golden sun in an orange sky over the tall grass and autumn trees. In front of Summer Gravestone is a young girl with a cloak billowing petals in the breeze. Hands clasped and hood up, Ruby Rose stands over the white stone memorial.

(lowering her hood, smiling sadly downward) Hey, mom. Ruby said.

(looks down at the inscription: "Summer_Rose - Thus Kindly I Scatter")

Sorry I haven't come by in a while. Things have been... well, things have been, pretty busy. Oh, Dad's here, too! He's, uh, you know... Dad. (shrugs) He's still teaching at Signal. But he told me that he's going to be on some mission soon. I think he misses adventuring with you. (looks forlornly) I miss you too. (pause) Haven't gotten kicked out of Beacon yet! So that's cool. I think being on a team with yang helps. Keep her in line... That was a joke. She's actually a really great fighter! You can tell she's learned a lot from Dad! Oh, so are Blake and Weiss Oh! They're my teammates! Together, we form Team RWBY! And yes, before you ask, that does cause a lot of confusion. Anyways, I made a bunch of new friends, and then I met some... let's just say, uh, odd teachers. Oh! We've also stopped some bad guys, too! I guess it's like they say: "like mother, like daughter"! I still wonder why Ozpin let me into the school early. But uh, I guess he'll tell me one day. You know how he is. It's funny, the more I get to know him, the more he's starting to sound like Uncle Qrow. Ruby said.

(A bark alerts her to the ever-adorable Zeiw and the sight of her father Taiyang Xiao Long in the trees behind her)

Oh! Looks like Dad's back! I gotta go! He's dropping me off at Beacon for the tournament match before he goes on his next mission. Wish me luck! (She puts the hood back on and starts to walk away, but turns and delivers one final message to her mother:) It was good to talk. Ruby said.

With that said, Ruby jogs back to her family as a group of crows fly into the sun to make a very familiar sight.

A falling petal shifts the view of the camera away from the sky and over the grassy mountains, where a stadium of epic proportions is seen. Crowds are cheering in the stands, visitors from all over the world. In the field of volcanic earth and icy glaciers below, Ruby fires and swings her Crescent Rose at an target as Blake Belladonna exchanges blows with Reese Chloris the blades of her Gambol Shroud colliding with the Hoverboard of her opponent until she flips away, readies herself, and charges in again. Behind her, Weiss Schnee waves her Myrtenaster as the sound of her mystical power is heard, and finally Yang Xiao Long dodges the explosive force of Arslan Altan's fist before returning fire with her own Ember Celica.

High above the action, two familiar teachers are sitting at a sportscaster's desk, with a microphone between them and the holographic image of the four Kingdoms symbols united as one.

Hello! It seems that we have another astonishing bout ahead of us! Wouldn't you agree, Professor? Port asked Oobleck.

Doctor. (brightens up excitedly again) And yes Peter, I think it's safe to say this match may be the closest we've seen of the four-on-four round of the tournament! Oobleck said to Port.

For those of you just now joining us, welcome to the Vytal Festival tournament! broadcast live from the Amity Colosseum. Port said. (he waves his arm to gesture at the entire event from his place on the gigantic screen over the crowds)

The Coliseum is shown in its full glory, as shuttle craft transport people to and from the various floors while the entire structure hovers around the airspace of Beacon Academy. Explosions are seen throughout the battlefield, but the view shifts back to the announcers as they begin speaking again.

If this is your first time watching, allow us to break down the rules. Port asked Oobleck.

The tournament is divided into three distinctive rounds; teams, doubles, and singles. Age and school year are irrelevant! In this tournament, your only attribute being tested... is skill. Oobleck said to Port.

Correct! The winners of this battle will elect two of their members to represent them in the doubles round, followed by the winners of that round choosing one member to advance once again. The remaining combatants will then fight their way through the final bracket in the hope of achieving victory for their kingdom! Port said to Oobleck.

(the hologram disappears with the image of a victorious figure, sword raised and wearing a crown)

And yes, Peter, these certainly are some spectacular spectacles on which to spectate on! I don't think anyone tuning in around the world is going to disagree with me on that! Oobleck said to Port.

(as they say this, the scene changes to their televised broadcasts all around the kingdoms, from a row of holographs above the patrons in the Mistral Distillery to an Atlashome with a group of friends seeing it together, a bar in Valehere everyone turns to view the screen, and outside a mobile home in Vacuo being watched by a few Faunus on a projection.)

