Chapter #2: Life Of The Muskets

Salt now found himself going towards the canteen as instructed with a very agitated Pepper not very far behind, when they got to the canteen Pepper was still seething, but not as badly as before. When they walked towards the cook known as: 'Cook-Cook', Dipper thought now would be a good time to speak to the agitated bull: "Hey, have you looked in your bag yet?" he waited expectantly for her answer… however he failed to realize that, up until now, she either didn't hear him… or was making an attempt at the silent treatment.

After a few more attempt to get her attention he went with the ladder. "Listen, this is important, last night I-" he hadn't even begun to warn her when she stormed off angrily towards one of the instructors… he had a few ideas on what she was gonna do, but didn't think too hard on it as he was approached by one of the Pvt's: "You think you're hot shit? How are you on the top of the scoreboard when you haven't even faced off with me huh?" Salt looked at him, unamused and was going to respond when Sir walked into the canteen. "Attention! There's been a slight change in plans for all of you, basic training will start today after you get tagged. Understood?"

There was a chorus of 'Yes sir's' by the end of his announcement and he continued: "Now, onto business… the tests you each had taken when you got here were evaluation tests, as the name implies you have all been tested yesterday both physically and mentally, we don't need no emotion here kiddies… we already have enough information on that subject… I hope you all gave 100% on those tests, because if you were wrong with them, you'll have to be re-evaluated, and likely sent to Washington again."

"Now, Open your satchels, pull out your Info-Tablets, or IT's for short, and proceed to look through everything within it, each of your profiles have already been set. Within the tablet is all you need to know for today, it will tell your current standing in the camp, which squad your assigned with, your schedules, the rules, and everything about you. It also contains maps and the basic info about the other's within the camp as well, the schedules are for which… 'sessions' you will take, just like any school. Taking another's IT is strictly prohibited and will result in severe punishment."

The Pvt's that started to get wolfish grins had already vanished while others had looks of relief painted on them, though most hadn't been effected. "Proceed to place the first set of tags around your neck, and the second will be on your foot, do not lose these tags, as they are extensions of your body."

"I better not have to say what happens if you lose them… another thing that will be sitting on your bunks will be your official uniforms… the ones you have now were temporary and have no business within this territory, do with them what you will."

"Now, I'm getting lazy and truthfully don't care about any of this bullshit so let's wrap this up. You are all here for different reasons, here for family, here to serve a sentence, no hope left, your an outcast, etc etc… however by the time you all leave you will all have the exact same purpose." at this some raised brows, other's perked up, and a few rolled their eyes. "You will fight… for humanity." the previously uninterested room suddenly perked up. "You don't belong anywhere anymore, this is your brand new home… and it's here to stay, just like each and every one of you." some started to have panicked looks. "Calm yourselves, many of you may not understand… but your countries don't want you anymore." everyone's heart stopped, the whole room was silent, the whole room was still.

"However, weather they like it or not they still need you, we need you, when we looked at each of your profiles it was likely you'd all have wasted lives, working fast food, cleaning dog shit, getting sold off, executions, life in prison… but we see your potential, and we absolutely refused to see it go to waste so it can just die with the rest of you. So as of this moment, you all now stand under the same banner in brotherhood, you are all Musketeers."

"Don't worry though, it's not like you won't ever go back to those countries, those without futures of any kind will take on fake identities and fake lives… but there's a catch. If we are to proceed together through this valley of death you are to set aside your differences, shut up, and follow our rules. If you don't want anything to do with this plan..." there were many expressions and opinions, though Salt, Pepper and Ebony had shown no emotion, their hearts swelled with joy at some kind of second chance at redemption, Sir continued: "Then you will go back to whatever lives you had, no strings attached, no one dies, no one gets hurt, I, and every other man and woman involved with this 'Project', Promise… if you wish to leave, you will stand with one hand above your head."

There was a pause as he waited for their answer, then he continued: "If however, you wish to proceed into this unknown darkness with the rest of us… then you will stand, and you will salute." he then proceeded to straighten out his figure, putting his left hand on the center of his back in a fist, then raised his left fist straight forward, only to bring it back to his chest in a firm 'Thump'.

