Chapter #3: Into The Dark

'Wonder if I'll get a good commandant…?' Salt idly thought as he stared blankly through his goggles and trudged through the snow, it had been an hour since they began their trek down the mountain in their formal/field uniforms, none of the Officer's present gave a second thought to the current blizzard spitting into their faces, none of them had even registered the ice with negative feelings, instead, they were all sharing common thoughts about 'Election day' it was their graduation after all, the day they've all been waiting for since the beginning of their enlistment.

They were excited, and very nervous, it was okay to be afraid they learned, but none of them were… they were finally going to do something besides learning, they wanted to use their knowledge and succeed, to finally accomplish something glorious! For years they sat in that damn HQ (which turned out being some sort of Temple), doing nothing but work til' they passed out without even a single day off.

They didn't want all this work to be for nothing, to be polished up like dolls to just sit there and look pretty, they wanted action… they wanted to be needed by the world again… sitting up inside that temple all this time has made them realize how truly lonely they were, and after so long they outgrew their bitter feelings of the world, they wanted… needed something, anything, even with all that time in the strange temple full of knowledge they wanted answers.

Of course they got answers, but nothing satisfying enough to calm their anxiety, for the first few months it was assumed to only be teenage angst, but as time passed the monks inside the temple taught them who they were… they're Human, specifically, outcasts to the world, children with no childhood. These Officer's learned that they seeked to be at peace with their old life before getting accustomed to their new ones… they wanted to be needed again.

Salt violently shook his head. 'No time to start bitching about stuff like feelings, I'll bury those feelings when I get older, when more time has passed… I'm busy right now, gotta save the world and graduate and junk… I should start thinking of a speech though, in case graduation need's that sort of thing.' he mentally mused, continuing his trek down the- 'hold up a second…' he pulled up his goggles and realized the only evidence of there being any snow earlier was the ice falling off his and everyone else's cloak's… however long they've been walking it seems they're finally getting close to Camp now.

He stared blankly ahead, hiding his feelings of excitement at finally seeing the outside of that temple, it was a beautiful temple, sure, but after seeing for months it kinda feels like staring at drying paint… great, now he was remembering his patience lesson where they literally had to watch paint dry for hours without moving from their spots or falling asleep or… well… anything really… it wasn't the funnest class but it did allow him to come up with various scenarios during said class, while paying attention to the lesson.

It was hard truthfully, but ultimately he felt it was worth it, dreaming with your eyes open while doing one class and preparing for another is one way to always be prepared, to always stay focused, when something as boring (yet strangely interesting) as watching paint dry, you must learn to utilize your imagination or face boredom at the risk of dulled senses… in the end he was happy he had the class, it allowed him to get his mind straight, while some found it as torture, he found himself... painting a canvas, so to speak.

Though he doubt the lesson meant the same to the other student's, it certainly made them all improve somehow in their own special way, while his was a little unorthodox, it wasn't uncommon, surely at least one other person who did this felt the same or at least a even slightly similar right? 'Great job Salt, your going to end up giving a speech on drying paint… I'll just wing it.' He mentally shrugged, it's not like he hasn't been winging it the whole way, he never planned to come here, he never planned to stay, it was just a split-second decision… and he didn't regret the decision he made, as stated before, it made him an overall better person.

'You're doing it again.' he mentally scolded himself, he blinked away his daydreams, noticing his group were approaching a much larger group near the fork of both Musket and Flintlock… 'Wonder what this is about, likely an escort, or perhaps some off-duty troops curious about the first Officer's batch?'

He clicked his tongue with mild amusement, being sure to make his face as hard as stone, just like when he left… he, along with everyone else in the current group had to set an example, beacon's of expectations, or as he personally liked to think about it, the 'Elder Siblings', for they were all brother's and sister's in the end weather they liked it or not… they were family.

It looked like the other group had been waiting for hour's for something, but at the approach of the silver cloaks they all visibly perked up at attention, not a single one of them wore a cloak. Like the Officer's, the rest of the troops wore blacks and reds, they all looked the same really, in fact he would have mistaken them all for clones if not for the different facial features height's, colors and genders…

Oh, there were also different ranks and emblems on them as well, lot's of Soul's and Mara's, which Salt recognizes most of them as the same group he was sent here with, but also a much larger crowd of Enson's.

The next thing the group of Officer's noticed was the visible levels of respect each had on their faces, while many Mara's lowered their heads. Be it in shame, submission or respect he wasn't sure, a few Soul's followed their example, but most of the Enson's… looked arrogant and smug, it was a sight that greatly disappointed him, he was only gone for… however long and already they're stepping out of line, hadn't he set an example for the other's to give the newbies when he left, he suddenly realized that indeed, some of the lowered heads were likely out of shame, luckily some few Ensons looked on in awe, even if some of them were older than he… 'hopefully I can salvage this.'

The Officers approached the 'Welcoming Party' with unwavering confidence, their footsteps blending into a steady march, if there were more of them they'd definitely make for a very intimidating sight… then again, it is pretty intimidating when you remember these people were graduates at the top of their class, who knows what they've been doing since they left, they might even have a large amount of battles under their belts.

The rumours about them before they left didn't help either, how just one of them could easily take down whole squads of elites and instead of breaking a sweat they'd laugh psychotically, (Which was likely just Pepper taking down the bullies and hot heads when they were escorting the deserter's and such, talk about rumours getting out of hand.)

The leading Officer, who he vaguely recalled being designated as 'Fluff', suddenly stopped, the Officer behind her stepped to her right, the one behind him stepped to her left, and so on and so forth, it seems the rest of the Officer's shared his thoughts exactly… or perhaps they were just curious, after all they still didn't know the reason they were here. 'Wait a minute… something isn't right here…'

He started scanning the crowd over. 'Had the other's seen it before me? I can't possibly be getting rusty already.' Salt wondered, he looked into as many eyes as he could, most of them had a faraway look, he checked the area where most of the uneasy feeling was coming from, near the back of the crowd… and what is that stench?

He quietly grunted questioningly to the other's, only a few gave their various agreement's be it grunting, tapping something or even a simple nod, they spotted trouble as well, unfortunately it seems only a few Officer's spotted the trouble, as the rest only click in annoyance… during their time in the temple they didn't like to talk, some simply felt uncomfortable, other's literally felt a sort of pain hit them when they opened their mouth, even breathing up there was hard enough without the… chemical, the dust, the powder or perhaps even the fog floating around.

