Equipped for this Reality

She sees pieces of the truth, pieces of the world that Harry Dresden lives in. She's not sure she wants to see more than that. It's a darker world than she ever thought could exist, and a world in which the rules she used to follow are useless.

The truth is, she's not built for this. She has no supernatural powers, nothing special about her that would put her above the rest, that would help her survive all the supernatural baddies in Harry's world. She's just a cop, her only weapon a gun and her wits.

Harry insists she's better equipped than she thinks she is, and sometimes he convinces her. But the uncertainty always finds a way back to her and undercuts any good his words have done. He has more faith in her than she does herself.

She wonders how things came to be like this. How there's a whole supernatural community out there, and most of the world are unaware. All the murders and crimes that members of that community have flung out onto the world - and no one has noticed?

She supposes they probably did what her instincts told her to do when she first found out: run and hide, and when questioned by the police later, deny everything.

But she can't deny everything. Not any more. Not to herself. She knows too much. She's seen too much.

This world of Harry's, as insane and dangerous as it is, has become her world too. She's as much a part of it as he is. And there's no escape from reality.