There was a hesitant Silence, Salt took this as his que and stood strong and proud, repeating the mans salute to show his loyalty, his companions watched as he made his decision… then steeled their own resolve, giving their own salutes as well.

As the silence continued, another stood… then another… then two, each giving hesitant salutes of their own… but just when it looked like there was going to be a wave of loyal child-soldiers… a large portion was still sitting to themselves, still unsure of the proposal… then they raised their hands, looking down in slight shame, upon seeing this action most of the other children had as well.

More than 80% of the occupants raised their hands high and lowered their heads in shame… they were afraid… they were after all children, what can you expect? A man says your going to be a child-soldier, most you'd think would rise to it, but they were only human. This was unusual, unfamiliar, crazy… it wasn't their 'normal' life that they had before.

Upon watching each child make their decision, Sir had frowned, he knew he wasn't the most charismatic man, but you'd think more would have herd mentality and followed Salt's example… but he understood, he was asking them a lot after all, and he wasn't a monster, he wouldn't force them… so he kept his word…

He pulled out of his salute by lowering his head in a submissive manner then went back to his usual posture (Without the salute obviously) and spoke: "The decision has been made, and as promised I shall keep my word… Musketeer's, please escort the rest of these deserter's outside of camp, a few buses will be waiting to take them back to where they belong." Salt once again lead by example and went over to a group of deserter's who had raised their hands… 'No.' he corrected himself: 'Children… Civilians… I'm escorting Civilians, they were never soldiers…'

"The deserters at this table, please proceed to follow me to the exit where you will be escorted off the base, if you do not comply I will be forced to use more violent tactics to ensure my task is complete, Understood?" his voice was cold, and his tone made them aware there was no room for argument, each of them gave their affirmative before he continued."Stand up and get in one line as not to take up the other's room." he stated and they clammered to complete their tasks without argument. He turned on a heel and ordered them to follow him to their early retirement.

Other Musket's watched how he completed his task, then quickly did their jobs and repeated exactly what Salt said word-for-word, after all, he was the best in the camp, it makes sense to follow his lead right?

Sir watch Salt closely as he did his job… he was exactly what he was looking for as a first Officer, he obviously had his own squad picked out as well, the ones known as Pepper and Ebony… the Three Musketeers… he was exactly what the group needed in a soldier: self disciplined, naturally skilled in combat, commanding authority. But most importantly, Loyal. He looked to the other 'Staff member's' and it appeared they each had the same thoughts on him… his squad was incredible as well, strong, smart, compatible… his decision was made, these ones were going to be the spearhead of example soldiers…

All and all, today was still rather shit however, he already lost more than 80% of his troops… a tragic day indeed.


While the instructor had promised to let the children go free no strings attached, the deserter's were still nervous for the consequences of their actions. 'Could it really be that cut and dry?' 'He's likely leading us on, there's no way they'd just let us slip out of here like this…' 'Maybe I still have time to change my mind?'. These were the thoughts running through the deserter's heads, as they approached the end of the camp, there, as promised, were what looked to be a pair of empty green buses, door's wide and welcoming: almost promising their chance out of this abnormal place.

Salt marched up to the side of the bus and stood, the children wanted to rush onto the bus, wanted to rush back to their normal lives… but the very sight of him standing next to their destination greatly discouraged them from completing their task… Salt, realizing they must be waiting for his blessing, nodded weakly towards the door, a look of disappointment painted firmly on his features.

That nod, it felt like a nod you'd get from a parent or even an older sibling, as if from someone you'd look up to your entire life, they barely even knew each him and vice-versa, but he made everyone who had seen it look guilty in their choice to abandon their posts, to simply throw away such a rare opportunity… he looked each of them in the eye… his eyes were unreadable, and what do you do when you usually don't understand something? You look for a way to replace it.

In this case, his blank look to some, would look to be a look of betrayal or sadness or even anger.

"Proceed through those door and move to the back seats, do not leave a single seat in the back empty… once you sit you will not be allowed to stand unless instructed otherwise later on…" there was a pause, to him he spoke in a perfect deadpan tone that betrayed no emotion whatsoever, but to everyone else that had decided to leave… there were so many emotions they imagined in place of what there really was… in reality he actually had no attachment to any of these civilians, so it really wasn't a big problem for them to leave…

But to them…: 'I made a mistake I made a mistake I made a mistake' 'To have these feelings on the receiving end… fuuuuuuuuuu-' 'he's pissed isn't he?'. Well obviously Salt has a hidden talent for manipulation emotions without even trying… reluctantly they started to pile onto the bus, tails between their legs, just as they were almost finished, a boy from the back stopped and turned to Salt.