They felt it was dangerous to make noise up there, sometimes they were able to speak, sometimes they play their drums or even chant their songs and prayers, but every time they did they never let down their guard, it was an unspoken agreement that speaking was highly disrespectful and frowned upon up in the temple… strangely enough, even after they had left they simply didn't feel the need to speak.

'When was the last time I had spoken?' Salt wondered. Shaking away his distracting thoughts he subtly tapped his sword belt with his bracelet, allowing the charm to let off a light jingling note in the cold unnerving air, he was suggesting further investigation, and caution of course... there was a moment of hesitation from a few Officers, but the ones who didn't hesitate immediately agreed with him, and started spreading around the group, their gloved hands slowly but firmly reaching for the hilt of their respective blades, their audience looking on in either obliviousness or confusion at their actions, and a select few looking on in dread.

Salt had made this kind of decision before, and more often than believed he was wrong… but the past mistakes he made when it came to such an unnerving decision had taught him correctly what to do, he felt it in the air, the unfamiliarity, the hostility, some would argue it would just be the tension between his group and the greeting party, what with how negative the reactions they received.

And they would be both right and wrong, he was positive that that's where most of these feelings came from, but he felt a core problem here, something completely out of place in their otherwise normal world… what reinforced these beliefs was that each of the Officer's that had immediately agreed with him were part of the first wave, like him, were Sugar, Pepper, Ebony, Flu, Piper and the Twins… their backgrounds helped as well.

Piper was a gang leader before he came here, he could spot trouble from a mile away in a crowd of hundreds.

Ebony was smart enough to see deceiver's ever since her personal experience of being deceived herself, the training/therapy from the temple helped her both find peace with the fact, and improve her suspicion and distress…

And finally Pepper, he didn't know the specifics of how or why with her since they weren't as close as they use to be, but when the time came they stuck together when it counted, so if she was sticking with him at the current moment, then this definitely meant trouble…

He personally believed that over the course of the next few minutes his actions will be justified, even if he was somehow punished, even if he was somehow wrong, he could take comfort in the fact that they still trusted his judgement, even if others disagreed with it.

The last three simply decided to follow their lead, they were new to the temple but they caught up quick thanks to some of the Officer's (Including himself) tutoring during their free time, ever since then they seemed to look up to the various 'volunteer' tutor's and followed their lead/judgement without question… even though they were suppose to learn to be independent.

Salt lowered his hood further when he felt the breeze attempting to steal away his identity, he had to keep all the cards he had in his hand, otherwise whatever influence many of these people were under may somehow fall upon him as well, it was a flimsy reason, but also the best way to start, never give an inch and keep pushing forward... the influence could be the stench he breathed in earlier, it did try to push away his focus, maybe it was a hive mind that was trying to breach his mental defences… on that note he subtly tightened his scarf just in case, his eyes peering through with barely contained suspicion.

He couldn't be too careful, for all he knew the reason why they were called back earlier was some sort of ploy to lure out the remaining troops, or even to get rid of their current best… paranoia was a problem to many, even for the ones with overactive imaginations, but for him, it was a tool that gave him the advantage of perspective, even though it sounded ridiculous, the stuff that happened up in the Temple was worthy of being called numerous names… usually starting with the word 'Madhouse', and it wouldn't be far from the truth.

The hesitant Officer's ultimately decided to stay back and observe, see how the current situation played out, it was a safe and likely the best bet, if there was a problem they could evaluate it and act accordingly, if there wasn't any trouble, then they wouldn't be facing any backlash when the time came to hand out the blame… they'll call it a mis-judgement on the acting Officer's part…

The advancing Officer's noticed their retreating companions but did not protest nor pause, there was a threat within their grasp and they will not allow it to slip through their fingers, no matter how slippery the snake may have been, even if they had no backup and were outnumbered greatly, they continued, each at their own pace, either beginning to circle around the second group, or simply advancing towards them, they were going to pick and prod until they get a satisfying reaction.

The larger group were now starting to get nervous, seeing the various reactions, it didn't help that nobody had spoken yet, or the fact that the Officer's had Swords and Armor while they only had Knives… 'What's going on?' thought some. 'What are they doing?' thought other's… but a single isolated mind simply came to the conclusion of. '... Oh shit.' when he she noticed that the reactions she was getting from the Officer's were not actions she was expecting to be getting from at worst children and at best simple soldier's, when she was proding their defences they were immediately alert… they were acting like Hunter's for fuck's sake, and their weapons… they weren't just any metal swords, those were Silver Swords… she had unwittingly somehow snuck into a camp of children who were trained to hunt down creatures. Just Like Her.

She had realized this about two months ago, but by the time she had figured it out she couldn't exactly slip away… and soon the temptation had settled in, after all, she already had most (if not all) of the camp under her control, simply too good an opportunity to pass up, of course now she was having second thoughts once again.

She immediately tried to play off her panic as simple nervousness at their actions like the rest… 'What the hell did I stumble into?'... meet the 'Siren' a creature that preys on weak minds and weak willed souls to get what she wants by either subtly putting an idea in their head, making them forget completely… or all out controlling them… when she came to this camp she had disguised herself as a delinquent and had done her best to get sent to a camp a great deal similar to this one, she liked the idea of slowly taking over a camp far away from any form of civilization and bending it to her will, these types of creatures vary in both class and motives.

What she was not aware of was that she had (Id say literally but it didn't go down that way) unintentionally walked right into the Den of Wolves… or rather, a Den of Hunter's, which in her case was far worse than some mutts, now that she was piecing together the puzzle she realized that these Hunter's were (judging by rumors) likely going to be her end, lest she make her move. 'Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck… fuuuck~.' it was hard enough trying to shake away that 'one' apprentice hunter those years back… but now there were a pack of them, armed to the teeth with who knows what besides Silver… and again, judging by the rumor's they were very, very experienced.

Salt felt the air become thicker, the tension was likely trying to choke the air out of him, luckily he had lived in a place where the air would attack him, instead of just hide from his lungs, so it barely fazed him, he continued looking for irregularities… whoever made this haze was strong, likely an older trooper, he inspected them each closely, they each had various reactions, some were nervous, some looked guarded, most confused, many arrogant… but tired, they were not very focused at all, how in the nine circles of hell did they obtain the ranks that they did? While he may have trained his mind with peace and tolerance, his peace was quickly breaking and tolerance waning… they needed to put an end to this quickly.

