A Change of Villains

A wand flew through the air, back to its true owner. It was a moment in time, as it hurtled through space, this changer of reality, towards its companion who had wielded a stone with the power to communicate with souls, and the wand had no idea about the power it wielded, for it had no mind. It was in a truly singular position.

And then, it made contact with its new owner's hand, releasing a pulse, so small that it wasn't detected by those around in the battle where one Harry Potter had just defeated the flimsy, murderous soul-shredding idiot called Voldemort. With the magnitudes of magical power being released, it wasn't even sensed, let alone registered, by anyone.

And yet, magic is a curious thing, for like most pulsating energies, it has both magnitude and frequencies. Perfectly equal in-phase heart-rate level frequencies could kill with the same but negative magnitude. High multiples of a synapse's minimum firing rate could trigger intense pain. Varying frequencies with phase shifts of the same firing range could be used to manipulate minds.

The pulse that the wand released contained a frequency that was recorded across the universe. It was of a very short duration, but of such a high frequency that it only registered on the most sophisticated equipment in the most sophisticated labs on earth, where the scientists tried to figure out where this pulse was emitted from, and where in the universe it was aimed at.

The frequency, at a staggering 10 to the power of 40 hertz, was also, incidentally, a key. It was the key to the lock that had been put in place by many, many well-meaning people sometime before the birth of that universe. Yes. The pulse was the key to the multi-verse, the key that kept several beings away from the earth, and earth away from them. It also kept the one being, the greatest villain of them all, away from unleashing the true scope of its power.

At three centres, in London, in New York and in Hong Kong, apart from the nodal origin of Kamar-Taj, a strange woman, known only as the Ancient One, woke, startled out of her contemplations, as several futures were wiped out and several more were formed in the blink of an eye.

Far away in the realms of the Gods, where preparations were in order to deal with the coming turn of events when the nine realms would once again coalesce, a shudder ran through every soul, as the Allfather stood to give his orders, orders to ensure that the work of Bor would not come undone.

In a laboratory of high secrecy in New York, affiliated to a very secret agency, another man of great intellect, love for flashy cars and women, and an even greater ego, was notified by a contact in the most secret of government organisations. The one-eyed herald had to speed up his plans, as he met the great young intellectual in person several milleniums, if not a long forever, before he would have liked to do so, who knew of the artefact obtained by accident while fishing in the Arctic Ocean for a great hero so as to ensure that a great military secret died with him, and also to give him a decent burial befitting a War hero. Their possession, which they believed to be the source of energy, was acting up intermittently, something it never had since being found.

On the planet of Morag, there was an unheard hum.

And on the throne locked away (another – rather the most important – thing that the key could be used for), it was a being that didn't wish to flee from death. It actively courted her. And that being, waiting for every instant of its existence for the unlocking that it knew would come, opened its eyes, revealing red eyes set in a solid purple face, as it looked from its throne towards the caged personification of the one he loved the most.

"You lost your most prized possession away, my love," he said in a voice that was a gentle caress, flexing his golden glove, the infamous Infinity Gauntlet, with the stone that ensnared the mind upon it, "but I shall bring it back for you; and the others too, in time. And then, my love, I shall lay it all to your feet as I restore balance to the universe."

Death looked nothing different apart from the cold indifference she already portrayed. It didn't matter.

Her stone, the stone that had been split under duress, its power given to a simple tree stick under the threat of being tied down – for she couldn't be decimated – by the users of the purple stone of Power, and forgotten as she was taken to another time, in space and into another reality by the users of the other three that were still lost – Agamotto, the creator of the Eye of Agamotto, the Asgardians and Bor, and the ones who had the power over space before the stone was taken to earth, was awake once more. It would no longer lose its powers to hide from all but her to a simple cloak.

The Soul Stone was awake.

The quest for the Infinity Stones was now afoot.

Just an attempt to write down my ideas for a future MCU/Harry Potter Crossover. The Resurrection Stone seems to be the obvious Soul Stone, no?

The Temporal Penguin