Chapter 19

Ishgar Magic Council

"The Royal Family must remain in charge, I'm afraid." Said a man with brown skin and black sunglasses as he looked at his fellow members of the Magic Council, rulers of all things magic. They were all sitting in a massive brown, rectangular table that served as their meeting place. At the end of the table was the leader of the Magic council, Gran Doma.

"Yes, testimonies from various mages as well as our own investigations has proven that the Royal Family did not realize what would actually happen should the gate be opened." Said a woman with tan skin and brown hair in a bun. "With that being said, they were still experimenting and creating something with magic from the Books of Zeref. Not to mention unleashing that horrible monster on us, even if unintentionally. This must be addressed."

"Agreed, but the Royal family is still relatively popular with the people as well as being experts in maintain relations between the magic community and the regular populace." Said a man with a large white beard and a scalp that was showing signs of baldness. "We need them to maintain power. However, I recommend giving them a warning. Do something like this again and we'll overthrow them and have someone else be in charge of the kingdom." Gran Doma, a man with a gray beard long, flowing gray hair, hummed at this before speaking his mind.

"Agreed." Said Doma. "We still need the Royal family as leaders of the kingdom, however, we must ensure them that their actions have consequences. Consequences that will be severe should they pull something like this again. Have a Rune knight send forth them such a message when the meeting is done. Now, lets focus on the casualties wrought by that black creature as well as the creature itself. Is there anything that can be found about it from our archives? The third man that spoke sighed.

"I'm afraid not, chairman." Said the man. "Nothing from our records gave us anything about that monster. Nothing even remotely close to it's description can be found.'

"Is it a monster of Zeref?" Asked another council member. The man shook his head.

"If it is, then it's something new." Said the man. "Such a large monster would have been documented long ago if it showed up in history, back when Zeref was around." Gran Doma stroked his beard at that.

"Keep searching, Org." Said Doma. "We must know everything about this creature should it or another of it's kind show up again to wreck havoc in Fiore." The now named Org nodded in agreement. Once that was done, Doma asked the next subject of the meeting. The one that most dreaded to hear about. "What of the casualties taken by the legal guilds that participated in the defense of Crocus? How many are dead, unable to continue on as mages, or are now cripples?" Org sighed at that before speaking.

"It's a nightmare, Chairman." Said Org before going on to explain why. "Out of the two thousand wizards that helped in the defense of Crocus, only five hundred are left. And even then, only two hundred and fifty are able to continue on as mages at the moment." That caused some of the council members to wince or curse before allowing Org to continue. "Though that monster inflicted great amount of casualties with the beasts it's spawned, that wasn't what killed most of the mages. It seemed that both it and the beasts' it created inflicted some sort of toxin on the mages whenever they damaged one of them, making what should be a survivable wound a fatal one. This is further compounded with the fact that healing magic or any sort of antidote doesn't work on this toxin. This is what killed most of the wounded and mages." Org then rubbed his forehead before speaking again. "It's pretty grim, chairman. Very grim. If the dark guild Tartaros or worse, the Alvarez Empire, acts while we're recuperating these loses, I fear Fiore will fall." Doma nodded at that, fearing it as well.

"I fear so as well." Said Doma. "In that case, we must have on standby both Etherion and the Face weapons in case either Tartaros or the Alvarez Empire makes a move that threatens Fiore. All in favor of this?" Upon hearing that, every council member raised their hand in agreement. "Good. Now, let's also make a plead to all magic-capable citizens to either enlist in a legal guild or the military. Both are in great need of fresh bodies for help compensate for what happened in Crocus." With that, the Magic council went on to compensate and repair the damages wrought by the Black Beast.

A week later


"Inferno Divider!" Yelled Ragna as he trained in some grassy plains that was some distance away from the city of Magnolia. He was currently training alone as the other Fairy Tail members were either working in their new guild hall, provided to them by the people of Magnolia for winning the Grand Magic Games, though with what happened after it, such a prize was very mute to some members of the guild, or were doing jobs to help people in need. Although Ragna wanted to go out and do these jobs as well, he knew that he needed to train. He had to. Hazama and Relius were out there, planning something, and he needed to train in order to combat both of them if they ever show themselves again.

