"You...love me?"

Penny was surprised, for she never expected for anyone to say that to her. She heard it from her father, of course, but even she knew the difference between familial love and romantic love.

"But why, I'm...I'm not even a real girl. You know that." She asked.

Her confessor took her hand in theirs "Because, even though you have wires instead of veins and...and a mechanical heart, that doesn't matter, not to me." They put their other hand on Penny's shoulder.

"What matters to me is your personality, your soul, and it doesn't hurt that you are absolutely beautiful"

Penny blushed slightly,the synthetic skin heating up, not quite sure how to properly deal with the sudden onslaught of emotions of this moment.

"So" They swallowed, nervously. "Do you feel the same, it's okay if you don't and I'm happy still being friends and-" they started to ramble not really sure how to proceed after this

Penny considered her friend, someone she'd known for the last year and a half and had gotten so, so close to. And she made her decision.

"Yes. I love you too. For the longest time, since my creation I've known what my purpose is, but I always thought that I'd have to do it alone. But now I can do it with someone I love...Thank you."

And they kissed, in the most passionate meeting of girl and machine of all time.

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