"P-permission to speak sir." the boy sounded quiet, but not shy or afraid, just soft-spoken. "Granted." answered Salt, who kept a rigid posture with his arms behind his back, the boy spoke: "Is there… is it possible to revoke my previous decision?" Salt thought for a moment, then nodded, he knew every single rule set after all, this boy could technically say he was co-escorting with him, he hadn't stepped foot into the bus anyway, so he was still technically enlisted at the moment. "Yeah, you're only chance at freedom from this life is to step onto this here bus right now… after that your only way out is… rather painful." the boy looked relieved, then after a moment he seemed to remember he was on the job.

He immediately stood next to Salt and copied his posture, strict and strong, before they continued Salt had a question nagging him: "What changed your mind?" the boy was expecting this question and answered readily: "I just had to make sure my brother left… he isn't cut out for this kind of life, so I tricked him, he thinks I'm on the bus right now… but this place is exactly what I need." having his answer, Salt was satisfied.

For the next few minutes other deserter's boarded the bus and soon, the door shut and the buses quickly exited the area, once that was finished only the Enlisted remained, as soon as the buses departed Salt regrouped with his circle and proceeded back to the lounge, their business was done here and there was no need to linger, both Pepper and Ebony noticed the way Salt carried himself, he was in 'No Nonsense' mode, they took up their positions on his right and left side as he moved with purpose…

For them it was highly unlike them when they failed to notice the remaining troops falling into step behind them… in perfect formation. (If only this really happened, that'd be dope)


Sir was speaking with the other instructors about the unfortunate loss of troops… what they all wanted to speak about was Salt, but not a single one of them knew how to open the subject… or even for Pepper for that matter, somewhere along the way Pepper ended up having to beat a few into submission for trying to make an escape, after her display of speed and strength against the deserters who had outnumbered her three to one (a very violent group of children who are currently knocked out and on one of said buses) everyone else fell in line without question when they were at first resisting heavily.

Finally Sir decided to bring up the elephant in the room: "So, about PFC's Salt and Pepper…" just as he was speaking the rest of the instructors perked up with noticeable interest. "I'd like to recommend them to our Officer's program… and since we're already short on troops and looking for capable minds… I also recommend that we allow Pvt Ebony to accompany them…" the others were about to object when he continued: "Although her Physical grades are… 'average' she does have very good academic skills, as seen on previous tests, her psyche level isn't so bad either."

The other's looked hesitant, but at least they weren't outright objecting… he continued: "Consider how she usually isn't far from where Salt or Pepper are in mental capability: on the first day of arrival she responded exactly like they had, if we drop the fact that she was the first to even finish the test with flying colors, and you've all seen how close she's gotten to the PFC's… they haven't let anyone else anywhere near them, let alone even speak to them the way she has, furthermore if you've seen her file you'd see she isn't very different from Salt or Pepper at all."

"In fact, the only reason she isn't a PFC is because she lacked the opportunities that Salt or Pepper had…" his argument was full of holes, but he did bring up some good points… yeah, he really should work on his speech skills… and maybe think faster before allowing his mouth to run. Besides that, the other's understood what he was saying, so pushing aside the poor argument, they did need more than just to present two officer's to the program… so hesitantly, they agreed to allow Ebony to follow in the other PFC's footsteps, even if she was just a Pvt she was still invaluable, it would be a waste otherwise, And they all knew it.

As soon as the agreement was issued there a hesitant silence… after a few awkward seconds of pondering everything that brought them here, they heard the door's open, followed by the small group of soon-to-be Officer's creeping into the room and making a B-line towards their previous seats… followed soon after by the rest of the troops, whom all sat around not too close (Yet not too far) from to said first group. There was a tense silence, which only seemed to grow worse with everyone's stoic gaze… most of that gaze was leveled to Salt himself, who was busy inspecting his 'IT'... shortly after watching him look through it everyone seemed to be reminded of it's existence and soon the hall started to go back into an animated chatter… but the tension was still there.

