A Special Whiterose

Chapter 1

Hi, I'm Ruby Rose!

I'm a young autistic girl.

I don't really have a lot of friends but that's fine, I have people who are caring here in my special home. An orphanage.

Sometimes I would hit my head against the wall. I don't know why I do it, I just do it…

I have been here for as long as I can remember, my memory isn't so good but! I know for a fact I have been here for a really long time…Since I was a kid probably 4 years old.

Now I'm 16 years old…

I have never been to the outside world that much, but I don't mind. Because…I'm afraid of it.

I know people will make fun of me and think I'm weird.

I imagine myself in a world called Remnant, where I'm a huntress! A warrior which protect others and fight the creature of Grimm, monsters who want to destroy mankind! I even have a super cool weapon a scythe that's also a gun!

It's soo cool!

I would tell my daily adventures I have every day with my caretakers. But they don't really seem to care…they must have gotten tired of hearing it. Something in my heart tells me that they don't really believe in what I believe in…

In fact, recently one of my caretakers told me.

If I was going to stay in this orphanage forever...

I don't really know really, no one has ever wanted to adopt me. And I really don't know why…

Sometimes I would imagine for hours. Completly living in that world, the world of Remnant.

A world where I'm…happy.

I never have a lot of friends in the real world, but I don't care. Unlike the real world, I have many friends in my world. Their names are Weiss, Blake and Yang. I have more, but these are my closest.

Yang is even my sister.

A sister I wish, I had in real life…

Blake was a cool person and a loveable bookworm. Who I wish was a friend I have in real life as well.

As for Weiss, she is the same as my only friend in real life, who name is also, Weiss. Expect in my world, Weiss can use her dust rapier, Myrtenaster to kill the creature of Grimm and she is also the heiress to The Schnee's Dust Company. Not saying my real life Weiss isn't as cool, she is well just a normal person with no superpower…But the both of them share something in common.

They're both super smart, super pretty and my super bestie…

Tears I can feel them, they are flowing in my eyes right now. I shouldn't be crying, I'm happy there. Why I'm crying…

I really like it in my world it's where I belong…Where I mean something.

In real life, I'm a nobody…

Which is why I treasure my life in Remnant more than anything else! Because in that world I'm something!

I did have an education. I went to a school with the help of the orphanage, they funded my education all the way till I graduated from high school.

I didn't like it in school. I was always being made fun of by others.

I don't know why they make fun of me…

They said that I talk to myself, and to imaginarily people. But they aren't imaginarily! They're real to me!

Weiss protected me from them, she was my hero. And she was the only one who understood me. I really love her a lot…She means so much to me.

Sigh…I think it's time for me to get some rest, it's almost midnight.

Suddenly I felt something, it was my phone.

It was Weiss...

She messaged me asking me, "How I'm doing?"

I told her I'm great just have another great adventure today! I shared with her how I foiled Roman's plans to rob a bank with her by my side. It was awesome!

She told me, "That's great to hear, Ruby." She then sends forward another message.

"Do you mind if I visit you tomorrow?"

I won't mind if Weiss visited me. It has been so long since I last saw her. Nowadays it has been getting lonely…I miss when I would be with her all day when we were in school…

But Weiss was busy with her real life, she was in college. I wish she didn't have to go, but I knew she wanted to. I'm just hoping she is doing alright. But knowing Weiss she probably the top student in her school!

Sometimes I wish she was more like the Weiss in Remnant though. She wasn't bounded by stuff like this. And we would be spending our days going on adventures!


It's getting late. I think I should be going to bed. I landed on my old dusty rough bed. It wasn't as good as the one in Beacon Adacemy…

I then thought of what adventures lie ahead of me tomorrow!

I and my team are probably going to save a town from a fire or maybe we would be rescuing people from a Grimm attack!

Whatever it's I couldn't wait. And most importantly I couldn't wait to see Weiss when she visits me tomorrow...

Author's note

This was just an idea that was looming in my head that I thought, I should write out. I do hope you like the idea and there will be more chapters to come although I plan to make this a shorter story compared to the others I wrote so far. Follow, Favourite, leave a Review if you want I would love your feedback, and I hope you have a great day. Stay Fresh!