Jump City Angels:

Authors notes:

I don't own Teen titans or the H.I.V.E. five they are property of DC comics.

Yes, I am going to continue Civil War. It is that I just want to do some more edits before the new chapter and I am going to try for two stories at once.

Summary: After being told to do an assassination mission the H.I.V.E. Five tire of being Blood puppets so decide to rebel against him to the best of their abilities by becoming super heroes. Made with the help of eternal mist.

-Main hanger of the H.I.V.E. academy- 3rd POV.

There is young teenage girl around fourteen years with the almost white skin with the exception of pink blush mark on her face, she have pink hair shape like horns on either side of her head with a black stripe going on each hair-horn, she have pink almost cat like eyes but one of them was swollen from a black eye. Looking down she is wearing a thick dark purple necklace with a purple circle underneath it, she had quarter cape starting just above her shoulder, she had a long shelve dark purple (almost black) dress that have three buttons down to her waist they stop at a purple v-shape line with connected the top of her dress at her waist. Her skirt was the same collar as her top and reach to the midpoint of her thighs. She have purple and black stripe tights covering up her skinny legs and she black boots with the sole and heel being purple. This is the metahuman known simply as Jinx.

Jinx was walking to the H.I.V.E. academy nurse office nursing a black eye. Why does she has a black eye you may I asked it was because she just went on a super mad ACE of Spades who apparently wasn't being paid so decided to take some of the 'H.I.V.E.' banks, but since all of the royal Flush Gang was under arrest he was alone, and since he was all alone Brother Blood in all his 'wisdom' decided that Jinx would face him alone. Brother also forgot (or didn't care) that ACE was an advance robot made to take on Superman (even if it wasn't successful), the only reason Jinx is alive is that due to her powers lowering his defenses just enough that a junkyard magnet manage to mess with his robotic brain.

"Damn robot," Jinx hissed under her breath. The mission should have been a team mission, Gizmo could have knock it out and save Jinx body all this pain.

As she walked someone came to her, he was a male same age as Jinx, unlike Jinx pale skin he had dark brown skin. He had a green helmet on his head, had a big green eye with two triangle on either side of his eye making it look like his mask had tear duct, his helmet cover all of his head but that one eye and his mouth. The helmet was attach to three rings going around his neck same color as his helmet, the last ring connected to a collar that cover the rest of his neck. He wore a white body suit, there was a symbol that looked like an eye with five eyelashes and a light green iris. He had a green belt around his waist but it seem just to be for show. On either wrist he had light three green bracelets one on top the other until they reach the gloves, the gloves were the same shade of green as the helmet. He wore green shoes with black in the middle and light green for the sole of the shoes. This was See-More.

See-More came to see his leader, "Jinx are you okay?" He asked, seeing her black eyes. Her 'uniform' was all torn up, he knew that robots weren't easy but didn't think this was that bad. He wanted to go but Blood said otherwise. He says she was a big girl and could deal with threats by himself. "What happen, I thought you were sent just to tell a gang member to knock it off." He said, he knew she wasn't the strongest meta that live but how could some random thug give her such a hard time.

"Turns out he was a super powerful robot who didn't like it," Jinx replied dryly, how dare he force her to take that thing out by herself.

"Why didn't the rest of the team get to go?" Gizmo and Billy could have been a great help. Jinx was brilliant and capable but she works better from a distance, and help. Gizmo is one of the smartest people in the world when it came to machines, and Billy can just keep sending clones at the enemy until they summit. That and the rest of the HIVE can fly or teleport.

"Brother Blood thought I could handle it alone, said there was no reason to waste resources getting more people there," She growled. He didn't want her to getting comfortable with her position and wanted her to feel nothing but pain.

"He did what?" He asked, disgusted by his leader order. "You're a brilliant mind but your powers are meant for mid way to long range attacks." He said. He respected her but he and the rest of their team were aware of their weaknesses and strength.

"I know, right?" Jinx shook her head at the situation. Why did Blood hate them so much they did nothing, but help him so he put them in life or death situation how was that fair?

"I will see what we can do." He said, they all had some medical trainings but it didn't help that much. He would have to take her to the med lab maybe although Blood will have no problem holding that over them in the future.

"Thanks," She told him sincerely. She might yelled at him and the rest of the team when they are stupid or lazy but she does reward them when they do things right. It was just a little thing she does to separate herself from Blood.

"Yeah." He said, they never show their better parts on mission. They needed to live the roles they were raise for, but that doesn't mean their more of them.

Jinx leaned back and sighed. "This sucks." Sometimes Jinx hated her life, she wasn't a fool she knew she was being use but as long as Blood had the chips in her and her friends' heads they could not rebel against him in any meaningful way.

"Really, it looks like you had a nice night." He joked wanting to lighten the mood. He figure that he should make his leader feel better.

"No, I mean life here sucks," She corrected. She didn't mind if she did this mission once but she knew that another like this would happen again.

"Yeah, but who else would takes us in we're freaks." They all came here since they were specials metahumans without having another choice in the matter. They had no family except for the one they found through Brother Blood.

"I guess you're right," She replied. She hated this she had the skill that would keep herself and her friends feed and happy for life but couldn't as long as they were hurting to feed Brother Blood ego.

He got an unfrozen ice pack before using freeze vision on it and helping place it on her sore eye. "Here you go." He offer to his crush and leader.

"Thanks," She gave a weak smile. She sometimes found her friends annoying and cowardly but they were the only friends she had in this world.

"Okay lay down we need to do a medical scan." Each medical bed had a scanner to see if anything was broken or not. It was one of the more advance technology that See-More easily saw.