'Look for the irregular.' he began sweeping his gaze through his subordinates, from the sweat on their brows to their quivering shins, he didn't bother skipping over anyone, even his former 'classmates' as he once knew them, for all he knew it was a shapeshifter, perhaps a demon possessing one of his younger comrades, they all turned away at his cold gaze, he wasn't an especially cold person as of recent years… but he was definitely unhappy with how things currently were, 'these are the troops we're supposed to be leading, they might as well behead me right now.' he thought bitterly when his gaze finally locked onto one who obviously looked like they didn't belong.

He knew because she wasn't in a haze even though she was in the middle of it all, he knew because her knife holster was already unlatched and prepared to retaliate any oncoming attacks unlike the others, he knew because all of the outside senses were doing all they could to stop him from focusing on her… he knew because this… this was the moment he trained for, and because it just felt right!

Slowly he looked away and unsheathed his blade in a subtle fashion, just quiet enough not to unnerve her more than he already was, but just loud enough to get the attention of one of his comrades. More than anything he would like to do this by himself, but he wasn't arrogant, he wasn't foolish, nor was he a glory hound… that was just begging for a quick end, he had to lead by example for the rest of these mislead souls, his comrades attention wasn't lost on him, he was being slow, because they knew that if they spooked whatever was doing this to their comrades… who knows what could happen, he never stopped moving, never scanned the crowd for threats just in case, but he continued to circle the girl, slightly dragging his feet… he was sure they'd get his message if they were as observant as he was.

Sure enough, they did, and seeing as they didn't have any better suspects and were following his lead anyway, they quickly shuffled through the crowd and surrounded the girl, before she Siren had understood what was going on they unanimously drew their blades and pointed them on various sides of her throat. The Siren was surprised and had no idea how they found her so quickly, what had she done wrong? How had they figured out it was her so quickly? But most importantly. 'Why aren't I dead yet?' she was quick to attempt drawing her blade, but found that each of the blades started to press warningly into her neck, the fact that she had reacted this way had been added to the slowly adding pile of evidence stacked against her, her mind ran through all the possibilities and options she had at her disposal but was interrupted when someone cleared their throat in a rather commanding manner.

The crowd, too stunned to react to how things had progressed still hadn't said a word, were interrupted from their shock by said clearing of said commanding throat, as soon as they heard it a majority of their attention fell onto a boy wearing a Pol uniform, which consisted of an identical uniform to everyone else, the only difference between them was that it was a dark blue color, with a roman numeral IX, stating his rank clear as day. "Soul Moira, by unanimous decree of all F.A.F. Officer's, you are hereby under arrest." he stated with an air of authority that only the Officer's didn't flinch at. "Under what Charges?" questioned the Siren, the Pol didn't answer her and continued forward, his only indication of a response was a nod towards the Officer's who were apparently declared as F.A.F.

No one expected them to respond, which only served to shock them when they actually did, in a very uncommon manner. "Hiding under false identity within the camp." answered one. "Taking control over others free will." stated another. "Suspicion of assault to comrades." said a third. "Theft." a fourth. "Kidnapping." fifth. "Suspected Murder." sixth. "And Plotting against we who had taken you in." finished the first, completing the verse. It was shocking to actually hear them speak, it was shocking that within seconds of being back they were already getting to work. Another alarming thought was how rough their voices sounded, as if they haven't spoken in ages, not to mention how cold their tones were, and that was just how they spoke, they hadn't even touched how they were acting at the moment.

Currently Salt's thoughts were in a much happier place right now, not because they were already doing their job, but because he learned something about himself today. 'Apparently I'm apart of the F.A.F. how exciting, if anything happens I'll be among the first that's called into action!" he thought in giddy anticipation.


Salt was now standing in line with the rest of First Officer's, it was time for election, luckily he didn't have to give a speech after all, all he had to do was stand and wait, along with the rest of his Brother's and Sister's… after their arrest of 'Moira' they were separated into two groups, F.A.F. and F.D.F. … he was sorted into the former, everyone who decided to stay back (And surround the group) were all put into the ladder, no one questioned their decisions (at least not outwardly) and accepted their designated roles with smiles.

F.A.F. stood for: First Assault Force.

Are in charge of assault missions, being so little as one on one confrontation via assassination kidnapping or other, to full blown attacks on entire countries, and everything in between. Including rival groups from both outside and inside of the Silver Arms Department or S.A.D. for short.

F.D.F. stood for: First Defense Force.

Are in charge of defense jobs from simple escorts for shipments of weapons and VIP's, to guarding HQ, training camps, temples, resources, other groups, civilians, prisoners, outposts, research facilities, prisons, refugee posts, etc etc. this also includes defense against other groups both inside and outside of S.A.D.

It's simple enough, and it wasn't necessarily hard to figure out their jobs, it also wasn't hard to actually do said jobs, all in all he was happy to beput in F.A.F. even though he might never see the other Officer's again, and if he does, it'll be under much worse circumstances surely… though he was worried for Pepper and Ebony, hopefully they'll be elected together. "The following will now be designated with number's… Zero(00), proceed forward." called a random Pol who was sitting up the stairs and onto the observation deck, Salt stepped forward as told into the middle deck of the building, there were multiple pathways he could take, but he was not to move until told otherwise and where, this was the election process, the 'Elder's' or rather the Council were picking officer's that suited their needs and visions, some were aggressive, other's defensive, some quiet with their opinions with others voiced theirs perfectly, some cared about others while the rest cared only for themselves. No two were alike… and each of them were the founders of this organisation, otherwise known as S.A.D. … this moment would ultimately decide his future again.

There was a moment of silence, each of their eyes scrutinizing them, judging him, for better or for worse… "The following questions and commands must be answered honestly and followed to the letter… State your name unit Zero." commanded the Pol from before, he complied "Current designation is Zero." he saluted sharply, there was no need to show respect, but there must be a show of obedience, he also saw it as 'necessary' to go with the 'current' designation, after all during election was when you were renamed again, if you refused your new designation you'll keep your old name. "What is your Age 'Zero'." he asked. "Thirteen." he actually never knew his age, he never celebrated his birthday even before he came here, and his papers were forged so for all he knew he could be a between ten to fifteen, so he continued to wing it.

