie for herself just to spite Dipper.

Everyone at this school, no, this entire town mocked him… and he wasn't going to just sit here and take it. 'No!' he yelled at himself mentally. 'Don't do this Dipper, be the bigger man, that's what Michael always taug-' -Wham- he was again kicked in the face by his current tormentor… and he snapped.

For the next few minutes his Rage blinded him, all he saw was red as he gave into blind-rage, releasing all of it into critically-crippling blows. He was done, done with his family, done with his backstabbing friend and ex-crush, and especially done with David. A few minutes passed before he had felt a hand on his shoulder, he turned around and sucker punched a teacher attempting to stop the beat-down, taking a fully loaded fist straight to the throat, followed by an uppercut from the other hand.

He then went back to David to continue his assault, but found he didn't have the strength to continue, he panted and coughed, before coming down from his emotional high… and realizing what he had done.

He looked back to David, taking the sight of his broken fetal position, before looking back at the teacher he decked out, it was Mr. Mosbi, one of his teachers… and he knocked him down a few pegs from his high and mighty throne of self-confidence, what made it better was that Dipper had noodle arms for muscles.

Thinking about where he found himself, he decided that he should probably just leave for the day, and when he came back tomorrow he'd act like nothing happened, after all… Mr. Mosbi had a very large ego indeed, so if anyone found out he was taken down in two punches, by one of the weakest students in school… he'd be utterly humiliated… so he dragged them both into the ladies room, and hurried home, being sure to go through the route the other bullies always waited… he would make them think twice before they even looked in his direction ever again.

And that's exactly what he did, moving away from yet another pile of half-naked groaning children in his wake that day, before finally reaching his own doorstep, ready to take on his sister… before he went through with it though, he felt ashamed of even beginning to think of harming his own sister, as stupid as it sounded, he still cared about his only sibling.

So he backed out, walking back over to his new 'room' his sister 'assigned' him, simply put it was the old shed in the back of the house with rust and leaks littered over the damn thing. He stepped inside his relatively safe room, skipping dinner, and dropping the sack of clothes he thought looked nice from his would-be attackers, going through the motions of his new life.