Because everyone was thinking back to that speech earlier, this is their life now, they will be seen as children for a while longer, but right now they are troops, inexperienced troops who have yet to have their first battle, but still troops… truthfully most of the people in camp now were people who have actually killed, weather it was self-defense or cold blooded murder didn't matter anymore, no one else in this room had any right to judge the people they sat next to now… the people who did have the right to judge just left camp a few minutes ago, no, everyone here now knew was being a 'soldier' meant, by choosing to willingly stay is choosing to willingly kill.

'In the name of Friend's?'

'In the name of Family's?'

'In the name of Humanity?'

"For the greater good…" Salt whispered mirthlessly, while he was young and had yet to experience all the world had to offer, he knew that his life was completely… well, for lack of a better term: 'Shit', but he knew all too well that his life wasn't everyone's, he may have been dealt a bad deck, but he didn't mind, he knew, maybe better than everyone (Even the adults) that there must have been good people out there, people just like him but were too scared to do anything… they needed someone to help them, someone to relate to, he didn't know how he was going to do it but he was going to make the world a better place, even if it didn't want, didn't need his help he would do it… Salt had grown up alot faster than he should have mentally, perhaps it would be his undoing?

After a few minutes the tension dissipated from the atmosphere and everything was calm, when he noticed this he was about to relax… until none other than Sir cleared his throat behind him, almost immediately his companions perked up and stood at attention, he followed suit, not wishing to be outdone for whatever reason. He briefly wondered why Sir was here until he remembered the boy from the bus, the one who didn't want to leave… 'I'm probably in trouble.' he started regretting his leap of faith for the rules on some nameless kid who he'd already forgotten.

With that thought passing through his head he quickly gave his superior his new salute, along with his two companions, and awaited the presumed punishment, when he wasn't immediately berated or hit he was immediately confused, Mr. Sir looked between him and his companions and nodded towards the door. 'He probably doesn't want to make a scene.' a form of relief passed through him, he was glad he wasn't going to be punished in front of everyone… glad he wasn't being made an example of.

As soon as he gave his nod he and his companions, who were both unsure as to what was happening, they made for the door and left the room, as soon as they were out he grimaced, which did not go unnoticed by Ebony, though Pepper seemed to have this smug look glued to her muzzle, likely thinking about the reward they were going to be given for handling the Deserter's earlier, yes, this was definitely going to be a reward, what else could it be? Well, only one way to find out.



To be blunt, it had been a very short talk with the instructors. All that really happened was Sir informing them of their rather rushed promotions, it was obvious why they were shoving out promotions that should not be given like this, they were a brand new military after all, starting out with nothing but children with no battles under their belts, so they had to first build the ranks, improve over time, then master them, not even the ranks were set in stone, what to call each rank? So far these were the ranks for the new Militia.

1:-Civilian: It's obvious these are civilians, anyone on this rank isn't in the group, sometimes though anyone within the group has to listen to them, after all most of the Clients are Civilians.

2:-Trainee: Basically everyone at Washington, where you have discipline beaten into you, it's the front of any boot camp, so all the kids that are rejected or pass the offer given to them to become what they aren't, will be sent back, no harm done, the perfect cover up, as no-one would expect a common boot camp to be a recruitment center for the organization.

3:-Cadet: is basically everyone who was called 'Pvt's' for the first few days at Camp Musket or Flintlock where they're already disciplined, and hopefully ready and willing to serve… basically it's the trial, you know the saying one foot in the grave? Well, this place is one foot in and one foot out… it's the choice of a normal life or a life of death… the second chance for some people.

4:-Ensons: Which is when the real training begins, they teach you how to punch, kick, and kill, they give you a knife you stab, they give you a gun you shoot, they give you a book you read, they teach you what you chose to do, to serve loyally as an unnamed gun-man, these are essentially unofficial soldier's, but can now technically be sent out on whatever missions there are, the first few missions here are just some Recon and Collection, nothing really serious yet, but occasionally some are chosen for the trial of 'Soul'...

5:-Soul: Initiatiate is more like it, only way to get soul is to claim a soul, yeah, no turning back as soon as you get this rank, as soon as you get soul is as soon as you are officially a full-time 'Employee'. For the idiots that don't understand this it's the people who have killed, they are cleared for missions like… well, anything that involves death really… These are also Squad Leader's, which consist of at most five people, and at least three people.