"What is your Gender?" Another question. "I am a Musket." He stated with finality in his tone, that was a ridiculous question, why did they insist to ask such things? Did the outside world really change that much? Gross. "Race?" He answered. "White." Question. "Origin." Answer. "America, California, forgot the town and don't care enough to remember." There was a nod and then another question. "Any Family?" Answer. "I'll pass on that." there was never a straight answer whenever he thought about it, and even if he did have an answer he was never going to point out who he cared about, that was a weakness, and he had no time for weakness. The questions went on like this, some were easy, other's needed a moment of thought, but in the end all questions were completed and he eventually had to move on.

A row of lights went on towards one of the doorways, apparently someone had heard enough and had elected them without wanting to see his physical abilities… oh well, he moved without question towards his future, and was very excited to meet his new Commandant, it hadn't occurred to him in that moment that this may be the last time he gets near any of his first wave siblings without one of them dead, dying, or trying to kill him.


He… wasn't quite sure what happened, one moment he was walking into an observation deck, the next he was geared up and immediately shipped out, he could only vaguely remembered the conversation he had with his Commandant earlier which was very... vague… all he got was a walmart greeter, y'know, a sorta. 'Welcome to walmart, get your shit and get out.' kind of thing, only it was modified so he was told 'Here's the job, Here's the tools, Here's the door, goodbye.' and next thing he knew he was in some sort of dropship, which in turn was then loaded to a much larger jet. Well, he was impatient and wanted action, be careful what you wish for he supposed… hey wait a minute, wasn't he supposed to be on sleeper duty? He wasn't sure how to feel about this… then again his job wasn't to have feelings, or to question orders for that matter…

It wasn't long before he noticed the rest of his supposed 'Troops' sitting in their seats, looking like they didn't have a care in the world, it was really pissing him off, no one even noticed he was here… time to change that. "Officer on deck shit stains! Get your asses out of your seats before I decide which of you looks best as a cripple." if he wasn't going to get their respect straight away, he'd command them with fear, even if they ended up hating him he'd rather they hated him than be dead because of him, they were his 'younger siblings' after all, this was for their own good.

The effect wasn't as quick as he would have liked, someone looked like they were about to tell him to 'Piss off.' but wisely decided to shut their second asshole stuck on their faces where their mouths shoulda been, and did as they was told, upon receiving Zero's commanding glare, one stood and muttered an 'aye sir.' upon his words the following of 'yessirs.' and 'aye sirs.' followed, but none of them were shouting, there was no unison or uniformity, the salutes were sloppy… where the hell were his troops?

"Attention cock sucklers! Where the fuck are my Troops! I need them here a week ago without slapping asses or kissing cock!" his voice was on the verge of snarling, he was only barely annoyed, but now it's really slipping through, an older, slightly taller boy approached him with confidence. "Watch your mouth kid, I might have to tell your mama and wash it's dirtiness out with soap." he mocked, there was a chorus of laughter throughout the entire deck. "Are you lost? Do you want some cand- ." he was prematurely interrupted when Sal-... ehm… 'Zero' snatched his subordinates collar, then jerked his head forward violently and without much else warning, there was a resounding crack that filled the drop chamber before Zero repeated said head buttage, then tossed him forward, when he hit the ground he slid down the rows where the rest of the agaped mouths of his apparent Trooper's stood in shock… and slight disbelief.

The boy slid to a stop when he hit the wall at the end with a loud *Thump* that filled the now silent chamber, it was silent for a good fifteen seconds when they turned their gazes fell back to the apparent Officer on deck, his expression of anger calmed somewhat, but his eyes were now dull, and his expression was of boredom. "Let me repeat the question senile motherfuckers, Where the fuck are my Troop's?!" he punctuated his words by slamming his boot onto the steeled salt floor, which resulted in the whole ship shaking in response to his now obvious anger. Shakily, the Trooper's all saluted unanimously in fear and responded correctly: "Present Sir!~" he put a hand to his ear? "Oh I'm fuckin sorry, mind speaking up cum stains?!" he put a hand to his blade and started to pull it from it's sheathe, when they saw this action they responded in kind. "Yes Sir!" for a moment he stopped and looked around the chamber as if in surprise. "Oh? Looky here, looks like I have my own private choir for my daily praying rituals, ain't that right Trooper's?"

"Yes Sir!" he smirked sadistically. "Mhmm, that's more like it, now show me your not just some dressed up dolls and show me your power, Left Boots!" unanimously each boot lifted and stomped back onto the cold steel floor which likely freaked the pilots out, judging by the way the whole plane jerked suddenly, he didn't give them time to think. "Right Boots!" they did as instructed once more. "Now give me a Death March!" now they were stomping their boots steadily, making the whole chamber sound like the S.S. were at someone's door. "If even a single one of you cock sleeved cum buckets falls out of rhythm, or goddesses forbid actually stop… I'm going to stomp on your spines repeatedly, you hear me Trooper's?!" they chorused their 'Yes Sir.' and all that crap, when he opened up his data pad that was suppose to debrief them for the mission. "Now listen up meat shields! Today's mission is to retake one of our research facilities, each of you will be split up into your own assigned squads, these are your objectives."

Primary Objectives:

Objective #1: Retake the facility.

Objective #2: Recover any/all data.

Objective #3: Destroy any/all remaining data.

Objective #4: Capture and/or recapture any escapees.

Secondary Objectives:

Objective #1: Search and rescue for any survivors/hostages.

Objective #2: Execute/Detain any/all outside witnesses.

Objective #3: Don't have any orgies when I'm not looking (or when I'm looking fuckwits).

Objective #4: Document everything.

Best case scenario: Everyone dies prematurely. (Except me of course.)

Worse case scenario: Turn around right now and nothing happens.

Likelihood of Success: 46%

"Any stupid questions rejects?" he 'politely' asked… they responded with a quick' "No Sir!" he quietly sighed in relief, he hated yelling, especially since it hurt his mostly unused throat… they're lucky he gives a damn. "Now halt that glorious marching and put on your gear!" he said in a slightly more relaxed tone, immediately everyone stopped marching and started panting excessively and shuffled over to their respective drop boxes for their gear… as they were ordered to. "Alright children, for more details about the mission, either use common sense, or use your damn huds… with our remaining time I want all of you…" they all immediately tensed, he was already scaring them, but now he was turning into a fucking nightmare… why was he an Officer again?