He may have defeated Hazama, in the Susanoo no less, but he wasn't sure if he could do it again when the two are fighting him at the same time. Plus, he was confident that they'll rectify his ability to defeat the Susanoo as soon as possible, especially Relius. If so, he needed to prepare for the worst. Those two, when working together, were a dangerous pair that needed to be stopped before they unleash whatever plan they had for this world and perhaps his original home.

He continued on training for a few more hours before he heard the sounds of footsteps approaching him. Looking at the source, he found Wendy coming at him with Carla. Upon seeing them, Ragna looked at them.

"Is there something that you want?" Asked Ragna, looking at the two girls coming at him. Wendy nodded before speaking.

"The others have finally decided on who will become the next guild master." Said Wendy. "We'd like for you to be there for the announcement." Ragna hummed at that.

That was one of the harder things they had to do. When Makarov was declared dead, there were many tears of sorrow and screams of denial of it from the Fairy Tail guild. Natsu, especially, screamed out his denial and rage, nearly punching the person that announced it out of sorrow and denial. After a week of mourning and burying Makarov in the Magnolia graveyard, the most powerful and influential members of the Fairy Tail guild came together to decide who will be Makarov's replacement.

It was something many of them didn't want to do, but they had to for the future of the guild. They needed someone that can handle the politics that comes with operating a legal guild, finances, dealing with the magic council, and dealing out discipline when it's needed, which is kind of a necessity with the Fairy Tail guild. Unfortunately, their lists of candidates were relatively short with people that had the criteria needed for a guild master.

Laxus, Makarov's grandchild, had refused to be guild master, believing that he neither the right to do so, due to an event way back that caused his excommunication from the guild, and that there were far better candidates than him to become the guild master. Macao had abstained as well, believing that, under his command, Fairy Tail would go back to it's awful position during the seven year period that the Tenrou Island group was gone, and he didn't want a repeat of those dark times. Despite people's arguments that he was a fine guild master, doing whatever he can to keep the guild afloat, he still refused to be a candidate to be guild master. And Gildarts, one of their best wizards, was gone with no way for them to reliably contact him in order to inform him of all that transpired. He'll no doubt come when he heard all that happened, but the possible amount of time for him to come back, forced them to do the debate without him. So, Porlyusica, Macao, and Erza went deep inside their new guild hall to discuss on who will succeed Makarov as the next guild master of Fairy Tail. They debated for at least three days on who should be the guild master or not, never coming out of whatever room they locked themselves in, making people wonder how long they'll stay in there before they decide a successor.

Well it seemed that they finally made up their mind on how will become their guild master.

"Really?" Asked Ragna. "Well, who is it?" Wendy just shrugged.

"We don't know. They haven't yet decided on who it will be." Said Wendy. "Guess they wanted it to be a surprise. Macao and Erza announced that they finally decided who will be Makarov's replacement and that everyone should be present for the announcement if possible. And since we knew you were here, well." Ragna nodded at that in understanding.

"Well, might as well see for myself who is the chosen guild master." Said Ragna. "Let's go." Wendy nodded at that before the three walked back to the guild's new guild hall. As they walked, Ragna couldn't help but look at Wendy. The way she meekly walked towards the guild hall and how she looking up at Ragna, squealing a bit when she saw him look at her before looking away, a blush on her face. Her cat, Carla, sighed at her behavior and politely scolded her for acting this way.

