Chapter 1

On a hill that really held no importance, laid a young man with a red trench coat and white hair. The man was asleep or unconscious as the wind blow slightly to his direction. After a few minutes, the man's eyes slowly opened, revealing on eye was red while the other was green. Groaning to himself, he got up while holding his head. As he recovered from a headache, he looked around his surroundings. To his shock, he wasn't in the boundary, a plane of existence that is separate from the real world. He checked himself, which further shocked him as no sign of the Black beast was visible on his body. No red veins or any dark shadows were surrounding him. Not believing it, the man ran down to a nearby pool of water and saw that it was indeed true. He was no longer the Black Beast. He was back to being Ragna the Bloodedge, SS-class criminal to the NOL and the one that saved his world from a calamity. Sighing to himself, Ragna laid back on the grass, wondering what happened.

"What's going on?" Though Ragna as he looked at the sky. "How am I back?" Looking at his Azure Grimoire, Ragna though back to what happened when he sacrificed himself. In an effort to save his world, one that caused him nothing but misery and pain, he sacrificed himself to prevent the world from ever resetting again as it was caught in a temporal loop that would constantly repeat itself over and over. Now, because of his sacrifice, his world is free from that and can now decide its own fate. However, it came with the cost of everyone forgetting him, something that he did purposely and had no regrets on doing. If it meant saving his world from that insufferable loop again, then he was all for it. Another cost was that he was stuck in the boundary, an alternate plane of existence that no normal human can enter safely with the machine that caused the whole loop thing in the first place, which again, he had no qualms with. This is because he was beginning to change into the Black Beast. A monster that destroyed his world sometime ago, so really, it was a killing three bird with one stone. He'd saved everyone from a continuous restart of the world, the Black Beast, and make them forget one of the most dangerous criminals in existence, despite him being not that bad of a guy. And yet…he was back somehow with no semblance of turning into the Black Beast. "Did the world restart regardless of my actions or is this something else?" With that in mind, he got up and walked to the nearby town for answers. Along the way he spotted a familiar, massive sword embedded on the ground in front of him. Feeling some relief, he grabbed the sword and examined it.

"Nice to see you again." Thought Ragna as he placed his prized sword, Bloodedge, in it's scabbard and went on as if a giant, fifty poundish sword was on his person.


After some time of snooping around and asking questions, Ragna concluded that this wasn't his world. When asked about Seithr, a resource in his world, he received looks of confusion and questions about what that is. Not only that, but he saw that they weren't using any sort of Ars Magus, instead using magic, much to his shock as only a few magic-users were left in his world. Also, there's the fact that no one was using Platinum dollars and instead using a currency called Jewels, which meant that the few Platinum dollars he somehow had on his person were useless. Sighing to himself, he walked on as people stared at him because of the large sword on his person as well as his general appearance. As he walked, he overheard several conversations, all related to some guild called Fairy Tail and how they went from the top to rock bottom. Raising an eyebrow, he sat on a bench in some park as he listened to a man and a young girl talking about this Fairy Tail.

"*Sighs* So much has changed. They used to be a lot stronger, but without their main heavy hitters, they're so weak it isn't funny." Said the man.

"Is that why you left?" Asked the girl in curiosity. The man just shook his head.

"No." Said the man. "It'd hurt me to leave, but I had to find a better guild to support my family. They understood, but it didn't lessen the pain. I felt like I was abandoning family." The girl nodded in understanding before asking some more questions about Fairy Tail, which the man answered with the best of his ability. As it went along, Ragna felt some pity to this Fairy Tail. They seemed to be decent folks. Plus, it seemed that they needed some help getting back to shape as, from the sounds of things, they were struggling financially and the few remaining wizards that remain in Fairy Tail weren't getting enough money to pay for bills and the like. Sighing to himself, Ragna walked to the two. Upon seeing them look to him, Ragna spoke.

"You know where this Fairy Tail is?" Asked Ragna, pretending not to care. A bit cautious, the man answered.

"Yeah, but why do you ask?" Asked the man, holding the hand of the young girl. Ragna just shrugged as an answer.