"Say your final prayer's to whatever gods or goddesses you believe in, if you have no god, that's fine by me, just don't try to fuck with anyone while they do…" with that he moved towards the closest drop clip to the door and hooked himself up, so that'd he'd be the first to set boots on the ground, then he started making small hand gestures while muttering in what many were certain was a different language. "Brigid, Branwen, Caireen, Cerridwen, Macha, Morrigan, Hestia, Artemis, Athena, Gaia, Frigg, Hella, Calypso, and more, please heed my player and watch over me and my brother's and sister's tonight, Moon Goddesses, please reveal these vile creatures so that we may hunt un-deceived, Love and Home Goddesses, please bless us with the will to power through this, and give the remaining a peaceful place to sleep, War and Death Goddesses, please give us the power to power through my hunt with my foolish siblings, or at least watch in amusement as I slay these creatures in your name… Gaia, our fate rests in your hands." he continued to pray and pray to whatever goddesses there were, but never did he utter the name of a single male god… not once.

A brave few who decided to approach him decided to simply listen to him, or pray alongside him, their heads bowed, eyes closed and hearts and minds open to his words, the rest had decided to either check their gear, stare outside of the hatch, got seated, or tended to the idiot with the concussion. After a few minutes of ultimately uncommon events, he eventually ended his 'prayer's'... "Alright… attention trooper's, we are two minutes from drop point, as soon as we're dropped, we're on our own." as soon as he began speaking everyone rushed over to their respective drop clips, all lining up behind him, giddy to finally get some action.

He couldn't blame them, after all he too was ecstatic, though he could tell that many were excited, they were also deeply afraid… 'can't turn back now.' he interally laughed, when the thirty second marker appeared on a screen above them he shouted. "Gear check!~" quickly everyone went through their own gear and each other's and before they knew it, they had five seconds left. "Masks on, huds down!~" as soon as words left his mouth the whole pod began shaking and shuddering.

'And that signals the beginning of our mission.' he mused he could hear the wind whipping much more erratically outside, and he could feel his heart drop into his stomach, they were literally dropping like an amusement park ride… how entertaining, seemingly everyone shared his thoughts as they all began yelling and squealing in delight, other's were clenching onto their clip ropes, weapons or even each other.

'Glad I'm not the only one enjoying myself.' thought the now briefly dense Zero, in reality they were all scared shitless, the ones who didn't pray suddenly were doing so, for fear they would die, the engines were suppose to kick on about now, at least in the simulations they were, what went wrong? The simple truth is, this is how it really worked, the engines only kicked on automatically after release if it's on autopilot… thankfully we have a clinically insane pilot who's an active thrill seeker… he won't hear any complaining from the Officer on deck, that's for sure.

Right when they started getting a little close for comfort the engines finally kicked on from it's suicidal glide through what was apparently a rainstorm… how cliche. After a few seconds of the troops catching their hearts from their stomachs or throats, there was a loud *Thump* and the large hatch door dropped open, the first one out the door was obviously the only one who didn't freak out… if you haven't guessed yet you must be skipping a shitton of my hard written words… lol

He quickly brought up his Omni-Rifle and quickly scanned the area, it was very dark, the rain was pouring, Hard, fortunately his armor was thick enough, combined with him being used to worse conditions, that he was able to ignore it without much effort… a few seconds later a few trooper's passed him and started searching the area, trying to either follow his example or get his recognition for their hard work, a quick check of the area confirmed that they seemed to be in some sort of forrest in a hidden canyon, the trees were thick and dark, like a jungle… wait, this is a jungle, they were standing on top of a structure made of concrete and metal, the only visible way inside was a small security looking room with the glass cracked and coated with fresh looking blood and a door hanging slightly ajar and claw marks visible all over it.

He motioned for anyone near him to follow, and for the rest to search the area, then quickly darted for the small structure, without bothering for subtly, he kicked the door off its hinges and looked inside the admittedly small compartment, the first thing he noticed was a man in a guards uniform lying dead on the floor, with a smoking pistol in his left hand and a hole through his noggin… the blood behind his head from where the bullet exited was still dripping slightly, they must have gotten here a few seconds too late, the second thing he noticed was the radio and camera equipment littered around the room, the radio had nothing but white noise, and the cameras looked to be completely totaled.

And finally he noticed a distinct set of controls sitting near the window overlooking the rest of the metal platform outside, this was clearly a set of elevator controls, they found their entrance. "All units, all units, rally back on me, we found our entrance, be prepared for the first set of order's issued out." he turned his head to the squad that followed him in. "alright get me a few Roy's in here and get this equipment back up to speed in, and recover any data in those drives, I wanna know what we're dealing with and how long they've been out, got it? Good." he didn't wait for an answer, they knew what to do, this was their job after all, before he walked out he said. "And get rid of that fucking body, use it as bait if you fucking have to."

He walked back to the platform outside where the squads were waiting. "Any of you find anything out of the ordinary?" only one person stepped forward and said. "Yes sir, it seems there's a large area in the south-east that's fresh with track of something fleeing the facility." Zero nodded, quietly counting how many people he had to work with, and quickly set down a plan. "Okay, each squad with consist of five Troops, Alpha squad will be sitting in the control room getting things back to working order again, Bravo will guard the area and Alpha squad, Charlie and Delta will go after whatever apparently fled to the south-east."

"Echo and Foxtrot will be entering the facility to fulfill the objectives, we don't have any idea how big the facility is or how long we'll be here, so for the meantime we're going to be switching out roles every six hours, I want constant updates to your blackboxes, if we don't get any updates within fifteen minutes we'll assume your dead… remember, we don't have any idea what we're dealing with yet, so stay on guard. Questions?"

This time he did pause because of obvious reasons, when one raised a hand. "What about you sir?" asked one of the girls, he answered. "I'm going into the facility with Echo and Foxtrot, the primary objective is down there after all. Any more questions?" when no one stepped forward or raised their voices, it automatically translated to. "Then let's get to fucking work," and with that, everyone set off towards their usual squads and did the job most suited for them.

