Jump City Angels 3.

I don't own HIVE five or most of the characters in this story.

Summary:After being told to do an assassination mission the H.I.V.E. Five tire of being Blood puppets so decide to rebel against him to the best of their abilities by becoming super heroes. Watch their trials and hardships protecting their new city. Made with the help of eternal mist.

Beta by 'The Lilac Bear' and 'YJ FTW'.

-At Wayne manor.-

There was a party going on, until the lights started to flicker.
"Duck and cover idiots!" Jinx mocked the rich bastards.
"Party time snot for brains." Gizmo said, using some mini drones to destroy the lighting, he wanted to use the darkness to help them.
They saw their target attempt to leave the room.
A laser beam attacked the doorway above him causing rubble to appear blocking mister Wanye exit, "Oh no you don't." Gizmo said.
"You're coming with us!" Jinx said, back-flipping in front of him.
The billionaire tried to karate chop Jinx in the side but was grabbed by a flying girl, keeping him still.
"Take him!" Jinx instructed.
Angel managed to drag him with a knock out needle, which wasn't easy to do but she managed.
"Let's go! Double time people!" Jinx wanted to get out of there before the police showed up. Or worse, Batman.
'He wouldn't help lizard people.' Kyd Wykkyd said with sign language.
Jinx just shook her head at him and helped drag the rich bastard out of the mansion and into a van they had hot-wired.
He teleport Wayne, Jinx, Billy, and himself to the van since Angel, Gizmo, and See-More can just fly to safety.
"Yes, yes, yes!" Jinx cheered. Wykkyd then noticed something, signing the words 'who knows how to drive?'
"Ummm..." Jinx turned around as well, but everyone looked sheepish. Kyd grabbed Gizmo, 'Do you know how to drive?'
He shook his head. "No..."
"Can you drive?" Jinx asked their captive.
"Why would I do that?" Bruce asked.
"Because we'll kill you if you don't?" Jinx threaten(she wouldn't, but he didn't know that). He tried to escape, but Gizmo got a laser pistol aiming at him.
"Drive!" Jinx demanded. He reluctantly did so, figuring he would have to see how he could use this to escape. Jinx sat beside him to keep an eye on him. "Faster you rich bastard!"
Kyd unbuckled Bruce seat belt, signing 'No funny business.'
"What do you brats want?" Bruce asked. The Hive Five were acting weird; they seemed almost scared.
"You're going to help us with a little problem. We are tired of H.I.V.E. bossing us around but since they put some obedience chips in us, getting away is hard, you get the drift? Now you get to do some actual charity work." Jinx said.
"What do the chips do exactly?" Bruce inquired.
"Make us his 'loyal' subjects and, if we don't obey, we either feel pain, emotional distress, nuisances or some other not so fun stuff." Jinx said(they might explode but she wasn't sure about that).
"And it will blow off our heads if we run," Gizmo added.
"You poor things," Bruce was furious that something like that was being done to children.
"Less talking, more driving." Jinx said not needing anyone pity.
"How about telling me where we're going?" Bruce sighed.
"The Wayne industry technological storage area." Gizmo said, causing Bruce to sigh.
"And make it quick because if we go down, we're taking you with us." She threatens.
Bruce just shook his head but drove, making a plan every second. She smiled once they got there, "You know the drill open the gate."Bruce did, triggering a silent alarm with a hidden code. Gizmo used a taser on him, knocking him off his feet but not knocking him out, "We got a time limit now before the cops show up." He did it again knocking him out. "Seesh this guy must be some player to take my taser like that." They could use him as a hostage asleep or conscious as long as he wasn't dead.
See-More kept an eye on their hostage, they would have to see how he took the Taser so well.
"Make the call," Gizmo told Jinx.
She quickly grabbed Bruce phone and made the call to Mister Lucius Fox.
"Hello?" Fox answered, wondering what was going on. Lucius just saw the silent alarm go off at one of Bruce's facilities.
"Listen up asshole, we got your boss and, if you want him to stay alive, you will do as we say." Jinx said, clearly used to this part of their mission. Lucius frowned, "What are your demands?"
"We hear you got an anti-bomb nanites. Is that correct?" Jinx asked, knowing she needed to be careful if something happen to them; otherwise they would never be free.
"That is correct," he replied, wondering what they'd use it for.
"We want you to activate it; we have some devices we want to remove." She said. If she told the truth they would turn the table on them.
"I need to know the exact location of the target to activate them," he informed them. "The boys are still in their experimental phase."
"First things first, can it work on a meta human body?" She asked.
"Technically, Yes. But they'd have to be monitored for their safety."
"No monitors." She knew the danger, but if they got caught, the H.I.V.E. will find them and kill them for failure and betrayal. She would have to take chance and, if need be, use Gizmo drones.
He sighed but agreed.
"We meet in the basement, no guards." Jinx said knowing that would just be a waste of time. "Bring as much as you can get." She didn't know the amount but figured she would try to get enough for everyone.
He agreed then hung up to meet them.
She nodded, "Billy, get our hostage." She said.
"Yes ma'am!" He picked up Bruce.
"Keep an eye on him, we can't let him wake up and escape." She said, hoping he understood this completely.
"Believe me I won't. We could die if he escapes," Billy said to show he understands.
"We made our choice, we are all in." She said knowing that they could be a bit of cowards if things got rough.
"Right," he agreed.
See-More looked at him thinking if they fail they would have to finish the mission.
'It won't fail. It can't' Wykkyd assures his friend, seeing his concern.
"Thank you." It wasn't normal for Wykkyd to be optimistic, then again he was used to seeing the world so much darker.
"Move it people!" Jinx snapped at them.
Gizmo nodded following behind, setting something up to buy them some time.
They got to the lab.
"Gizmo do you think we can do the process when we are awake?" She didn't respect him as criminal, nor a person, but he was their tech support.
"I don't know. It might be painful," Gizmo warned her.
"Lego block on bare foot painful or root canal painful or mercy kill painful?" She asked, all were possibilities.
"Any of them," The small genius sighed as they arrived.
"Did anyone bring any anesthetic?" She asked, knowing that one of them needed to stay awake to help them escape.
"Didn't think to," Gizmo told her.
"There's some here," Fox said, meeting then.
"Good." Gizmo said.
"Once the procedure is done you can have your boss back " She said.
"Alright. Who's the patient?" Fox asked her.
"We are." She said.
He found this odd. "Right this way?" He said, uneasy.
She nodded, "Gizmo make sure Mr. Wayne doesn't wake up early."
"Got it," he agreed.
"And we need your bag in Drone mode." She said, it would likely be on stun.
He did so, hoping this would turn out all right.
They notice the device was attached to a set of seats for them. "Billy, you can lie him down." She said since he would have to have one body for this to work.
Billy did, dropping him.
She checks his pulse again, needing to know that he was alive. Once she was sure these idiots didn't kill them, she turn to face the machine she made her choice.
"Please lay down," Fox told them.
They did so, looking at the droid and knowing how much was relying on the little guy.
Jinx lay down and was put into a deep sleep. She hoped she'd wake up free.
Once they were all asleep Bruce stood up.
"I see you're up Mr. Wayne?" He asked.
"I've been awake the whole time," Bruce replied, disabling the robot. "These kids need help. Brother Blood has placed bombs in their necks and is threatening them with death to work for him."
"I do wonder what their mission was?" Since that Blood bastard would never allowed them to get their bombs remove especially at the same time.
"It doesn't matter now," Bruce said. He was thinking what it could be where they after someone or sent here to assassinate someone, "Later."