6:-Mara: Short for Marauder, this rank is pretty much soul but much more experienced and skilled, they're mostly used for Raids and Convoys, pretty average stuff any soldier would do, they are also Platoon leader's, which usually consist of at most, five squads, and at least two squads.

7:-Vet: The Veteran Rank, the most experienced Soul rank you can find, this rank just show's how much stronger and usually smarter they are, these are valuable soldier's with a lot of experience, usually these people are in charge… not necessarily an important rank, but if your lost, they'll point ya in the right direction, weather it be to your bunk, or which objective your off to, they are also usually known to be Company Leader's, which consist of at most five Platoons, to at least two Platoons.

8:-Roy: Some people may not be warriors, but it would take a fool to not recognise a fighter, don't be fooled, they can fight, but usually they prefer puzzles, this rank is what you'd call the intelligence department, the eggheads that develop technology's for this private militia, they're also the 'behind-enemy-lines' kind of people, they're spies, engineer's, scientists, doctors. The whole nine-yards, if you need something, they'll most likely have it.

9:-Pol: And here we have the people who play everything by the books, essentially these are the most loyal soldier's… simply put these guys are Military Police, if there's any internal conflict, they'll make sure to put you back in line, they know their place, and they'll let you know yours, this rank is currently filled in with the instructors.

10:-Knight: The Brains and the Bronze, the best of the best, Elites… in Roman terms they are Praetorians, they can sometimes go on missions, but most times they're seen guarding the high ranking officials, not just within this Private Militia, but around the world as well for high ranking VIP's, for example, King's, Queen's, Minister's, President's, etc etc, anyone who's too important to risk, or at least has the money. This rank is shrouded in secrets. The Risks unknown.

11:-Officer: Born leader's, Expert's in combat, Not-to-be-fucked-with. These are the living, breathing examples of what this Private Militia expects, it's not often, but if you show to be useful enough, you can jump all the other ranks up to here, their tactical geniuses, and an aura of authority that would make most bend to their will, these are people that come around once-in-a-lifetime, they are usually expected to be Battalion Leader's, which consist of at most five Companies, to at least four Companies.

12:-Commandant: This rank… well, essentially they're the same as an Officer's rank, but far more experienced, they also act as politicians and peacekeeper's and negotiator's, though they are shrouded in mystery, they are known to be Regiment Leader's which consist of at most six Battalions, to at least two Battalions, in some cases they have direct subordinate Officers instead of Battalions.

13:-Council: the Council are pretty much the people who built this group together, though they cut their ties to whatever government that funded this project, they look after the group, in the King's absence they make decisions like any council does… hopefully they won't turn corrupted over time.

14:-King/Queen: Reserved for he/she who leads and rules this project, their word is law, this rank is shrouded in mystery…

That's the base of it anyway, unfortunately the only ranks that are currently filled in are Civilian, Trainee, Cadet, Enson, Pol, Officer, Commandant, Council and King, as for everyone else… only time will tell… ah, yes, as for how long it had been? Let's say a year. Remember the fact that their on the bottom of a mountain, welp, they're living up there now on the final base… HQ, the name of HQ would be called: 'Unknown', no seriously, it's name is unknown… get it? Like, Salt's name is Salt, Pepper is Pepper and Base is called Unknown, so if they were ever asked about HQ all they'd need to respond with is 'Unknown'... lol

So this is basically what happened to our little protagonists, they had to climb up that mountain, and live up there, and search for the hidden bunker somewhere up there… once they found it they lived the life of monks, so as to bring a form of inner peace to them or something, they practiced every day and night, they were even told to be silent the entire time, this lead them to slowly turn mute, not literally mind you, but anyone they met would assume they were unable to speak…

Unfortunately for them, taking an officer's rank forces them into different 'Cores', it's simple really, each council member has a commandant that reports directly to them, so if they so chose, they could have their own civil war over power for their own gains, it made sense at the time, seeing as how they technically have their own laws separate from each of the governments, the cores usually had different ideals and opinions, especially with how they operate.