"Just want to help them get back on their feet." Said Ragna. "Plus, I got some skills they might want." Hearing this and seeing that Ragna was telling the truth, the man relaxed and spoke with some manner of surprise.

"You want to work with them? Really?" Asked the man in surprise. He was happy that someone was going to Fairy Tail for work, but it was also dumb and not a good investment right now.

"Yeah." Said Ragna. "Might as well get some money and do some good at the same time. So, you'll take me to them." After a few moments passed, the man got up.

"I can, but are you sure?" Asked the man. Seeing Ragna nod made the man smile. "Alright then. Follow me." Taking the girl with him, the man escorted the two to Fairy Tail. While the girl was excited to see Fairy Tail, despite it's current state, Ragna wondered what he would expect from the former best guild in the country.


"This is actually a lot better than what I expected." Commented Ragna as he saw the building the Fairy Tail guild was using. It was an old, run-down building surrounded by farm creatures and fertile land. "Honestly, I expected worse."

"To be honest, so did I." Said the man before sighing. "But the old guild hall was so much better." Ragna just stayed silent as he looked back at town, where the old guild hall was there. Along the way, the man explained to Ragna of what exactly caused Fairy Tail's downfall. During an S-class trial, a sort of test, the vast majority of Fairy Tail's strongest wizards were declared dead when the island that the trial was being taken place was completely destroyed by a dragon called Acnologia. Because of this, combined with constant debt from some destruction said heavy hitter caused as well as the fact that no one was strong enough to take on some of the more difficult jobs, which were most of them due to the guild's former reputation as the strongest guild in Fiore, caused their inevitable downfall. Sighing to himself, Ragna then thanked the man before entering himself. Before he entered, the man said good luck to Ragna before taking off with the little girl. Upon entering the guild hall, Ragna was met with a peculiar site. A really fat man eating an enormous amount of food, two old men arguing with each other, a skinny man arguing with said fat man, a purple haired-woman serving food along with a lighter-haired purple woman. Another skinny man painting, a kid reading a book, another fat man looking at a board with paper, a man dancing, and a bunch of other people that he can't bother acknowledging for some reason. The more dark-haired woman, upon seeing the stranger, went up to him.

"Is there something that we can help you, sir?" Asked the woman with a kind smile. Ragna, impassively, just answered her.

"Yeah, I'm here for work." Said Ragna. After saying that, the whole room went silent and stared at the man as if he was insane.

"D-did he just say what I think he said." Said the fat man with a plate of food as he chomped down on a turkey leg. His companion just nodded. After recovering from his shock, an old man with blue hair and mustache walked up to Ragna with an impassive face.

"You're serious, kid?" Asked the man as he stared at the young man. Hearing the man call him a kid, Ragna snarled and snapped at him.

"Watch your mouth, old man." Snarled Ragna, his old temper kicking in. "I'm here to help you from the mess your in. So, cut me some slack." Though a bit shocked at the sudden temper tantrum, the old man still held his ground. Sighing to himself to get back in control, Ragna stared back the man. "Look, I just want to help you from the disaster your in. It's the least I can do for you folk after all the stuff you did. Besides, you seem to be a much better choice than the other guild in this town." Along the way, Ragan spotted some wizards from the other guild residing in this town. The man that brought him here told him that their called Twilight Ogre and that they came to Magnolia, the town, once Fairy Tail was weak enough. Since then, they've been forcing them to pay them interest for helping paying their fines and the like. Needless to say, Ragna didn't like that sort of thing and he swore he saw some bullying a few people. After analyzing the new guy for deception, the old man sighed before holding his head.

"Alright." Said the old man. "The names Macao and I'm the fourth master of Fairy Tail. Come with me and I'll get you into the guild as well as introduce to everyone else. The one's that stayed that is." Nodding his head, Ragna followed the old man as he escorted him to the upper floor.