She laid down, laying her arms next to her.

Half a metal ring appear moving over her body and started to scan her body while it was making full body copy of her on the screen, starting with her bones crack but not broken, then muscles, then her skins and finally clothes. Having a picture of her that can be looked at on multiple layers.

"Better then I feared," He told her. See-More was glad it was something that could just heal itself just need a day or two of rest.

"But worst than it should be allowed." She said, she hated this life. She didn't mind the rewards but hating living under someone else's terms. She fear one day Blood would push her to fair that she will either get killed because of him or become a monster for him.

"You're alive. That's what matters," See-More told his friend. Although he doesn't remember any one from the academy. The only people who left were thoose who graduate Mammoth and Private (lieutenant now) H.I.V.E. .

"For today." She said, "Oh, which reminds me if you use the medical scans to looked at me naked again you might have an 'accident' in your future." She said. Jinx knew that her most of her team mate (sans the new comer Angel) were teenage boys and teenagers were hormonal moron.

See-more gave her a sheepish smile. That wasn't untrue of what he could do.

"That goes double for Gizmo." She said, knowing exactly what kind of men were a part of her team. She also knew where to hit them where it hurts the most.

"Got it," He laughed. The last time the midget try that she blew up all his video game system in front of Gizmo eyes.

She held the ice pack up, "Mind telling me what the others were doing while I was away."

"Training," he shrugged. They only able to do so much while here, afraid of what Blood or H.I.V.E. Headmistress would do if he got caught.

"Did Mammoth finally kill Gizmo?" There was a bet about who and when Gizmo will be kill.

"Not yet," he laughed. "Then again he no longer goes to the academy he graduate remember?"

"Still he better hurry up, my money is he is going to get kill in June." She said, it was also a rule that if you kill the person you're out of the bet.

"My bet is July," See-More grinned. He felt that with all the explosion off the Fourth of July would be the perfect opportunity for a gunshot.

"I know, have any new comer join the dead pool?" She asked, since they all had a pool for who would die and when.

"Angel but she haven't choose a month for someone else so it doesn't count," He replied. They needed to put the bet on someone else before they could get bet on.

"Shame, I been wanting to get someone else to bet on I been betting on Gizmo for the past three years." She said.

"One day. One day," He teased. They knew they were mess up but didn't really care.

"He did put a pretty penny on you in this month." She said, they did it all the times even if it did cause conflict between the students.

"Jokes on him. I'm planning on living to one hundred and one," he smirked. He doubt it would happen but a guy could dream couldn't he.

"Hopefully not I put my money on you not making it past ninety." She said, wanting to be friendly, it wasn't likely but if it did she would get a billion dollars. The longest odds there is but a huge payoff.

He stuck his tongue out at her.

She chuckle until her ribs started to hurt, "Ow." she said, rubbing her sides. "Hurts to laugh." She would have a hard time sleeping tonight.

"I'll steal you some painkillers," he offered. They wouldn't get in trouble for getting caught if found out but no harm if they get away with it.

"Thank you." She said, she hated them since they were kinda large but since they help with pain she force them down her throats.

He left to get them. Leaving Jinx all alone without anyone to talk to.

She reach for the remote wanting to watch a little television as she wait. Something to distract from the pain.

She flipped though channels until she stopped on a news about a super hero team stopping a bunch of villains. "Should be good for a laugh," She shrugged, she wonder what the public see in these guys.

One of the heroes got an interview from Plastic man, "Hello there Plastic man mind if I asked a few questions." The reporter asked. It was a red head woman in a suit clearly trying to look professional with money than skills.

"Sure you can," He grinned at her. He was always such an attention hog and love the attention he got.

"Can you tell me what your thoughts about the recent rise in crime among young people?" She asked. Jinx wonder what city it was, then again she have heard that but when she was original told it was a good thing.

"It's rising?" He asked. He was kinda of a moron is what Jinx thought of the stretchy superhero.

"Yes, especially with meta human and we want to know about a super hero point of view of this." She said extemporaneous. Figuring someone who fight crime would have a good idea about this and if not still get views without extraneous amount of research.

"Umm. Ask Batman?" He suggested.

"He doesn't do interviews." She said.

"Right..." he sighed. "I hope those criminals get arrested so they can get mental help and redeem themselves."

"Have you add any history with criminals before becoming a hero?" She asked.

"Yes," he replied. "Yes I have." He said, Jinx was confused since Plastic man was normally a blabber mouth.

"Can you elaborate?" She asked clearly less than satisfy by his response.
"Criminals always think it's the easiest, funnest path. But it's not. In the end you wind up alone and miserable," he said darkly. Clearly he had something more than he was leading on.

This got Jinx thinking but what choice does she have she only had the academy and no one else would want her. As she was thinking this the door open, it was See-more.

"Hey," She greeted him dully. The news report wasn't cheering her up as much as she originally wish it did.

"I got you your painkillers." The eye power villain said wanting to help her out. It was a slow night so both Blood and the Headmistress were in too good a mood to keep tracks of the drugs.

"Thanks," She downed them. She hate when she took them, her powers didn't work when drugs and that made her feel so helpless but it stop the pain.

She looked at him, "That looked fun." she said as the drugs started to effect her.

"Just take it easy," He told her before leaving.

The reporter asked one more question, "Do you think young people who stumble can get a better shoot at life?" She asked.

"I do," He confirmed.

Jinx thought it about mumbling due to being sleepy, "That sounds nice, maybe I should try." She said before falling asleep.

To be continue…