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Earth one:

Barry had tried his best not to fall for Kara. He knew he had to keep his distance, as he would be going back to his earth, and didn't want to get close, and then probably never see her again. But despite not making a romantic move on her, he still longed to spend time with the one person he could really talk to. Many times, he considered going to visit her, but he knew if he did, he may never go back, with Zoom being defeated. Barry had been acting very weirdly recently. Team Flash thought it was because of Zoom, and what happened to his father, until Caitlin realised that wasn't it. Barry had been very vague about what he did on the other earth, but when having dinner at Joe's, he opened up, telling the team about his time spent with her. Only Caitlin realised the sad smile on his face. It was a smile she knew all too well, when talking about Ronnie.

Late at night, one day at S.T.A.R labs, when only Barry and Caitlin were still there, she decided he needed someone to talk to. "You miss her, don't you?" Said Caitlin sympathetically. Barry sighed.

"Yeah, yeah I do." He replied.

"you should see her, Cisco could open a breach, or you could try and do it yourself."

Barry shook his head. "I can't." He said.

"Why?" asked Caitlin.

"I miss her, and enjoy being with her so much, it would be so hard to come back. Harder than the first time, now the world doesn't need the Flash to defeat Zoom. And besides, she kind of had a sort of boyfriend, like me with Iris but he totally liked her back. Although, since Kara, I no longer feel that way about Iris." Barry looked away.

"If you like her this much, she must be great. If it's not too painful, I would like to hear about her." Said Caitlin, thinking maybe if Barry spoke to someone, he might feel better.

Barry pulled on that sad smile again. "She is a superpowered alien, from Krypton, a planet which blew up when she was 13, she arrived on earth and was taken in by the Danvers. She used her power to save the world and kick ass. She has a smile that lights up even the darkest of situations, she eats as much as me and loves junk food, she is really funny and kind, and has the most adorable disguise, her costume doesn't have a mask, so during the day she wears glasses." Barry felt good talking about Kara, even though he may never see her again. Caitlin felt desperately sorry for her friend, but he obviously thought it would be too hard to go back and see Kara.

Earth thirty-eight:

Do I want to be with James? That was the question Kara frequently found herself asking. At first, yes. He was tall muscular, and was a nice guy, and Kara had certainly been infatuated with him from the start. But she often wondered if it was meant to be. It certainly didn't feel that way when Barry had been on her earth. He was so easy to talk to, and despite her best efforts to forget the scarlet speedster, she wasn't doing very well. When Barry was around, everyone else seemed to take the backseat, like it was just the two of them. But she had to try and make it work with James. She was sure it was just them getting used to each other. When she arrived at CatCo that day, James asked her out to lunch. She agreed, trying to be enthusiastic about getting their relationship back on track. After spending the morning, waiting on Cat hand and foot, she eventually went to a nice little Café, with James. They ordered coffee and food, and waited in silence. Kara tried to break the tension, with the most carefully executed, and precise question, she could muster, to start a conversation. "So, how are things." Nailed it!

"Good." Replied James. "I've been tasked with getting more pictures of Supergirl. She is very popular since Non. What about you?"

"Oh, you know, being Cat's personal slave. The usual." She responded, forcing a smile to appear on her face. James understood. Working for Cat could be quite challenging at time. Well, all the time. James began fidgeting with his hands.

"Hey Kara, are you ok?" He asked. "You have been acting differently since Non. Even before."

Kara forced a fake smile. "I'm fine James, I promise. Thank you for caring."

"Is this because of Barry?" Asked James.

Kara froze. "No." She lied. I told you, I'm fine."

"Ok, well, tell me if you want to talk." Said James.

"I will." Said Kara, slightly annoyed. "We'd better get going." The two stood up. James kissed her, but it felt very rushed. Very unnatural. Kara Sped.

"Do you want a lift to CatCo?" Asked Kara.

"I'm ok." Said James.

Kara sped off.

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