Chapter 18

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Some hotel

"You still can't find Mirajane?" Asked Lucy as she looked at Erza, who just nodded. Lucy sighed at that. Where was the S-class mage? Last thing they heard from her was that she was going to help Ragna fight the Black Beast. But after that, they haven't heard a word from her. At this point, Lucy was fearing the worst, but kept squashing it down. She refused to believe that one of Fairy Tail's strongest mages would fall so easily to something so evil. Mirajane would not fell to something that dark when she had the power of her friends behind her back. She wouldn't. She couldn't. "Keep searching, Erza. She needs to know the condition of Elfman and Lisanna is getting worried." Erza nodded before beginning to leave the hotel that all the guilds that participated in the defense of Crocus were using as a makeshift meeting and resting area for their wounded that they stabilized, which there were many. Even as she walked, she saw many of her comrades moaning or groaning in pain at their wounds, many, if not all, of which would have killed them if it weren't Wendy and Chelia. But even as Erza was about to leave the door when it opened, revealing Ragna.

"Ragna." Said Erza in surprise, stepping back as she saw the newest addition of Fairy tail waited at the door. Realizing that he was waiting for her to step aside, she stepped to the side, allowing Ragna to get inside. Once inside, he looked over the sorry state of everyone inside and spoke.

"This is what's left?" Asked Ragna, seeing countless people in bandages all over them. Very few of the Fairy Tail mages didn't have bandages on them and it made Ragna's gut wrench a bit.

"Gray and Juvia are out helping Lamia Scale in taking care of their wounded." Explained Erza. "Natsu is out trying to find Mirajane. We can't find her anywhere." She then put a hand on her left hip. "She went to go and help you take down that monster. Did you see her?" Upon hearing Mirajane, Ragna sighed and looked at Erza with sorrow and sympathy.

"I'm sorry to say this, but Mira is dead." Said Ragna, causing Erza to widen her eyes in shock and disbelief. Mirajane was dead?

"D-dead?" Stuttered Erza, shocked to hear such a thing come from Ragna's mouth. At first she wanted to deny it. That Ragna was pulling her leg, but seeing the sorrow on his eyes, Erza realized that he was telling the truth. Shaking her head in disbelief. "That…that can't be. She was one of our strongest members. How can she be dead?"

"The monster weakened her before pulling out all her limbs." Explained Ragna, not wanting to explain what happened, but had to for the sake of everyone. "It then eat the limbs before turning Mira's body into a pile of blood." Horrified upon hearing that description, Erza kept a brave face on for the sake of everyone.

"That's…that's bad for everyone here." Said Erza with sorrow in her voice. "Mirajane was one of the kindest and strongest in our guild. She was beloved by all. Her loss is something is a tragedy to us all." Ragna just nodded before asking his question again. "*Sighs* Those creatures that monster created reaped a heavy toll on us. Not just Fairy Tail, but all the guilds. Nearly everyone was wounded in the battle. To make matters worse, many of those wounded have died. Some poison from the creatures' attacks. It was extremely potent. Many died from it, their body's turned pitch black, including their hair." Ragna grimly pursed his lips at that, having seen it happen as he made his way here. People crying for their loved ones to come back, despite knowing they died. It churned Ragna's inside, but he kept moving on, both used to death and because he had to warn the others of who was responsible or all this.

"How many?" Asked Ragna, not really wanting to know, but had to. He had to know who died and who didn't. Erza sighed, not wanting to say it but said it nonetheless.

"I don't know how man exactly, but I'd say nearly half of all the wizards that participated in this battle have died. This includes every single guild that participated in the Grand Magic Games." Said Erza. "And that number would surely increase once we get an exact number." Ragna sighed at that. It was just as bad as he thought it was. Maybe even worse.

"Think any of the guilds will recover from this?" Asked Ragna. Erza just sighed.

"I don't know." Said Erza, truthfully again. "So many wizards are dead that I doubt that any of the guilds can fully recover from this battle. I'm afraid that much change and aid will be have to be given to all the legal guilds that have participated in this battle." Ragna sighed at that.