Once Salt had finished his Officer's training (if you could call it that, considering they barely had any real standards set) along with Ebony, Pepper, Sugar, and a few other people he had yet to meet, they were all ordered to move back to their respective camps, in his case, camp musket… in a way nothing really changed, except for the fact that it looked like a small town of children in uniform, everything seemed to be perfectly normal… it was unnerving.

You couldn't exactly blame him, this was just like the place he grew up in, and the place he grew up in never really welcomed him… though now that he thought about it, most of his supported development was here actually, he spent less than a month down on the bottom of the mountain in Washington was maybe five minutes, in Musket half a year… but he had lived on top of that mountain for a pretty long time… the ex-monks they were privileged to learn from grasp a better hold on his more… unstable thoughts, he was much calmer, he wasn't aware of how stressed he was until he finally went up the mountain.

Vaguely he remembered how hard it was for Pepper to stay silent once they reached the top, but once the classes started she seemed to be feeling better too, she even somehow kept her lips sealed the whole time… he really missed the sound of her voice… Ebony's too… but at the same time he was relieved, another thing that helped were the drumming classes, one of the monks on that mountain seemed pretty enthusiastic about the american revolution, especially the part that had something to do with the drummer boys…

After learning more about the revolutionary war he saw the benefit of learning of the drummer boys, especially in the officer's program, after all, they did (As far as he was concerned) lead the battles and command the rest of the units… they were leaders, so as some kind of formality, each of the officer's had to learn drum marches, no one seemed to mind… perfect sync… all those years of not speaking a word, absorbing knowledge, and drumming in a peaceful environment (whenever they weren't fighting) he firmly believed that this made him a better person.

Speaking of being a better person, he was now wearing his official Officers Uniform, which consisted of Silver cloak and his clothes being black, with the Red roman numeral XI on his shoulders, solidifying his rank, and cross Muskets above it, signifying loyalties. He still wore combat boots and cargo pants with sword (Rapier), even his suspenders, he also continued to wear the welding goggles and fingerless gloves (Which everyone also seemed to have acquired a pair of their own)… his beanie also still held true, but now, instead of it being the anarchy emblem, it was also a XI numeral. The standard uniform colors at the camp for the moment would be Black, Silver and Red, that was their color scheme, individuality didn't belong as soon as you decide to join, you have your rank, your gun, and your order's… (If you weren't an Officer…)

Only Knight's rank and above were allowed to wear robes, and the only way to identify rank were the roman numerals on each other's body, another eye-catching feature on his body would be his satchel which was, of course, Black (xD) the Officers around him all wore their own eye-catching features as well of course, but he was barely paying attention to any of them, besides, their own robes (Or Cloaks in some cases) mostly obscured what they wore anyway.

No, at the moment he was thinking of what had transpired on the TV show that was his life with the mute button on voices somehow for the past year, from what he could tell, his once close friendship (while still close) had drifted slightly apart between him Pepper and Ebony, it had nothing to do with him, quite the opposite really, from his observations it seems they have grown very close, it was a bit strange when he realized it, but when he did he felt immensely happy for them, even if he saw them both as sister's, it wasn't too hard to adapt his opinion of them, at first it felt like incest they were so close, but he quickly altered their status to : 'In-laws', he also decided that if he ever had kids, they would be their god parents… if he ever even has the chance…

Even now, as he looked at them he could only nod in silent approval, he suspected that Ebony may have liked Pepper, but he wasn't really good with romance, 'meh, whatever, it all ended well.' at least for their chapter of life, it was time for him to move onto a new chapter, today was election day, and by election day, it meant all the Commandant's will be looking for Officer's today, it was very unlikely that he and his companions were going to get the same commandant, and he accepted that, and even if they were given the same Commandant it wouldn't matter in the end, because as soon as they were picked, he'd be sent on sleeper duty, most of them would, the ones who won't be are going to help manage the camp and her occupants.

As most of you have likely guessed, Sleeper duty is where your pretty much sent back to live with society, be a normal kid, play games, make some friends, just go back to their old life and wait for when they are needed, a few Soul ranks are also going on sleeper duty… they were really going to miss home when their sent on duty, but once they do get called back, they can be reunited with their brother's and sister's… if you were wondering, this place is their home now, those places they came from before they got here… it is no longer their homes

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