Briefly Echo and Foxtrot stood near the edge of the platform where the doors would open up, Zero looked over to Alpha and saw them doing their thing inside the room, after a few seconds they looked up from their work and gave a thumbs up in his direction, he responded with a curt nod, and suddenly the platform doors began opening, when it finished opening the elevator that sat just beneath it came up fully…

To reveal plenty of bodies just sitting there, people in lab coats and security uniforms, as the elevator came to a halt he noticed a gas briefly move through the atmosphere then dissipate… he raised his rifle and cautiously moved towards the corpse pile, a few people on the comms had various reactions and stated quite simply that they were gonna be sick, he couldn't blame them, this was pretty gory after all.

The first body he approached seemed to be another man in a white coat, he was on his stomach which prompted our protagonist to kick the body onto his back, as soon as he saw his face… he turned back to that innocent boy who had loved mysteries and played with his sister every day… before the incident… but as quickly as the old him surfaced, his new self beat the old self back into place and took control, he didn't have time for any of that nonsense, he had a job to do. He looked back to the mans face again, it was blackened as if burned, but wrinkled like he had aged against his will, there were no teeth, and his eyes were bloodshot… it even looked like he was crying blood…

His cheeks looked to be sunken, and his hair, or what's left of it anyway looked like it turned to oil and sunk into his facial features… when he looked at the rest of his body he noticed the clothes were shredded and burned, but not from the outside, instead it was on the inside… "okay, let's get a few hygienically sealed body bags here, the rest of the bodies need to be burned away, who knows what the fuck would happen it we touched them directly, or even just leave them here in the open like this… and congrats Alpha and Bravo, looks like you'll have something extra to do while we're inside…" he meant to be sarcastic, but they seemed quite eager at the prospect of actually getting new objective to do… well, some of them anyway, the rest of them looked ready to be sick or looked like they wouldn't be getting sleep for a few weeks.

After a few minutes of proper 'cleaning', Foxtrot and Echo were ready to descend, without any more current distractions, he nodded back towards Alpha one more time, and the elevator began its descent into darkness… "If we don't report back at the first set hour, call off the search to the south-east and send down Charlie and Delta as a second wave, if the second wave ends up not returning at the next set hour, call for reinforcements." he left them with a set of backup order's, can't be too careful.

Eleven Rookies entered the belly of the beast...

Just as they were fifteen feet down the overhead doors automatically closed, as soon as they did, lights began flickering on, unfortunately all the light's on the elevator were drenched in blood, painting the whole area a bitter crimson, needless to say it really put the other's on end, just when he was about to say some encouraging words they pass a vent that was overflowing with the green mist from earlier.

"Oi! See that gas? I betcha most of the facility, if not all of it, has been filled neck deep in this crap… wonder how? Anyway, I saw this stuff exit the elevator when those bodies came up, so I'd keep my mask and suit tight if I were you, a single crack or rip just might be the cause for our ends…"

The other's audibly gulped at his conclusion before they subconsciously started checking themselves over and tightening their gear again… just to be safe… after a full minute of descending they finally hit the bottom floor, waiting to greet them, was a large metal gate keeping them from continuing forward, they cautiously approached, weapons drawn and high on alert, as soon as they got within eight feet from the large metal doors, lights started humming overhead, the sound of a generator kicking on, and the facility waking up… it wasn't too long before the metal doors attempted to open it's gaping maw.

The first thing they was was a security checkpoint, complete with cameras, gates, chemical contamination checkpoints, even metal detectors, sitting on a wall inside was a check-in port, letting everyone know who and what's been in and out of the facility, and when. He walked towards the metal detector, stopped, bent down and pulled the plug, then proceeded forward with slight caution, as soon as he was through the checkpoint and around the barrier's he stumbled on a particularly displeasing sight, it was another metal door, but it was painted red… and within its clamped down maw was a woman's upper body, stopping just where her womb would be… if she was pregnant when whatever happened... happened, then there's no way that baby survived that accidental fucking abortion, no chance in hell… she was wearing a white Hazmat suit, the helmet's light flickering, allowing illumination to her tan skin and soft brown hair… and blood dripping from her jaw (Likely the cause of being crushed in such a brutal fashion), if she had just made it into the elevator she would have most definitely survived

He approached her quietly, the only thing he couldn't keep quiet were his steel toed boots… he had assumed this woman was either fat or pregnant because it looked as though she popped like a balloon, the whole immediate area was painted in intestines and various organs… no, she was definitely not fat, maybe plump before her departure from this world… if you could get passed the fact that she was a corpse and was deathly pale… and only had half a body… 'Oh for fucks sake, you gotta focus Zero.' he shook his gaze away from her, and searched for either another door, or a way through this one.

He took a few seconds to search and immediately saw the door console just on his right, it was a simple piece of panel sticking up from the wall, with a few buttons with different colors, and a level, there was also a light display for the status of the door, the light was a deep red color… apparently the lockdown protocols were enabled, and the only way to get through this door would either be in the form of a welding kit, high level explosives, or an all level access card… the only option he lacked were the explosives, he had both the ladder and the former tools on him for situations just like this.

"Squads, on me!" his muffled voice radioed his comrades, immediately they surrounded the door, but not without doing a double take at the sight of the corpse lodged halfway through the door… "T-this was never part of any of the simulations… I… oh shit…" the one that spoke trembled, apparently sick… for a while the only thing that sounded throughout the entire chamber were the ragged breathing of gas masks, the uncomfortable shifts of armor, and the generator filling up the cold steel room. Zero stood next to the now hyperventilating Trooper and put an arm on his shoulder. "Hey, don't start your shit in here of all places, we have a job to do… you knew what you were signing up for the moment you agreed to this… no backing out now."

"Breath Soul… just breathe, your among family… your armor will protect you from the horrors within these doors, your weapon will fight with the power of destruction, all you need is to clear your head in return for these generous gifts... stick to your training, and we'll all leave here alive… and hopefully in one piece, unlike her." he attempted to console him, and make a joke out of this situation for his sake, luckily this seemed to be the correct course of action, as the breathing had calmed significantly, though it was still unsettled, it wasn't a threat to cause him a heart attack any time soon, after a few seconds of calming breaths he let out a small chuckle at his Officer's dark humor, he had to admit, the joke was just sitting there, waiting to be picked up. 'Just like the remaining pieces of her.' grimly joked the Trooper, attempting to keep himself calm.

Upon hearing his chuckling the other Trooper's laughed uncomfortable, if only to keep the unsettling silence at bay, after they all had a moment to ease themselves into this ever slowing nightmare, Zero walked back over to the panel quietly, he paused, the key card hovering over the slot to lift the lockdown on the door. "Locked?" his voice echoed over the comms, after a hesitant pause, one of the girls stacked up on the door. "Loaded." she confirmed, here gun trained on the door, the other's followed her example and either took to cover behind the barriers, or stack on the door.

