Gosh, I have to stop getting new ideas for stories. I already have too many haha. But I had this idea yesterday and I just had to start it.

Water all around me threw me back and forth, up and down until I had completely lost orientation about which direction would lead me towards the surface, breathing and air. Instead it felt like I was just pushed down deeper into the roaring water that had taken everything that had seemed so perfect just a minute ago. Back when this was a vacation to the paradise of Khao Lak in Thailand with myself, mum and Trey.

Mum and Trey

When the water had come closer and closer and someone had shouted something. The next thing I could remember was running up the street, not quite knowing where I was going. But away from the ocean that seemed to have turned into a monster behind and all around us.

I couldn't help to try and shout. But was reminded of the water all around me when something flew by and missed me by what couldn't have been as much as even a millimeter.

The last thing I could remember of my family. Or rather, the parts of my family that had been enough for me to be able to be called family was as we had been running. Running, running, running. Then there were so many people and I had stumbled, or been pushed- I couldn't quite remember what had happened.

But when I had gotten onto my feet there were new people around me. And no sight of my mum or brother.

Where were they?

And then the water had caught us all into a living nightmare.

I couldn't help but hiss when I felt something hitting my leg. But didn't have time to think about that before I felt my lungs being filled with not air, but water. I started coughing, but that only made more water fill my lungs.

I forced my mouth closed, but the damage was already done and my lungs burned like fire. I tried to get some picture about where I was, and where mum and Trey were. But being thrown around in the water and everything around me being blurry I couldn't even tell up and down.

Only half an hour ago our trip to Thailand had been to paradise and a new start for us all- myself, mum and Trey. Away from dad.

But as my instincts of trying to breathe kicked in and I breathed in even more water…

I just had to realize that instead of a new beginning. It had made it all come to an end.

Random fact

So well. This is set during Boxing Day 2004, at the day of tsunamis hitting loads of places around Asian's coasts. Later chapter will go on afterwards. But you might have noticed the name of the place- Khao Lak in Thailand. I have never actually been there myself (I am desperately afraid of flying). But the tsunami of course made big news in Sweden as everywhere else. And just Khao Lak is mentioned in many of the documentaries that had been made about Swedes in the tsunami. Because at the moment there were many Swedes having their vacation just there.

Of course, neither this chapter nor anything else in the story are or will be anything to dishonor anyone who died during that terrible day.