The way Wendy acted reminded Ragna so much of Noel when they first met. Shy, unsure of herself, and very childish. He acted so much like a jerk towards her when they first met and he couldn't help but regret it. Looking back at it now, Ragna probably would have punched his younger self for acting the way he did. Even if he was so full of rage and anger, he hadn't the right to act towards Noel the way he did during the first few days they knew each other. And it ultimately costed him his last organic arm. He got a replacement, but still. Losing that arm hurt like hell, just like the last time he lost an arm. Thinking of the girl that was his sister technically, Ragna remembered the tears she spilled the day he erased all memories of her, his brother, and everyone else in his world. He'll do it again in order to remove all the pain and misery in his world, but it hurt him seeing Noel and Jin cry over him as they loved him and didn't want to forget him, despite knowing that it was needed for everyone else to have a happier existence. He hoped they both were doing fine and living far happier lives than before.

After a few minutes, the three arrived in the guild hall, where the majority of the guild was in. The only ones absent were Natsu, Lucy, Gray, Pantherlily, and Gajeel. Obviously the five were out doing missions to help cement Fairy Tail's new position as number one guild in Fiore as well as proving to the people that Fairy Tail can bounce back from the disaster that struck them sometime ago with the Black Beast, a monster that the Grand Magic Council was still trying to figure out where it came from. Ragna wanted to go and inform them of it's origins and tell them about Hazama and Relius, but he never got the chance. With all the chaos that was ensuing from the Black beast assault and the amount of deaths each legal guild had that participated in the defense of Crocus, the Grand Magic Council had it's hands full along with the royal family, preventing Ragna from telling them the truth behind the Black Beast and who is responsible for all the recent destruction in Crocus. Only the guild of Fairy Tail knew and that wasn't enough to stop Hazama and Relius if they had the Susanoo and who knows what else they have at their disposal. Hopefully, he'll be able to tell them soon before those two can advance whatever plans they have.

Taking a seat in a table, Ragna watched as Erza, Macao, and Porlyusica standing on a stage, looking over the rest of the guild as they awaited their announcement on who will be the next guild master of Fairy Tail. With him around, the three began their announcement.

"As you all know," Started Erza looking over all surviving members of Fairy Tail that were able to make it in time for this announcement. She wanted everyone here for they all deserve to hear it at the same time, but the amount of time for some of them to arrive would take too long and this was something that needed to be done quickly. ", Makarov, our guild master for most of our lives as Fairy Tail mages, has passed. Killed by the monster that had killed so many of our comrades in Crocus. It was a blow that deeply affects us all. For he was like a father to us. Mentoring, scolding us, and protecting us from the forces of evil for as long as we can remember. And though we mourn for him like everyone else in our guild that died against that monster, we must move on and select his successor." A few adopted mournful looks on their faces upon hearing that. Others adopted an angrier look, as if they refused to believe that they were doing this and refused to accept it. Despite that, however, no one raised their voice to stop Erza from announcing who will be their next guild master. Looking all over her guildmates for a few seconds, Erza sighed before speaking again. "After much deliberation between Porlyusica, Macao, and myself, we have made our decision." Porlyusica then spoke up, taking over for Erza.

"The seventh guild master of Fairy Tail is Erza Scarlet." Announced Porlyusica, causing a few people to widen their eyes in shock, a bit stunned that Erza was the chosen successor for Makarov. A few felt fear that she had been chosen, worrying what she'll do to them now that she had ultimate authority on what to do against Fairy Tail mages that cause massive property damage as well as disobeying her rules. Others, however, wondered how she'll do as a guild master. For a guild master doesn't just have to keep their guild in line. They must also maintain good relationships with the rest of Fiore, report to the magic council on things that they must know about or things that threaten the entire nation of Fiore, maintain good relations with the town the guild is stationed in, and deal with any complaints that are sent towards their guild from those that hired people from their guild should they find their services to be unsatisfactory. Erza was more of a actions speak louder than words individual as well as someone that preferred to let her fists do the talking rather than her words. Not to mention she was rather blunt on what she thinks. So, some people were slightly worried that she'll do poorly in the more political aspects of being a guild master as well as the other delicate aspects of it.