The card slid down the slot, the indicator turned green, and the light's surrounding the door's light up with movement, red emergency lights flashing throughout the whole chamber… they watched as the steel maw released the corpse from it's clutches and dropped unceremoniously to the floor with a resounding *Thump* that echoed down the halls of the facility. "Light's up!~" commanded Zero, and immediately all gun and helmet lights went on…

Just to be consumed by the dark atmosphere within. Zero took the lead and rushed through the door and into a much, much larger room, it looked like the whole place was in chaos just before they arrived, lights sparked, benches and tables toppled to their sides to completely destroyed, bullets decorated the walls, if those holes in the walls were anything to go by.

This was only the hallway… he could only imagine what lies deeper inside, aside from the damages, there were yet again more corpses, all of them in the same state as the people from the elevator, their skin blackened, their teeth gone, and gums shriveled and bleeding, bloodshot eyes, with bony black and broken fingers, all in various uniforms…

Judging by the fact that all of the flesh is still sizzling, and blood still dripping and drying… this all happened less than an hour ago, he kept a close eye on anything and everything, personally he had seen enough of this crap for the day, but he had to document everything here to the best of his abilities.

Only just now was he starting to realize how heavy his armor and gear were… how loud he was in the otherwise silent facility with the stomping of boots and ragged breathing of gas masks, with an edge of cautious nerve, he set an even pace into the corridor, the sound of boots on tile painfully loud to his sensitive, yet heavily muffled ears, no thanks to the helmet. His eyes only needed seconds before they were adjusted to the darkness, he was both thankful and frustrated for the gas mask…

"Uh… beggin yer pardon Sir?" he was pulled from his thoughts when one of the Troops, armed with a Western accent, tapped him, he answered. "Yes? What seems to be the problem discount John Wayne?" the Trooper hesitated for a second, as if afraid to speak or offended, when he gestured to the woman from before who was crushed in half, as soon as he saw her he understood, the Trooper voiced their thoughts to the group. "Where do ya reckon the other half of her body might be?" he asked uneasily, by now everyone else noticed the problem here… it wasn't long before they saw a blood trail from the lower half evidently being dragged a few feet down the hallway… and then disappear up into one of the upper vents in the ceiling on the left of the hall…

Everyone let that sink in for a bit when Zero spoke. "Huh… good eye Trooper, we'll make a true Hunter out of you yet… as for my advice for the situation? Steer clear of the vents, until you decide to invest and set some traps… obviously one of those little fuckers are in there…" it quickly became apparent that it wasn't the woman's fault for being cut in half, whatever it was probably slowed her down or pulled her back into the door just as she could have made it… 'She could have survived.' that thought made him promise to find whatever did this to her and mount it's skull as his personal trophy.

...Where was he? Ah yes, while on one hand, he wasn't being exposed to the poisonous depths of the air, it also dulled his senses considerably, the visor restricted part of his full view, his nose numb to the metallic scent of blood that excited him, his touch limited to be nothing more than blunt contact, instead of being able to connect and understand his environment… had he already mentioned than his hearing was restricted to his comms and immediate vicinity too?

The sound of boots moving steadily behind him reminded him that he had family to look after, and that he still needed to lead them, whether he liked it or not. "Alright… Squads, from here on out I want those eyes up and ears open, if you hear so much as a rat shitting in the vents I wanna know about it, nothing will escape us… oh, and in case we somehow separate? I'd like to take this opportunity to remind you that, as of now… It's open season for the hunters." he laughed in anticipation, 'licking his chops' if you will and moved swiftly through the gorey halls of the still yet to be named facility.

It wasn't long before the squad had to split up into two groups down different hallways, Foxtrot went towards the hallways marked: 'Storage Bay' while Zero and Echo squad headed towards the: 'Research and Development' Wing, there wasn't really anything new, just plenty of blood stains, the occasional body (which was slowly numbing the previously freaked out Trooper's) and lots of inanimate objects and furniture, the hallway they went down had various posters littering the area, some were advertisements, some propaganda here and there, y'know, the usual 'Big Brother is Watching' kind of stuff, nothing strange there, nothing at all, not in the slightest.

As they approached the rather ordinary looking metal door, they were suddenly put on edge when they heard noise from within, some scratching, some banging… and lots of screaming, no dear reader, I can assure you there isn't any sex happening behind door number one, because that would just freak out the already on edge Troopers… "Safety's off!" ordered their commanding Officer, just as fast as he slid the access card through the slot he burst inside the room, inside, it looked like the room itself was having a tantrum of some sort, pipes were bursting with gas, objects big and small were flying everywhere, the light were flickering and swinging around, and sitting at the heart of the chaos were a pair of creatures that seemed absolutely livid with each other, and I mean utterly pissed.

The first creature was as white as bones, it didn't look particularly strong, but it was tall, and its appendages had what looked to be oversized bear paws, the weight of them causing him to slouch and drag his arms behind him, its face looked like it was originally human, but just below the eyes a long bony beak jutted from it's skull, splintering the skin that use to be in place of his lips and mouth… it's eyes were so bloodshot and glazed over, like some sort of dead creature driven purely by instinct… it's eyes looked much like the victims outside of the room… 'What the hell is this thing? It looks like someone was trying to play god here… dear Hestia…'

The other creature seemed to be some sort of crossbreed between a spider and a scorpion… each of its appendages looked sharp, but frail, though it could be reinforced bone tissue, it's hide was a dark brown, and was even covered in fur… maybe it was also cross bred with a porcupine… that sounds really uncomfortable, in terms of sizes the first creature is six and a half feet tall, while the spider was maybe a solid four feet tall… and currently engaged in a very ferocious looking battle.

Echo squad paused for a moment, then looked over to their 'fearless leader', they couldn't tell what his expression was right now, what with the mask and all, but his actions were clear, his hands were quick and fluent, of the few settings on his O.R. Mk.1 (a test weapon to be sure), he selected the quick shock setting. "Echo squad, aim for the head, and subdue them, not kill them… we might even get a reward for this." They did as they were told without hesitance, and took aim. "Fire at will!" and with that, the room light up multiple times as the red on the walls and floor danced with the blues of their rifles, they were about to let up when Zero told them to not let up until they stopped struggling… after a minute of noticing that the creature were still attempting to resist capture, Zero commanded that two of the units fish out their 'leashes', they knew what he was talking about, but if these creatures weren't dropping dead from the amount of hail they were raining on them, they doubted some rope would either.

