I had a friend who watches Days of our lives and she came to me yesterday, saying if I ever had an app that I can wrote stories in, that I would make this story I am sharing with you all right now. This story is inspired and kinda based on-ish two episodes when JJ breaks up with Lani and when JJ tries to vist his dear friend Theo. At first I thought she wanted me to make a story about JJ and Lani, but no. She wants me to make an "LGBT" story of JJ and Theo. So I agreed and said to her,"I'll see what I can do." Now I will explain the story. Like I said, it's a request from my friend and will be based on those two episodes. But the twist is that JJ is actually secretly in love with Theo and had depression when he shot his friend by accident. Theo was in a coma for two weeks and wakes up just in time to find JJ crying. Theo surprises JJ, comforts him and the two revealed their feelings for each other and share a kiss. Even though there are gonna be some bumps in the road. The two will marry and live happily ever after...or will they? JK, they will be happy. :) I have a feeling that I may or may not add some chapters to this story. You just have to wait and see. Now please enjoy,"Love vs. Guilt," created by me. :)

Love vs. Guilt

By: shimmer star 5:

Present Time:

JJ Devetaux(sorry if it's wrong) was sleeping in his bed when his phone rang. He thought that it was an alarm and he kept sleeping. But the ringing wouldn't stop."Ugh, who would be calling me at 11 in the morning? Isn't almost everybody at work?" He groggily sat up and answered the phone. Here is the conversation that occurred when he answered his phone:

JJ: Hello, this is JJ Devetaux, how may I help you?

Theo: Ha ha, very funny Jay. It's me Theo, remember?

JJ: Now I do, you dork. Why are you calling early, don't you have work to do?

Theo: Well, not really. Do you remember the little girl you wanted to adopt at the adoption center?


Um, yes? Where are you going with this Theo?

Theo: Let me just say that we are parents now and we three are coming home

JJ:...Wait, three?!

Theo: Yep, that girl has a brother, younger brother to be exact.

JJ: (says softly while in tears) Babe..thank you for..everything

Theo: (getting worried) JJ, are you alright?

JJ: Yes I am, how old are they?

Theo: The girl is Skylar and she is five years old. Her brother is Jonathan James or... JJ for short. He is only 4 months.

JJ: Wow.. We have a JJ Jr. And our own little princess... I love you Theo.

Theo: I love you too, JJ. Remember how we got together at last and how "us" started?

JJ: (chuckles) Yes.. Even though we have been together for 8 years, married for five, I remembered it's like it was yesterday. You know, that day when you asked me to be your boyfriend?

Theo: yes. Of course.


Yes, that is why I am here with all of you. To tell the real story about their love. In order for these two to make it to where they are right now, they had to have an origin and go through some known stuggles. I will tell you when some main points will be in place(Ex: present time, break, past time and exc.) for the story so that you won't have to be confused or whatever. We should start our story years ago, at a ware house

Past time( for most of the story unless I change it):

JJ used to be dating a girl named Lani, Theo's older sister. They used to be so in love. What happened to them to break up? That is for later. Anyway, JJ was called to go to a warehouse because someone is attempting a break in. He and Lani were assigned to he case. While JJ was getting ready, his phone rang."Hello...oh hi Theo...okay...sure of course we can hang out, let me just finish my shift alright...okay, gotcha. Bye." He smilled to himself. After he got dressed, he left the house.

He got inside his car and drove towards the police station to pick up the patrol car. While he was there, a young woman stood there smiling to herself. "Hey sweetheart." JJ jumped at the voice and turned towards the girl,"Oh Lani..Hi." She raised an eyebrow and chuckled as she wrapped her arms around his torso."Let's get to work, shall we?" JJ's phone rang and he picked it up,"Hello, hey..Theo wants to meet up at 9:00, that late? Oh well, alright...ya, see ya Hope. Bye." He hangs up and smiles to himself, forgetting that Lani is right next to him. She frowned with intsy bitsy amount of jealousy, but also shrugged it off.

The two raced down to the given location, in which it's a warehouse. Lani observed the warehouse for a little bit and turned towards JJ."Let's be careful, JJ. Let's take precautions." JJ softly smiled at his girlfriend,"Don't worry Lane.. I'll be alright." The two leaned towards each other and shared a soft and deep kiss. Then the couple got out of the car and patrolled around the warehouse area.

Within minutes, JJ saw a mysterious person taking a device house and what it seems like hijacking something on the warehouse."Stop! Drop everything, right now! Hands up!" He and Lani ran towards he person and JJ took out his gun when he thought he saw a weapon. The mysterious person raised it's head up when he/she heard something familiar,"Jay...ugh!" The person crumpled to the ground, dropping the device and passed out.

JJ and Lani catched up with the person and kneeled down. "I hope you didn't hurt him that much JJ, I told you so many times to hold fire and not jumping to conclusions and exc. But of course, you didn't listen." The two worked together and turned the body around. When Lani took off the mask and the hood, she gasped loudly and tears, along with guilt, came up in her eyes. JJ paled at her face,"What's up, What's wrong Lani baby?" Lani ghosted her fingers along the person's face. She ever so softly whispered/said:


What's up people! I know for you Days fans, this sounds familiar to the original episode. That's one of the reasons why I give acknowledgement and credit to them for my story. JJ should really have listened to Lani about controlling his need for guns. Now Theo is injured and that she or JJ will be in severe trouble. Will Theo survive and forgive JJ? What about Lani? What will JJ's feelings be like when he shot his for friend. I hope you all like this. Please favorite, like, share and review my stories. I made so many. I hope I see y'all later. This story will have some chapters.