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I don't own HIVE five or most of the characters in this story.

Summary:After being told to do an assassination mission the H.I.V.E. Five tire of being Blood puppets so decide to rebel against him to the best of their abilities by becoming super heroes. Watch their trials and hardships protecting their new city. Made with the help of eternal mist.

The next day.

Jinx work up alone. She sigh, "Another day." She said, happy to be alive, maybe this day would be better than yesterday.

She made her way down to her first class, glad she arrived on time. She didn't want another training round by herself she would never heal if that happen.

She saw a short bald Caucasian boy, he a green suit that cover up all of his body sans his head. The suit had grey on the sold of his shoes, he had grey rectangle on the back of his hand, he had a metal backpack in the shape of a circle, with a square in the center of his chest with three buttons on the tops of it and a single green square in the center of the bottom of the device. He had what looked like a remote control attach to his stomach with a wire that went up and over his shoulder attach to the backpack. It was the second in command of the team Gizmo.

Gizmo saw this and handed her a pair of glasses, "They allowed you to see and keep your eye cool and protected." While he regularly try to take control of the team from her doesn't mean they were not friends even if the term friend is use loosely.

"Thanks," She put them on. She was glad to help her black eye but maybe she could used it so she wouldn't have to worry about her own blast blinding her by accident.

It was a pink goggles that were cool, "Put them in the fridge while you sleep." He said, they figure they should help each other how they possibly could. They might have their own goals but they would help one another because no one else would.

"Will do," She sat down and got out her books for class. This was just another day in the life at the H.I.V.E. academy as far as the pink hair girl was concern.

She got her first book out, title the 'Actual villainous events of world history'. It was the book about how super villains manage to change the world into what we have here today for good or for ill.

"Should be a fun day," Jinx said sarcastically. She was bored here but stay quiet since this place was dangerous. She and her team had to be the worst if she wanted to survive.

"Now class open to page thirty five, the history of assassins in Europe." She said. The League of assassin was willing to tell some of their history assassinations since no one alive really care other than historians and teachers.

Most of the class groaned, but everyone complied. They knew they were not on top and couldn't do anything about it.

It talked about how the League of Assassin using the Black Plague to poison their political enemies. Jinx notice that the word plague was spell 'pyague', and Ra's name misspelled 'Ro's'.

Curious she began writing the extra letters in her notebook.

The next was an extra U in Lazarus pit, and some if the sentences were off the work a population surpass the population. Getting an u, a, and r. The current spelling was youar. She wondered what the hell was going on. 'Work was pleentiful for the assassins.'

This continued on for a few more paragraphs until her writing spelled out 'youareafreak'.

Jinx eyes widen why did these letters spell out that word, how have she never seen it again.

She clenched her fist and unintentionally used her powers, causing every pencil in the room to break.

The robot teacher glare, "Miss Jinx can you explain your actions today." She said ready to attack if she did something wrong. She would not let this act of defiance go unanswered.

"Just still trying to control my powers," Jinx lied, knowing robots had trouble identifying lies. She didn't want to go through solo training today, At least the goggles cover her eyes so she was most likely safe.

"I will allowed this one time, if you are unable to control your powers you will be force to temporarily were an inhibitor collar during class and you will report to the combat room." She said, when in group the combat room was a great bonding and training but solo it was how much pain can you take until your pathetic enough that Brother Blood will show you mercy.

"Understood," Jinx replied quietly, wondering if she could convince Gizmo to reset the damn robot. Worry that she will go through the train course if something else happen.

Gizmo couldn't, she was made specifically so that if a student mess with her in any way it would active his chip making the one messing with the thing (and any other students in the area ) feel nuisance and want to throw up. He try it once, and have no desire to do so ever again.

After classes were done Jinx met up with the others to hang out.

There is a young man with a thick accent, he was wearing a crimson suit covering all of his body except for the area of his mouth and nose. He had on black goggles with a white line making it looked like his eyes were opening. He had the center of his chest had a white circle with a divide sign with two dots and a line in the middle, the circle had a black ring that separate the white of the logo and the red of the suit. There was a thin almost hairline line around his neck where the mask and suit meet. He had a black belt around his waist line, he had black soles to his shoes. Each arm had a black ring around the arm between hand and elbow. The legs had a thick black ring between the knees and his feet. This was Billy Numerous.

