quick update! :)

In Vol 3, there will be another double ganger of Lupin team. However I'm going to call it Team RJMZ.

Lupin counterpart: Rapin the 3rd.

Jegin counterpart: Jen Reve.

Goemon counterpart: Martin Shaw.

Zenigata counterpart: Zen Crow.

So yeah you'll just meet me at like the same thing like Red vs Blue season 15.

The Snake eyes from Renegades

G.I. Joe: B.A.T's formValor vs. Venom and Sigma Six,Overkill,Ninja,

Cobra Industries: B.A.T., COBRA Pulverizer,Cobra Mantis, Aero-B.A.T, Cobra Troopers and Firefly,Scrap-Iron, Bio-Viper Hybrid.

Cobra vehicles: F.A.N.G. II, H.I.S.S. V, SRV-9,Cobra Drone

Danganronpa:Junko Enoshima.

However in the Volume 4.

Lupin the 3rd X RWBY X Steven Universe X Danganronpa X G.I. Joe X Ghost in the shell.

In the end of the beginning Lupin and his gang were teleported back to Beach City. Except for me I was a cyborg since half of my arm and my eye were gone, but this time I'll be ready to face Cinder in Volume 5. To give her an ass whooping!

But not also that And I will also upload some new stories of Danganronpa.

Lupin the 3rd X Danganronpa Crossover: despair or hope for the future..

Red VS Blue X Danganronpa Crossover: Hope Peak High Academy.

Those two cross cover stories will come soon if I have any time to do it.

this is almost just like a Red vs Blue meme LOL! .