"And the royal family?" Asked Ragna, wondering how they'll be able to pay for all this as well as what they'll do to atone for all this death and destruction.

"I don't know that either." Said Erza. "Last I heard of them, they were pinned by some of those creatures that monster created. I don't know anything but that either."

"Shit." Said Ragna, nearly everything he heard was bad news. Very bad news. "Well, where's Makarov? I need to speak to him about something." Upon hearing Makarov's name, Erza immediately crunched up her face in pain. Seeing it caused Ragna's heart to stop. Not…not him too. "Where is he?" With that, Erza beckoned him to follow her upstairs. As they walked, Ragna could only guess correctly what caused Erza to crunch up her face in pain. Either Makarov was near death or was dead. When she stopped near a door, far away from everyone else, and opened it, Ragna knew that it was the latter.

On a table with Porlyusica, with a dejected expression and tears flowing from her eyes, was a clothed man that was around the size of Makarov and he highly doubted it was someone else other than Makarov. Upon seeing it, Ragna took a solemn face as he walked in with Erza.

Going near the table with the clothed body, Ragna looked at the body, feeling sorrow for the man that was the guild master of Fairy Tail. He didn't know him for long, but he knew that he was a good man that cared greatly for all members of his guild. He didn't discriminate on those that committed vile deeds prior to their induction to Fairy Tail, Gajeel being the most prominent example, and he was a wise man that knew what to do in tough situations. His death would shake the entire guild up, maybe even the entirety of Fiore with how prominent Fairy Tail was in the past and probably again now that they've won the Grand Magic Games.

"How did he die?" Asked Ragna, placing a hand on the table as he mourned the master of Fairy Tail. Erza sniffed a bit as she tried in vain to stop the tears from flowing down her cheeks before explaining.

"The master tried to stop that monster from harming any more people at the beginning of it's rampage." Explained Erza. "At first, he was doing well, but then that monster turned the tables and mortally wounded him. Ripping off parts of his flesh and stabbing him multiple times everywhere. If that wasn't enough, poison flowed from all the wounds that beast inflicted on him. Yet still, the master fought on until it pursued you. But by then, the damage was done. We tried to save him, heal him and all, but…the wounds were too great. Even without the venom, there was nothing that we could do." With that Erza began to break down in tears. Porlyusica did the same, though with more control than the young knightess. Ragna, however, kept his emotions in check as he looked at the sheet.

As much as Ragna wanted to cry with them as they mourned Makarov, he couldn't. He had something to say to everyone in Fairy Tail, something that everyone in Fiore needed to know. Hazama and Relius were here and they were planning something. He didn't know what it was, but considering what he knew about them, it was bound to be something awful for them all.

"Erza, there's something that you need to know." Said Ragna after he let go of the table. He looked at Erza with a serious look on his face, causing her to stop crying and look at him, perplexed. "During the fighting, I realized the full extent of the plan that happened. The plan that involved releasing that beast here." Upon hearing that, Erza widened her eyes in surprise. She then asked what he found out, causing him to sigh before explaining. "First off, I need to tell you something about me. Where I come from. You'll need it to better understand the situation, Erza." Blinking a bit at that, Erza asked him to explain.

"This may come off as a shock…but I'm from another world." Said Ragna, catching both Porlyusica and Erza off guard with his sentence. After recovering, Erza spoke up.

"Another world?" Asked Erza, surprised. She was no stranger of other worlds, having been to an alternate world of Fiore herself along with a handful of other Fairy Tail wizards, but it was still a bit surprising to hear that Ragna was from another world.

"Yes." Said Ragna as he nodded his head. "I'm from a world where magic isn't as abundant there as it is in Fiore. In fact, we use a different sort of thing that is similar to the magic you use." Upon hearing, that Erza was immediately infatuated with that information as well as making her wonder why Ragna is here in her world. She wanted to ask that question when Ragna got serious.