Ahh, and why would they? Now, let's get back to the match between Team RWBY of Beacon, and Team ABRN of Haven. Port said to Oobleck.

The announcements cut back to the action, as Reese steers her board through the ice. She twirls herself until the board gets launched at Blake, but she's able to knock it away, only for Reese to direct it back at her opponent. Blake blocks it again, but the board rotates back to its wielder just in time to defend Reese as Blake delivers several slashes and kicks. Reese deflects each attack and spins her Weapon around until she can flips way and ride it again, rushing towards a smirking Blake. She collides with the frozen shadow clone, and Blake uses his opportunity to slice the board in two, only for the halves to become dual katars that in turn fold up into bayonet-bladed revolvers. Reese manages to fire off a few green rounds before her tailbone collides painfully on the cold ground. Blake winces with sympathy.

Meanwhile, Yang lands mere feet away from Arslan, who backs away before being pounded by a flurry of punches and kicks until she delivers her own hits, ending with the two smashing fists and creating a shockwave of force from the impact. Yang and Arslan are both thrown back, but Yang reaches her and tries delivering more blows before Arslan uses her rope dart to tangle up her blonde adversary and land a kick of her own to send Yang skidding on the ground. While Yang tries to get her balance back on the slippery surface, Arslan rushes forward and knocks her back even further.

Nearby, Nadir Shiko tries aiming with his assault rifle at Yang before a sudden burst of frosty blue explodes behind him and leaves the whimpering gunner in a block of ice up to his thighs.

Got your back! Ruby said, looks up from her sniper scope.

But who's got yours? Bolin asked Ruby.

Ruby looks up behind her as Bolin twirls his staff, right when a black snowflake glyph appears to his left and Weiss kicks him through it into a rock.

My BFF! Ruby said to Weiss.

No! Weiss replied to Ruby, run off.

Yes. Rubywhispering to herself.

Bolin crouches with his weapon as he sees a white glyph appear in front of him. A second later, Weiss dashes by and slashes at him, then leaps up and attempts an aerial attack, which he's able to block. She readies her sword while preparing a glyph behind her, and Ruby uses it to launch herself straight up and come down spinning on Bolin, who manages to block the curved blade. Ruby grimaces and blasts herself away to Weiss' side, and Bolin rushes at them, rolling away from the shards of ice that rain on him and jumping over Ruby's swing as he continues running.

Whaaat!? Ruby yelled in shock.

Bolin manages to reach an orange crystal deposit and slice off a shard, which he throws to Reese over in the icy half of the stadium. With Dust in hand, Reese fuses it with her board, turning the aqua lights to a crimson shade. She winks at Blake, then uses the board's heat to free Nadir from his icy snare.

She comes back to Blake and slams her board into her enemy's blade, but propels herself backwards and knocks Blake through a frozen pillar. Reese attempts to use her board to slam her foe into the ground, but when she dodges that, she spins around in a flaming arc that Blake narrowly misses thanks to her shadows. Changing tactics, Blake launches the pistol part of Gambol Shroud at a nearby glacier and launches herself behind it, as Reese follows her and sees Blake with her back turned to her under an arch. Reese grins before riding in to deliver a flaming spiral at the shadow clone, only to see the ribbon Blake is launching to trap her opponent a moment too late. She pulls tightly and causes Reese to slam body-first into the string, only to use a final kick to knock her out of the stage. Reese crashes into the wall of the stands before landing on the ground, defeated.

(as Reese's Aura level drops in the team display until her image is crossed out and she angrily slams her fist on the ground)

Ooh, a double whammy! Reese Chloris is eliminated by ringout and Aura level! Port said.

Oh, she really should've worn a helmet! Oobleck said.

Back in the fight, Arslan uses her rope to swing around and avoid Yang right behind her, using shotgun blasts to propel herself forward. Nadir comes into the picture, aiming his rifle at Weiss as she summons another glyph and launches Bolin at him. The two teammates are helpless as Weiss creates a whirlwind from underneath them and slamming the two together until she forms a giant ice fist straight up from the ground to trap the two. It reforms itself into a ball that rolls around the field, and when Arslan sees her team in this state, she rolls her eyes, annoyed, before changing direction and sliding into the path of the ball. She readies her stance and drives her hand into the sphere, which cracks under her power and frees her allies.

Yang! (Yang turns to look just as she creates a large frozen slide-like shape) NOW! Yang said to Weiss.