"Are there any objections to this choosing?" Asked Macao, looking around the guild hall for any protests. No one raised their hand or challenged to the decision made by the three on who the guild master will be. "Then we expect you to treat her with the same respect you gave to Makarov when he was our guild master. If there is anything you want to speak about in private, then you're welcome to speak to one of us. If you don't, then you're all free to do what you wish to do." With that Macao ended the meeting, allowing people to do whatever they pleased, either speaking with other members of the guild or decide on what jobs they wish to do today.

Ragna, however, just stayed silent as Erza, Macao, and Porlyusica walked down the stage they were in and went their separate ways. Erza, herself, was walking towards him. Seeing this, Ragna stayed seated as Wendy and Carla went over to Erza.

"Congratulations on your promotion Erza." Said Wendy as she bowed in respect to Erza, causing the older woman to smile at the little girl. "You'll do great, Erza. I just know it." Patting Wendy on the head for that, Erza spoke up.

"Thank you for having faith in me, Wendy." Said Erza. "I swear to do uphold the honor of Fairy Tail and ensure that we remain the number one guild in Fiore. I won't let either Makarov or you all down. This I swear." Wendy smiled at that.

"And team Natsu will be there for you all the way." Promised Wendy, eyes full of determination, causing Erza to smile even wider. Thanking the little girl, Erza told her to run along with Carla as she had important business to do with Ragna. Once Wendy and Carla were gone, Erza went over to Ragna and sat in front of him. Looking at her, Ragna spoke up.

"I'd say congratulations and all, but I feel that you don't want that." Said Ragna, causing Erza to nod.

"I would very much appreciate it if you don't." Said Erza before looking at Ragna. "I wish to keep our conversation in private. Follow me to my new office. We'll start our conversation there." Ragna nodded at that and so followed Erza to her new office in the guild hall. Upon entering a rather spacious officer with shelves filled with books and a desk in the middle, Ragna took a seat in front of the desk as Erza took the seat behind it, staring at it for a moment before doing so. Once she sat, she spoke. "Now that the issue around who the next guild master is resolved, let's focus on your matters." Ragna nodded at that, glad that they were going to focus on Hazama and Relius now. "First off, we need to report to the magic council as well as the royal family about this Hazama and Relius Clover. If these men are as dangerous as you make them out to be, then we need to deal with them before they strike again." Ragna nodded in agreement at that.

"So, what are you planning on doing about that?" Asked Ragna. Erza sighed before speaking.

"As I have to go to the magic council to fill out the paperwork regarding my position as the new guild master of Fairy Tail, I'll inform them about Hazama and Relius. For that, I wish for you to be there as well." Said Erza. "You know them more than anyone else here and every bit of information may be necessary if we wish to bring them to justice." Ragna nodded in understanding at that.

"Alright. When do we leave?" Asked Ragna, looking at Erza.

"Sometime later today." Said Erza. 'In about two or three hours. So, either rest up or have lunch, Ragna. I expect you to be on time when I'm about to leave to meet up with the Magic council. I'll leave Porlyusica and Macao in charge until we get back. Hopefully, it won't take too much time." Ragna nodded at that. "Now with that out of the way, may I ask a few questions?" Ragna raised an eyebrow at that before telling her to say them. "If I may, can you tell me what your world is like? What the people there are like? And how did you come here to our world?" Ragna sighed at that.

"To be perfectly honest, I can't really answer any of those questions." Said Ragna, causing Erza to blink in surprise. "You better hold onto your seat, Erza, because this might be a bit confusing for you. *Sighs* There was this being in my world. This being had the ability to restart time and events however it pleased. And it used that power to restart a specific timeframe. All because of me." Erza hummed at that. She wanted to comment on that bit of information, but decided to allow Ragna to finish first before speaking. "So, in order to stop it, I sacrificed myself in order to let people in my world to go on with their lives, but not in a traditional fashion. I just erased myself from the memories of everyone I meet or knew. I erased any and all memories of me in order to let everyone else in my world to live normal lives without someone restarting everything, preventing people from living their lives beyond a set amount of time. And in order to keep that going, I stayed with the being that caused it all in the first place. My sister." It was here that Erza decided to speak.

