The mysterious Doctor Who and Time Lords (Prequel to Stargate Command's and UNIT's shared Allie and the Rise of the Goa'leks parts 1 and 2.)

Doctor Daniel Jackson was investigating this mysterious room that was previously discovered by the Crew of Destiny after they exited their Cryogenic Chambers. Several hours ago due to as Professor Nicholas Rush has always expected the some sort of even more indepth programing within the ship itself even overridden the commands set in the command chair to return to Earth. The ship both unexpectedly brought them out of hyperspace and ejected the crew members out of the cryogenic cells.

Colonel Everett Young asked Elliot Wallace are we back at Earth in the Milky Way Galaxy yet. Eli replies no, and so Colonel Everett Young demands than why did you both take us out of the cryogenic cells and hyperspace. Elliot Wallace replies it wasn't me for some reason the ship overridden our command codes somehow maybe despite all our feelings toward Rush that he was correct the whole time and the Ship had finally reached its grand scheme ultimate destination. Rush interjected lets check the computers and so they found that there was a planet below. But that wasn't what the ship was interested instead there was a strange ship shaped like a white British old phone booth/police box. Rush exclaimed the computer is regestering that there is another Stargate on the Ship. And so Colonel Everett Young ordered there to be sent a stargate exploration team sent on the ship.

Both Elliot Wallace and Professor Nicholas Rush demanded to be on the teams. As soon as the team entered the strange ship through the onboard stargate not only did Rush noticed a flow of energy(space/time energy similar to what runs the stargate but more complicated /advanced/and evolved according to Rush's equipment) flowing out of what was obviously the driving counsel which had some similarities to Destiny's but obviously was far more complicated and advanced. And that the ship was impossibly bigger on the inside most likely due to unknown Dimensional transcendentalism technology. As soon as Rush and Elliot managed to get on the computer/counsel. They immediately were brought to a whole electronic library filled with a advanced language in three forms that was obviously not Ancient, Asgard, Goa'uld, Wraith, Aschen, Beings of Oannes, Furlings, Gadmeer, Foothold Aliens, Galarans, Giant Aliens, Great Spirits, Kelownans/Langarans, Nox, Oranians, Orbanians, Ori, the Others, Ascended Beings, Reetou, Replicators, Serrakin, Tokra, Tollan, or any other advanced Alien Races/Species that they knew of. Rush immediately contacted Colonel Everett Young because of how complicated/advanced this language was and described the situation and said I need Doctor Daniel Jackson and possibly a scientific whole team from Stargate Command. I don't think that even myself and Elliot would be able to figure this one out on our own. Although I think that I may have found some thing that may help us be able to transport Daniel Jackson and his team back and forth between here and Earth with everything that they need and find on the ship because luckly it was labeled and described in Ancient but obviously not of that designed.

Back to the present after several hours of Rush, Daniel Jackson, and the Scientific team tackling the language in the computer and hundreds even thousands of books found in the ship's physical library. Daniel Jackson said I have figured out the language and read the electronic library. The language is apparently called Gallifreyan and there are three forms called Old High Gallifreyan, Modern Gallifreyan, and Circular Gallifreyan. The Electronic Library talks about the history of a Alien Race far older than other advanced races that we have encountered before called the Time Lords from a planet called Gallifrey extremely far away. It also discusses the history of a mysterious rogue individual called the Doctor. Who apparently after banishing a Time Lord leader called Rassilion influenced the Time Lords into being more involved with the other races. And also leaving this Ship apparently called the TARDIS to be found by our race. Their is apparently preprogramed a setting for us to put two destinations on Earth in and take us the passengers and the ship Destiny back home on Earth. And so I will have far longer and far more resources to learn about these Time Lords and this Doctor including any locations listed on Earth.