Outside of Mister Damocles's office, Collége Françoise DuPont

Cartman was keeping a steady pace, nevertheless slouching and mumbling angry to himself the entire walk, surprisingly a walk that seemed to only take thirty seconds at the longest was taking forever this time around. Mister Damocles was in front, looking back to check if he even chose to run away. Then, the two reached the office where the headmaster opened the door for the young boy, who fashioned himself onto the small chair that faced the older man's desk.

"I'll have to retrieve your teacher before we can start discussing your punishment," Mister Damocles walked out of the office, leaving Cartman to himself.

He took the backpack off his shoulder and began fishing through it, taking out a crumpled up piece of paper. Unfolding it, he revealed a crude drawing of what looked like another comic book hero, taking more inspiration from Ladybug and Cat Noir than the more familiar Mysterion with a raccoon look to the character, taking down Mysterion and a large rouge's gallery of familiar faces as the cartoon crowd cheered around them.

He reached for a pencil from the jar next to the principal's computer and began drawing on the paper, adding Ladybug and Cat Noir next to him, who showered him with praises that came out of his ass while the heads of Chloé and Adrien were added alongside the defeated villains. He smiled as he added these changes.

What he didn't realize was that a purple butterfly had flown through the open door and was almost feet away from Cartman. When he blinked, the butterfly had got onto the paper, putting him under Hawkmoth's control with a butterfly mask appearing over his face.

"I am Hawkmoth, and I understand that you have some bridges that you are willing to burn, and I would like to help you with that. What I also know is that you are The Coon, the greatest villain in all of South Park." Upon hearing the news, Cartman began to let out a small smirk. Finally, powers that could rival Mysterion's and take him out of the spotlight once and for all. And maybe even ruin that bitch's reputation.

"Ah, hell yes, dude! Fucking finally! Someone recognizes my life's work!" Cartman gleamed forgetting this was the same man who had driven Butters into becoming a Magneto wannabe.

Hawkmoth carried on despite being confused on how he was somehow bstill rather positive. "I'll give you powers that will help you carry out your plans for Paris once and for all, but with great power comes with great responsibility..."

Hearing the news, Cartman got a little excited but was beginning to get impatient with Hawkmoth's monologue. "Just cut the crap already and give me my fucking powers!"

"Give me the Miraculouses of Ladybug and Cat Noir, and perhaps I'll seal your powers for good if you have been a good accomplice. Is that a deal?"

He raised his eyebrows. Free powers? Tormenting Kyle for the rest of his life for good? Getting rid of Mysterion forever? Kicking Chloé out of Paris? "When do I get started?"

A dark purple clouded him, turning him into the familiar cartoon character from the picture as if he was ripped off of the paper. He began to marvel in his appearance, retracting the claws from the tips of fingers a-la Wolverine. "Damn, you made them like Wolverine's claws? This is so fucking awesome!" He looked out of the door behind him, and smirked.

Minutes later, Mister Damocles was walking next to Teacher PC. "You see, Eric Cartman has had a history with other students from what I've heard, he needs to be dealt with accordingly so this does not occur again-" He walked into the office, not finding Cartman but claw marks all of the chairs releasing the foam everywhere, papers shredded at every corner and the metal cabinets all on the ground. What was left of the student was his backpack, which was still laying on the floor as it had before he became the Coon.

The two then became silent, looking at one another in confusion. "What the hell?"

But before either could do anything, the door shut behind them leaving the two along with the aggressor behind them, who then pounced onto the two knocking them out before anyone could flinch or fight back.

Meanwhile... in Miss Bustier's classroom

Miss. Bustier placed a stack of books onto her desk, and rested her arm on them as she leaned near the desk. "Since we only have a short amount of time until your next class, I've decided that during the remainder of time we should read and analyze a classic amongst French literature: Cinderella, or as known in French, Cendrillon!"

Most of the class seemed excited about hearing that they wouldn't have to do anything that actually required effort except for occasionally flipping the pages of the small book, especially the girl in pinkwho gushed about Kenny and Marinette's project. "I love fairy tales! The prince always comes to save the day for the princess!"

However Stan, Kyle and Kenny just sighed in disappointment. Kenny looked over at the two. "This already sounds fucking gay. They should've just left us picking up crap outside."

"Is this what they do in this class all day?" Stan asked.

"We need two students to help pass out books. Does anyone want to help volunteer-" Before anyone could raise their hands, the speakers began to unexpectedly release static. Miss. Bustier turned to look at them. "That's odd, these haven't been used in years."

The static then cut to a familiar voice clearing his throat right next to the microphone, which soon turned into coughing. "Damn, how much dust is on this fucking microphone?" The man on the other side then sighed. "Whatever."

"Listen up, you douchebags, or this school is going to get fucking decimated by The Coon and Hawkmoth! I've got both your principals tied up in his office and I won't be afraid to use lethal force on your asses unless I get Ladybug and Cat Noir's Miraculouses, or preferably, Mysterion's head on a platter! Do you understand?" The speaker than cut back to static before completely cutting out. The whole class began to look at each other in confusion and even fear while in clear contrast the three boys just started to get angry.

Kyle rolled his eyes. "Cartman's already got his fatass in deep shit. Whatever he's doing now will just fuck him in the ass later."

Stan then looked at Kenny, who seemed to quickly understand what he was about to say. Before he could say anything, Kenny sighed. "Am I ever going to get a fucking break here?" He then threw his backpack onto the floor, began rummaging through it until he could find that familiar purple costume and immediately dashed outside of the classroom before the teacher or any other classmates could notice.