Ragna just sighed to himself as he tried to enjoy his chicken leg, which the fatty called Droy was looking at hungrily. Apparently, it didn't take much to enter Fairy Tail. All you had to do was say that you wanted to join and they'll immediately take you in. Sighing to himself again, he looked at the place the master placed his emblem, somewhere near his heart. After some tough thinking, Ragna decided to place the emblem on his chest, figuring it was a safe place as both his arms were not his natural arms and he didn't want questions about that. Not yet at least. Plus, he didn't want anything on his face or lower body, so the chest was the only option. After taking a bit of his chicken, he went to the board that had all the jobs and looked for the one that paid the most.

"Damn, not a lot to go through." Thought Ragna as he saw just how few jobs there were. Humming in thought, he looked at the two highest paying jobs and decided to wing it. Grabbing his chosen job, he went to Macao and placed the paper on his table. "I want this." Said Ragna as Macao examined the job. After doing so, Macao sighed.

"I don't know, Ragna. This has been on the board for awhile now." Said Macao. "Who knows how dangerous the threat is now. Or if the client even wants to pay us."

"But people are still in danger." Said Ragna, a bit angry that Macao mentioned money. "Besides, the reward will help us bigtime, right?"

"You got that right." Said Macao as he looked at the reward. If the client is still willing to pay, then the reward money will help them pay Twilight Ogre's monthly fee and get them back on their feet. Problem was that the job asked for the arrest of an entire dark guild. Something he doubted even their best mages in the old days can handle by themselves. Still…the kid looked pretty adamant on doing it. Sighing to himself and thinking he was going to regret this, Macao approved of it, but only if he took Bisca and Alzack with him, his best. Nodding in thanks, Ragna grabbed the two and the three hightailed it to the town that needed them.



"This is the town?" Asked Ragna as three walked in a street of Acacia, the town that sent the request.

"Yeah, this is it." Said Alzack as he spotted people going about their everyday lives though there was a sense of fear and depression in their movements and faces. "Don't be fooled, Ragna, this town is the hometown for the dark guild we're after."

"Still can't believe you wanted this job." Said Bisca. "And that Macao let you go. Don't get me wrong, you're a good guy, but I don't know much of your fighting prowess."

"None taken." Said Ragna as he watched for any dark wizards. "How come the government let this town become a hive for dark wizards?"

"Several reasons." Said Alzack. "This is just a small town, not worth the time for a massive military operation. 2nd, the military isn't really that good against wizards. Usually they rely on us to do the job. 3rd, I think that the dark guild is paying someone off to turn a blind eye, which makes sense since they've been here for five years."

"So, they have the homefield advantage." Said Ragna as he walked to the biggest building that the note said was their headquarters. As they walked to it, Ragna has a sneaking suspicion something was off. "That piece of paper had the location of the base, right? How come it was there?"

"Maybe dark guild was just arrogant and left their headquarters in plain view." Suggested Bisca, though she suspected that was wrong.

"Or maybe it's a trap." Said Alzack as he looked around for suspicious activity, hands close to his guns.

"Then we'll just spring the trap." Said Ragna. Before either of them could stop him, Ragna rushed toward the building and kicked it's large doors away, the hinges giving away and causing the doors to slam on some dark wizards, who were caught off-guard at the sudden attack. As he entered the building, Ragna looked around and saw a whole bunch of dark wizards, all eating brunch. Bringing out his sword, Ragna started to speak.

"Alright, you bunch of pansies, listen up!" Yelled Ragna as the dark wizards got ready for a fight. "I got two options for you! One, surrender and this will get easy for you! Two, you fight and we'll do this the hard way, leaving you all with severe concussions and internal bleeding! You're choice!" As soon as he finished that speech, Alzack and Bisca arrived with their guns at the ready. Seeing the two gun mages of Fairy Tail, the dark wizards laughed. They knew how Fairy Tail had become weak after the Tenrou island disaster and how they are now. To see such weaklings coming in to arrest them, seemed stupid and hilarious to them. The leader, a big man with brown hair and an eye patch covering his right eye, looked at the three Fairies with an arrogant grin.

