"Oof!" shouted Steven. He fell on the floor and hit his head on the rock he slipped on.

"Ha ha ha." cackled Jasper,You're weak,Rose Quartz!" Steven couldn't move his mouth. His mouth was hurt from that fall. He tried to summon his shield but it didn't work.

"Ha ha looks like your all mine!" said Jasper. She was about to grab him...

Steven woke up ! It was all just a dream! Steven looked ,he started to whimper. Garnet,Amethyst and Pearl ran up to his room straight away.

"Steven!" they all shouted as they made it up to his room.

"What happened!?" asked Pearl in panic.

"It was just.. I had a nightmare." said Steven

"Oh Steven." said Amethyst.

"Tell me what is it about." said Pearl

"I was all by myself in a fight with Jasper and my powers were gone! I knew was a goner.

Jasper was going to get me." explained Steven.

"Oh Steven." said Pearl

"Don't worry Jasper is gone now." says Amethyst softly, as she puts her hand on Steven's hand.

"Yeah and if Jasper is still here we have your back." said Garnet. Steven showed a smile but got a feeling like he was about to cry as he hugged Garnet.

"Thank you!" said Steven. Amethyst and Pearl hugged Steven also.

"We love you Steven." The three gems said.