End of the Chapter

The end was coming. Not the end of days or anything as dramatic as that. Rather, an end to one chapter of his life and the beginning of the next.

Leaving Serenity felt right. It was time. The stubborn captain didn't need his guidance anymore. (Who was he kidding? Mal had never listened to his advice.) The rest of the crew would be just fine without him, too.

As for him, well…

He smiled quietly to himself. Life on Serenity had shown him a whole new 'verse. And not one he particularly liked. He wasn't surprised at all by its greyness, but it had still been quite the shock to his system to shift from his past life to life on Serenity.

That new 'verse had left him at odds with himself. It was time to move on, he felt, to reflect.

With or without him, Serenity would keep flying just fine.