The creatures had both separated from attacking each other and attempted to either attack or flee, in the spider-scorpions case, flee. The larger, lankier creature took a leap behind a counter while the spider-scorpion skuddled into a nearby shredded vent, shrieking shrilly like some kind of… phantom… upon noticing one of their targets get away, Zero's brow twitched, his first taste at action and one of the two targets that just fell into his lap got away. 'Oh for fucks sake!' he groaned, he supposed it was time to end this now, he pulled out his 'leash' and began to wield it like a whip, it was a non lethal whip, but still dangerous in its own right if given to the right person.

The Mk.1 Leash is a simple weapon, it's essentially the cross between chains, a whip and rope, strong like chains, a bite like a whip, and smooth as rope… another plus is the constant electrical current that could roast people alive, it also glows a bright baby blue because of said electricity… careful when using it, if mishandled it could set the area on fire.

Letting his rifle drop to his side thanks to his sling, he began wielding the 'leash' in his right hand, and started pulling for a grenade with his left, he pulled the pin from said grenade with his left thumb, then tossed it behind the counter on the other side, throwing it so the beast would be forced straight towards him. "Flash out!" he cried, and as soon as the words left his mouth there was a loud *POP* and a snarl from behind the counter, Zero whipped the leash towards the opening of where he knew the creature was gonna come from, and was rewarded when he caught it mid leap around the neck, he gave a quick, strong yank, using the creatures own momentum to hit an overhead lamp hard.

The beast screeched in pain and confusion when it felt the pull from his neck wrap around the rest of his body like some sort of snake, it got tighter and tighter, and before he knew it, he wasn't able to move an inch, and when he attempted to struggle? *ZzZZiIIPP* a few jolts of highly concentrated electricity stabbed through him. The Trooper's stopped firing until they heard their leader speak. "I didn't command a cease fire." the other's looked at him in confusion and caution.

"B-but sir, we've already subdued it, there isn't any need to keep firing." the others nodded in agreement, until they were interrupted by the sound of someone obeying his command and opening up on the creature once more. After a few shots left the chamber one of the other Troopers gripped the obeying Trooper's Omni-Rifle in an attempt to stop them from firing. "Runt, what the fuck dude?" asked the offending Trooper, the apparent 'Runt' responded. "Runt is following ze orders of our Leader, Zack, problem?" he spoke in an even tone and a faint French accent. "W-what?" questioned the now named Zack. they were about to continue their argument when Zero stepped in.

"Soul Runt is following orders." Zero spoke in a calm tone, but with an underlying anger for interfering, one that held authority. "Why aren't the rest of you?" 'Zack' immediately challenged back with a question of his own. "Why would we?" Zero responded quickly, in a strong Charismatic tone. "Besides the fact that it's a direct order from a superior Officer? well... It's because this is our job, this is our place in the world, we're not here to be the 'nice guys' we're here as representatives of the Front Line, to send a Message! To make it hell for these beasts."

"To do a job far uglier than other people could handle, weather we like it or not doesn't matter, what does matter is that we must show that we will not relent, that we will not show mercy. We can't show mercy because we can't afford to, we must set an example as the first set of members from S.A.D. and the world and especially our own organisations members that this is our job, we are quick, we are deadly, we are brutal and efficient, but most importantly, we are Monsters."

"We don't have time for kindness or love or even a second of hesitation, we work with Iron Fists… do you know why? Look around you! Do you even know who this facility belongs to? Us, it belongs to us, but thanks to whatever Mistake one of these idiots made their all dead now! Have you seen the condition of this place? Seen the condition of the rest of S.A.D.? did you even know they let a fucking Siren into the camp for who knows how long and has done who knows what? One of the very creatures we trained to Hunt our whole lives was hiding among us, right underneath our fucking noses!"

"The same thing happened to these people in this compound! if you can't handle that, then I can reassign you on the Second or even the Third line, hell, I'll even arrange it so that you can have your memories erased and go back to your 'Innocent Life', y'know, the one that doesn't force you Hunt and Kill as it's one condition for being here… in other words! To set an example! We Bring a Declaration of War!"

At the end of his heartfelt speech they were all stunned, they realized they had a burden that they had to carry on their shoulders, but they didn't realize it was That Heavy… what they didn't know was that he wasn't telling the whole truth, but just a small tip of the iceberg, to him, all that mattered was that they somewhat understand now, he could have gone on and on about how these creatures killed innocent men, women and children, their friends, their family, everyone and every thing that existed or ever will exist are threatened, and that they needed to be strong for the weak…

Again, he could keep going, but he wasn't that much of a bag of wind, if they do need another speech then he will go into that area, given the chance arises… he continued in an even tone. "If that it indeed what you want, then we'll do that after we complete the mission… but as of right now however, you are still under my command… and I command you…" he trailed off, now looking pointedly at the still struggling beast. "... to finish unloading the rest of your clips into that Target." he finished with a tone of lingering finality.

Little did he know was that everyone who heard him suddenly looked up to him in a new light, one full of respect and admiration, they knew now who they were Loyal to, and even what their purpose in life was, and now they had a new Big Brother/Father figure to look up to, (Even though most of them are older) With a newfound strength and resolve, everyone from this point on started working harder, faster and smarter, to be better, with the goal in mind to aspire to be like Zero, to be acknowledged as his equal and stand beside him, to be Zero.

Another thing they didn't know (Or at least he didn't) was that all comms were on for the entire scene and speech… so not just Echo heard, but everyone heard, or in Alpha and Bravos case saw thanks to the helmet cams connected to the office topside... Finally, without any hesitation, everyone in Echo squad quickly took aim on said 'Target' at point blank, and released the remaining rounds into its head with a firm pull of the trigger… the beast, as Zero had predicted, didn't die, but it did black out from the pain.

"Good, now let's regroup with Foxtrot, and get our prize here into one of the portable holding containers in the dropship topside, after that… we're gonna go for a walk along the vents to greet our new Prey… see if we can't flush em out with a little 'encouragement'." and with that, they left the room, and although unseen, with Sadistic smiles painted across their lips.

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