"How about this, kid." Said the man as his cronies surrounding them. "You surrender and we'll make this quick. Or don't and die a painful death." Hearing this Ragna just scoffed, before brandishing his sword. So be it, get them boys!" Hearing this the dark wizards either charged at them with swords and spears or prepared several spells. Seeing this, Ragna just got out his sword and slashed at them, the shockwave sending most in the front away, knocking them unconscious to the sheer force. He then performed an upward slice with his sword at the left side while everyone was in shock, the slice caused a wave of dark energy in a shape of a monstrous head to charge at the group, which then slammed into some of them, causing severe damage to their legs. As everyone was recovering from the initial shock, Ragna charged at the leader and gathered dark energy in his fist before punch said fist in the leader's face, making him go across the room and go through the wall with ease. Seeing this, the remaining dark wizards just surrendered outright, obviously afraid of the new Fairy.


After defeating the dark guild, Alzack had contacted the military and Magic council of what transpired. Though surprised at hearing Fairy Tail being the one that took back the town, they were still grateful of what happened and sent troops to arrest the dark guild and to help relieve the town with anything that they needed. Though grateful for the relief efforts of the Fiore military, the town was even more grateful at the Fairy Tail guild for relieving them of the dark guild that was plaguing them for five years. So much so, that the town threw them a party and feast for them. As Ragna combed on a mutton leg, Alzack looked at him with a smile.

"Have to admit, didn't think you can do this by yourself. Sorry about doubting you." Said Alzack.

"Just let it go." Said Ragna. "I was the new guy. You didn't have a good reason to trust me."

"True." Said Alzack. "I just wanted to say it, and so did Bisca." Ragna just scoffed before continuing to eat.

"So, did we get the reward?" Asked Ragna.

"Yup." Said Alzack. "First big hit we'd had in years. And I got the feeling that things will get better with you in Fairy Tail."

"Sure." Said Ragna as he looked at his Azure Grimoire, wondering why it worked despite no Seithr in the area. This was something that he needed to figure out. And he'd got a bad feeling that he'd wouldn't like the answer.

Two weeks later

"Hey Ragna! Can you teach me some…"

"NO! For the thousandth time, no." Said Ragna as he drank his glass of water down. He then glared at Droy. "Now get the hell out of my face before I kick it out of the guild. Better yet, kick your food out of here." Afraid for his food, Droy then ran to the other end of the room, ignoring the giggling from Kinana.

"You didn't need to do that, Ragna." Said Kinana as placed a bowl of soup for Ragna.

"The guy kept bugging me to train him despite me saying no." Said Ragna as he began to eat. "Honestly, that guy needs to learn when to take no for an answer."

"Well, you can't blame him." Said Wakaba as he exhaled a puff of smoke. "He and Jet want to get stronger to help the guild more. And since you're our ace in the hole, he thought that you could help him get stronger."

"Well, sucks to be him, because I'm no teacher." Said Ragna as he looked at the old man. "I'd be a shit one anyway."

"Seriously, watch your language!" Scolded Macao. "We got kids here!" Romeo, his own son, just groaned.

"Dad, I can handle a little language. And Asuka isn't here today." Said Romeo before going back to his book.

"Besides, didn't you do the same back in the old days." Said Wakaba with a small smirk. The two then began to argue, making Ragan scoff. Those two were like big babies. Very old babies. Still, it amused him that they had each other's backs when needed. After finishing his food, Ragna went to the job board and picked out the highest paying job before taking off. Ever since he'd came, Fairy Tail's reputation went up a bit. To the point, that some people were willing to risk sending out job requests to them again. Wasn't much, but it helped keep them from debt from Twlight Ogre as well as any other taxes they needed to pay. As he'd walked to his designation, Ragna couldn't help but wonder what his fate will be in this world and if he should go back to his world.

This takes places after Centralfiction. So, if anyone knows the ending of Blazblue: Centralfiction, did I do Ragna's introduction accurately? Also, as much as I dislike doing it, this is going to be a harem. Largely due to a bet and my interest in actually doing a harem story. Also, one, a few Blazblue characters may come in as well. Two, please put a review in what you think of this story and what could be done to improve it. Three, these girls are not going to be in the harem: Erza, Lucy, Juvia, Levy, Mirajane, basically all of the Fairy Tail guild female characters.