Knowing what to do, Yang blasts herself forward and skims over the wall of ice, catching Blake's pistol as her teammate uses Ruby as a launch pad to jump off of towards the remaining members of ABRN. The three only have a second to look horrified as Blake whips a screaming Yang around to land a devastating punch that sends the trio flying into their elimination.

(as the buzzer sounds and Ruby cheers "YAAAAAY!" in the background:)

Yes! Yang said.

And that's the match! Team RWBY is victorious! Port said.

We... did it? Weiss said surprised.

WE DID IIIIII- Ruby yelled. anyone else starving? Ruby said suddenly hunched over.

I may have worked up an appetite. Blake said, the growling of an angry beast from her stomach proves her statement , much to its owner embarrassment.

The portal open right in frontn of them. And I came out in the portal with some McDonalds foods.

Hey Amrullah, where have you been? Ruby asked me.

I went to McDonalds. I replied to Ruby.

and that's a fast food place. Weiss said to me.

Yes, it is. I replied to Weiss.

i'm bring this to team Lupin. I explains to them.

wish them luck. Ruby said to me.

I ran to Team LJGZ dorm.

I give Lupin: Double cheeseburger Medium french fries, small Coca cola.

I give Jigen: Cheeseburger,Chicken mcnuggets ,Medium Diet coke.

I give Inspector Zenigata: Big-mac ,Iced caramel mocha.

and for goemon Sushi. I said to Goemon.

thank you. Goemon said to I.

and finally for me, 2 Fish-o- Flat, 3 Large french fries and large dr. Pepper. I said.

Man you sure know how to eat a lot. Lupin said to me.

How can I say I'm always very hungry bro. I replied to Lupin.

Everyone ate their food and got dressed up.

I heard your team is going to be up next so be ready. I said to Lupin.

Course we will be fine. Lupin replied to me.

Team LJGZ left their dorm and went to the Coliseum to fight their opponent.

well looks like our next round will be Team LJGZ from Japan! Port said.

Lupin and his team walked a little bit slow.

Except the whole group was very surprised at Team Lupin of their clothes.

Lupin: Blue Jackets, black shirt, red tie and and light brown pants and same shoes.

Jigen: dark black jacket, purple shirt, white tie, dark black pant and the same black hat and same shoes.

Goemon and Inspector Zenigata were even different clothes.

Finally they got to wear something different. Yang said.

Team LJGZ verses against Team CAML. Port said.

Team CAML walked up to the other side of the fighting arena.

Lupin looked at Layla with a serious look, but she had a smile on her face.

Jigen what's going to reach for his revolver at Midori.

Goemon was going to take out his sword at Alullaby.

Zenigata was going to get his pistol at Ciel.

L.J.G.Z Vol.3 Opening (Daiki Kasho - What To Believe)

What's being said, What's in your head What's in the words that we believe,

Team LJGZ and DBAS we're on the Coliseum and got their weapons out ready to fight.

Bop to the sound Drop what you got 'Cause it's a song inside of me, I can see your face I can feel the sea I see that it's a part of me, Let's break their trance Let's make them dance So see what we are meant to be.

Team RWBY and Team JNPR were fighting against a bunch of Grim's and BATS.

Might be the endMight be the startCould be the air that lies between,Could be the songCould be the beatCould be the words that set you free,You say believeI don't believeI can't believe in what you say,I'd rather beA part of meA part that you you'll never us what we should believe.

The three deadly Overkill Siri robots we're in front of them Overlord vector, Overlord virus, Overlord Terminator.

What's on the beachWhat's in the airWhat's in the water that we drink,Could be a spellCould be a dreamCould be the demons inside me,Now I need a thrillAnd I need a killI need release from what we build,It's not a placeAnd not a faceIt's just a place to contemplate.

On the top of of the Tower Pyrrha and Cinder we're both fighting each other to see the fate of Remnant.

however another Mysterio girl walks through them called Junko Enoshimano, even the symbol of Cobra organization showed on the screen.

I can be the windI can be the sailI'll be the skate beneath your feet,All I wanna seeAll I wanna feelI want to know it's soon to be,You say believeI don't believeI can't believe in what you say,I'd rather beA part of meA part that you you'll never see.

Lupin and me both pointed are guns at Junko and shot her.

Tell us what we should believe.

L.J.G.Z Vol.3

To be Continued...

A/N: so high do I have to start this with multiple cross cover way, you asked me. Lupin the 3rd X RWBY X G.I. Joe X Danganronpa X BattleTech/MechAssault. and I forgot to tell you that Volume 5 finally came out.