"Should we go through with the procedure Mr. Wayne?" He asked, not sure how well they could interrogate the six of them without the bat connection coming to the light.

"Yes. Or they'll die," Bruce initiated the procedure.

"I understand Mister Wayne." Lucius said, starting it up. "There is a twenty percent chance of death in simulated trials." He said.

"That's acceptable," Bruce decided, knowing that doing nothing gave a one hundred percent chance of death.

Lucius presses the button to the controls as the nanites enter the criminals' bodies; this is what they ultimately wanted.

The nanites did their job.

The kids started squirming as their hearts started to race.

Bruce hoped they'd be ok.

"They are stabilizing." Lucius noticed one of them was getting worse, "I think we are losing one." He said lowering the nanites, it was Jinx.

"We need to save her!" He started to get to work.

"Lower the density of the nanites flow." He said, Bruce knew that the pressure could be dangerous. He had the control be simples so that even a layman could use it in a pinch.

Bruce did so and hoped for the best.

Her heart beat started to race, "It can't go lower, I think we are losing her." Lucius said, he got a defibrillator ready to try to restart her heart. As he was doing this she flat lined.

He tries to use the defibrillator on her, her legs and arms jerk at this. He did it again causing the same results but her heart wasn't getting up.

"Come on. Stay with us," he tried again.

She flat lined, Jinx of the HIVE five was dead.

"I'm so sorry," Bruce told her, wondering how her friends would take the news.

This would be a horrible day, given to a meta human asylum after their leader and friend die. He could only hope they could move on from this tragedy.

With a deep sigh Bruce put away the defibrillator.
The procedure was done already. Now he'd let them rest.

The other sleep unaware of their lost or their future rewards.

To be continue…


KF fanchapter 1 . Mar 7

An interesting concept but you have a lot of little errors.
My stuff isn't perfect either but you've got a few too many here.

My response: I do try, thank you it is nice when someone gives honest criticism for my work.

eternal mistchapter 2 . Mar 6

Will they get out alive?

My response: I don't know although this chapter doesn't end well for one of them.