"So, how come you're here in our world, Ragna?" Asked Erza, stunned to hear all this, particularly the sister part. This was a lot to take in, but Erza was doing her best to keep up. "How did you go from wherever this sister of yours to Earthland."

"As I said, I don't." Said Ragna honestly. "Last thing I recalled that has anything to do with Earthland is waking up in a field nearby Magnolia. I don't know how or why I'm here." Erza hummed at that.

"Do you think that Hazama or Relius has anything to do with this?" Asked Erza. Ragna just shrugged.

"Wouldn't surprise me if they did." Said Ragna. "The only question is why my sister didn't stop them. She isn't helpless. She can defend herself. And with me besides her, there's no way that Relius and Hazama could have brought me here, even with the Susanoo, the suit Hazama had to defeat you." Erza nodded at that.

"I'd see." Said Erza, as she memorized all this information in her head. "Some of this may need to be kept from the magic council. They may not believe us if we tell them the more outrageous details. Your sister and the ability to restart events." Ragna nodded in understanding at that.

"At worst, they just need to know about Relius and Hazama." Said Ragna. "They're our threat at the moment." Erza nodded in agreement.

"If I may, do you know what they want?" Asked Erza. Ragna just nodded his head.

"Relius wants a utopian society." Said Ragna. "A perfect society where no crime, death, or decay happens to it's citizens. That may sound nice, but the way he goes around it is wrong. He treats human beings as tools and things to be experimented on. Trust me Erza, he's someone that needs to be taken down." Erza nodded at that, trusting Ragna on this. "As for Hazama, the guy is a psychopath. Through and through. Bastard tortured one of my closets friends, inflicting so much pain on her all for his sick amusement." Ragna didn't mention the fact he killed her over and over again because that would just add more confusion to Erza. Speaking of the redhead, Erza frowned at that, obviously disgusted with what Ragna said about Hazama. "What those guys want in this world, however, is something I don't know. But with their bringing a Black Beast here, it can't be anything good.' Erza nodded in agreement at that.

"Agreed." Said Erza before getting up from her chair. "That is all for the moment, Ragna. We'll discuss more about your world during the trip to the magic council. Take the time you have at the moment to get something to eat or freshen up. It's probably your best interest to do so as the magic council can be quite aggravating." Ragna nodded at that before leaving Erza. Once he was gone, Erza pursed her lips. Hazama and Relius. What were these two off-worlders planning on doing to her home? What are they looking for? Erza both wanted to know and didn't want to know at the same time. She can only hope that it wasn't something too dangerous to her home, but she knew that, deep down, that was just wishful thinking on her end.


Unknown location

"The Fiore wizard guilds are weak. We should strike now. Before they regain their strength." Said a male voice in a dark and cold place somewhere in Fiore.

"No, not yet." Said another male voice, calm and collected. "We need to gather more forces if we wish to conduct our plans. Fairy Tail still has some of their most strongest members still alive along with that new one. The one called Ragna the Bloodedge. He, alone, can stop our plans if we strike now. For now, just gather our underling guilds and siphon what you can from their members that are worthy of joining our ranks. In addition, send forth spies to find out what that creature was that attacked the capital. Such a beast is an unknown and it needs to be identified so we can prepare ourselves if it appears again."

"Understood." Said a feminine voice this time. "Shall I go at once to purge our underling guilds?"

"You may." Said the 2nd male voice. "If that is all, this meeting is adjourned. Let Zeref bless us in the following days for the time to awaken his most powerful creation will soon commence." With that the sounds of people leaving a room were heard. As they walked, the people were thinking, in anticipation, the bloodshed they'll cause against those inferior humans in the days to come and how they're lord and master will come to let them rejoin with their creator once again.