There was another boy this one eyes were red with thick outline and glowing red eyes. He was wearing a dark clothing. He had a mask or hood that kinda made him looked like an owl, Whatever it was connect to his cape that over his neck and shoulders. In the center of his chest above his cape was a single silver circle. He wore a grey suit that cover his body he wore black gloves that had a point on each side on the part of the gloves away from the hands, he wore similar boots but with a metallic sole. He wore black trunks and had a silver belt on his person around his waist. This was Kyd Wykkyd.

There third and most colorful of the mix was there. She was a teenager around Jinx age, she wore a metal hat shape like what her hair could be like. She had glowing yellow eyes. Her outfit was a blue turtleneck scarf, under that was a red shirt that went to her waist with no sleeves, she was wearing a silver belt with a matching circle in the middle of it, and a blue skirt that went to her mid thighs around a foot and a half long. She had red boots that almost went up to her knees and have metal going around her legs above her boots leaving plenty of skin between the metal rings and skirt. She had silver ring around her up arm, and had a metal cuffs like wonder woman around her wrist and forearm. The last bit was that she had snow white wings making her look like her namesake 'Angel'.

"That Blackjack player certainly gave you a shiner." Billy said, knowing how black eyes hurt. Even though he had a cool super power he was far from invincible and was attack regularly when he was force to one body.

"Shut up Billy," She groaned. She was not in the mood to deal with her teammate stupidity today of all day.

"Just telling the honest truth." Billy thought these city gals were so sensitive.

"I just want to rest," She told him. "Been having a shitty day."

"I know Gizmo told us about the tantrum." Billy said figuring she was upset due to the fight yesterday.

She showed her notebook. "Ever noticed how some chapters of the text book how misspelled words? Take the extra letters and put them together and you get some pretty insulting results. This was just this morning's chapter."

"You are a freak, no one wants you, you belong here." Gizmo read, "that last one wasn't too bad." He said.

"Think about it more," Jinx told him. "This is subtle indoctrination."

"It is subliminal messaging. " Gizmo reply. He might have notice that before or not but if he did what good would it do?

"Exactly. We've been unconsciously reading this bullshit for years!" She hissed angrily. A potted tree branch snapped a little way from them due to Jinx power.

"What can we do?" Gizmo said, they had nowhere to go.

"I... I don't know," She shook her head. "I think we all need time to think." Didn't they want a better life than being use by a lunatic who want them to hurt people.

"Good call." Billy said. They didn't have many choice they couldn't explore too far from the academy without pain.

"Regroup later." Gizmo said, determine to make sure his friends getting get in trouble.

Jinx nodded, doing so wishing she could be free.

Later that week.

The H.I.V.E. Five -as they liked to be called- were called into the office. Apparently there was a mission for them.

Jinx went reluctantly she haven't been wanting to do missions for H.I.V.E. but knew She really didn't have much of a choice. "How may I serve you Brother Blood?" She asked, forcing herself to say with respect instead of disgust.

"I have a mission for the six of you," Blood told them.

"We live to serve." She said, copying one of the messages in their history books.

"Excellent," he smirked sadistically before handing her a sheet of paper. "Here is you're assignment. Do not fail me." He said, if they fail they would regret it greatly.

She looked over, and too her horror it was an assassination mission. They never purposefully kill anyone, there might have been some accidental deaths but never went anywhere to kill someone. Scare and wounded is fine but assassinate.

She was force to leave with everyone, and once they were out of the building she said. "You guys do what you want. But I'm out."

"It not like you can leave your chip will kill you before the first night." See-more said, knowing the risk of doing this.

"Gizmo knows how to remove them," She said plainly. The midget genius told her about it once.

"I know how to turn them off for a little bit, I am an expert in machines not a neurosurgeon." He said.

"Then do I!" She demanded.

"I can't while their in the bodies." That would activate the self destruct button. They want free but not kill themselves in the process.

"Then you have ten hours to figure it out," She said, shoving the mission briefing at him. "Because I'd rather DIE than do this!"

They consider their options, "Where this moral stance came from?" See-More asked.

"I've never wanted to kill anyone," She said truthfully.

"It either him or us." He said, not believing she thinking reasonable.

"Do what you want -I'm going to find a way out!" She took off.

Gizmo looked over the profile on this guy, noticing possible allies his Butler nope, his son unusable, a bunch of models to appear straight nope, Lucius Fox wait a minute. "I think I found something." He said.

"What is it?" See-more asked.

"One of Wayne employees happened to been working on a project for the Gotham bomb squad a special made to disable bombs." He said.

They caught up to Jinx and told her they had a plan.

Jinx thought it over, smiling "I think I can work with that." She said, "Okay."

They all went to the helicopter for what would hopefully be there final mission under Blood.

To be continue…


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