"I'll explain more about my world later. For now, I got some bad news that we all need to know." Said Ragna, his tone deadly serious. That caused Erza to blink a bit before asking him who needs to know exactly. "Everyone. The royal family. The Magic council. The other guilds. Everyone. Everyone needs to know about who was responsible for unleashing that monster here so we can stop them before they do something even worse." That cause Erza to widen her eyes in surprise and shock. Something even worse than the monster that killed their master and probably many other wizards? After a few seconds of recovering, Erza spoke.

"Who is responsible for all this?" Asked Erza, her tone hard. She wanted payback for those that caused that thing to appear and kill so many people, including Mirajane and Makarov, two people dear to her heart. And she knew that everyone who survived this battle would want the same thing as well.

"Two people from my world." Said Ragna with a sigh. "The first one is a green haired man with golden eyes named Hazama. You'll know him when you see him, trust me. Just in case, the guy dresses in a black suit, pants, and a hat. Guy is also a real piece of work, let me tell you. He loves torturing others for amusement and fun, whether it by physically or mentally. And does it all with a grin on his face." Erza frowned at that. That sounded like the type of person that they should be cautious against, but didn't sound like the mastermind behind all this. That was answered by Ragna in his next few sentences. "The other guy is called Relius Clover. Real piece of work like Hazama. Sees human as tools to be used in his experiments in creating a perfect society. One is bad enough, but together the two are something you got to watch out for. I also suspect that it was Relius that came up with the idea to bring forth that monster from my world to here." Upon hearing that, Erza kept silent, but it was clear to Ragna that she was a bit afraid at hearing about these two, especially about his theory that they were responsible for bringing forth the Black Beast here.

"And you believe they're here?" Asked Erza. "In our world." Ragna nodded at that.

"I fought Hazama and so did you." Said Ragna, making Erza widen her eyes in surprise. Hazama was that man in the suit of armor that nearly killed her and several of her closet's friends? When she asked that, Ragna nodded. "Yeah, he wore a powerful suit of armor from my world called the Susanoo. Nasty combination. Hazama was already a powerful combatant, but with that suit, I don't know. Beat him today, but I don't know later on." Erza hummed at that.

"And you think they'll try something like what they did today again?" Asked Erza. Ragna nodded.

"If there's one thing that unites those two together, it's their stubbornness to their goals." Said Ragna. "They'll stop at nothing to achieve whatever their goals are. They won't care how many people they hurt or kill as long as they get what they want. Trust me Erza, they're the type of people we need to stop before they achieve what they're looking for." Erza just nodded slowly at that. She fought many people like that over the years. Grimoire Heart as the lead. And Ragna has given no reason for her not to trust him. So, if he said that these two people, Relius and Hazama, had to be taken down, then she was all for it.

"If what you say is true about these two and that they are indeed the people that brought that monster upon us." Said Erza as she placed a hand on the table that had their former master's body. She allowed her sadness to show up slightly again before branding a brave face. "Then we must stop them before they do even more damage to Fiore or perhaps even beyond that." Ragna nodded at that, agreeing with her on what they had to do. "I'll try to gather what remains of our guild and tell them what you told me. And to prepare for a fight against those two for this. We'll also have to commence talks of having a new guild master in replace for Makarov." Ragna nodded at that, looking at the covered body with sympathy as well as a tightening fist. He was going to make Hazama and Relius pay for what they did. He swore it. Both here and back on his world. "For now though, let me and Porlyusica mourn our dead guild master. You're free to leave, but I encourage you to stay to pay your respects." Ragna nodded at that before taking his place near the table and began mourning for Makarov while Porlyusica and Erza began to cry for him again and began praying for him.




"Are you sure you wish to remain here, miss Vermillion?" Asked Jin as he looked at Noel, who was sitting in a chair that stood in front of Jin, who was standing up, looking at Noel with his signature stoicism. Noel, after fully recovering, had went up to him and requested that she and her sisters stay in Kagutsuchi, so she can help search for the legendary hero, Jubei. Despite being a nun with responsibilities to a church, she still remained adamant on staying. And so were her other sisters' apparently. "Don't you have a church to maintain?"

"Before we left, we sent a letter to the priest to the church we work for on what transpired and that we're leaving to go find help for Nu and get her back." Explained Noel. "After I recovered from that sudden knock out, I sent another letter to the priest, telling him that some important personal stuff came up and that we won't be coming back for awhile. He's an understanding person, Mr. Kisaragi, he'll let us stay here while we help out in figuring out who this Ragna person is." Jin clinked his tongue at that. Stubborn girl.

"Very well." Said Jin. "If you wish to remain here, then do so. Just don't interfere with military operations too much or I'm sending you back home. Understood?" Noel nodded at that. "You'll also need to be placed under military protection. I'm afraid we haven't still caught those men that Carl was with and we're not sure if they won't try to finish you three off or if they'll kidnap you again. So, you'll be placed under my care until further notice." Noel nodded at that as well, agreeing with that very much. "Moving on, your friend Makoto has found Jubei it seems. He's here. In Kagutsuchi." Upon hearing that, Noel brightened up in joy.

It's been a full two weeks since the picture both she and Jin saw, and since then Makoto has been, under Jin's orders, searching for Jubei in Kagutsuchi. When she brought up that Jubei might not be in the city, Jin assured her that he's having other intelligence officers search out for him as well, saying he pulled a few favors. After two weeks of searching, Makoto, with much enthusiasm, much to Jin's annoyance, confirmed that Jubei was in fact in Kagutsuchi. For what, Jin had no idea, but didn't care. That old hero was the key to advancing his knowledge on finding out who this Ragna the Bloodedge is and what he means to him. And Noel, of course.

"That's great." Said Noel with excitement in her voice. "When can we see him?" Upon hearing that, Jin looked at her in annoyance.

"I merely said that Makoto confirmed that he was here at Kagutsuchi, miss Vermillion." Said Jin. "We still have no idea where his exact location is, if he has a locations that he frequently visits or resides, or if he is even willing to talk with us. It took us two weeks to confirm that Jubei is here, how long do you think it will take for us to actually meet with him and talk with him?" Upon hearing that, Noel frowned at that, realizing that Jin was right. But still, it was something. She wanted to voice that to Jin, but refrained as she knew that it would only annoy him even further. Still, she was going to tell Lambda and Nu about this news. That they were getting closer and closer to figuring out who this Ragna the Bloodedge was and what he meant to them all.

When she told him his name, Lambda suffered a headache upon hearing it, but fortunately didn't lose consciousness like Noel did. After she recovered, she asked if Noel knew anything more about Ragna the Bloodedge. She was disappointed that Noel told her that there was no additional information, but was pleased that they were searching for someone that may hold the answers that they were seeking. So, while she was taking care of Nu, who was still unresponsive to anything, Noel was keeping tabs on Jin's investigations on Ragna the Bloodedge, which he claimed to NOL high command that it was part of his investigations on what Carl was doing, which is partly true.

"I hope you find Jubei soon, Mr. Kisaragi." Said Noel as she got up. "I'm normally a very patient woman, but the wait in figuring out what this Ragna the Bloodedge means to me is waning it considerably." Jin just nodded at that. He too wondered who this Ragna the Bloodedge was and what he meant to him as well. He knew the legend of the hero Bloodedge, how he stopped the Black beast of old for a full year in order to give the six heroes, which Jubei was a part of, the time they needed to stop the Black Beast from wiping out humanity. He also knew how the hero ended up. Dead. Sacrificing himself to stop the Black Beast and give the six heroes the time they needed. Yet this man. This Ragna the Bloodedge not only had the title Bloodedge in his name, but also awakened something within him that told him that he knew this man and that he was very important to him. Why this was? Jin didn't know and he was eager to get the answer.

"As do I, miss Vermillion." Said Jin as Noel left to go see to her other sisters. "As do I." Once she was gone, Jin sat in his desk chair and began pondering who this Ragna the Bloodedge is and theorizing what his relations are to him.