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Chapter 2

"Inferno divider!" Yelled Ragna as he cut a giant slug in half. After getting the blood out of his sword, Ragna went to the corpse and begun to loot the body for the requested item, all the while, complaining about the smell. Soon, he managed to acquire the requested item, the slug's heart and lungs. Carefully placing the items in a special container the client gave him, Ragna walked back to the client to acquire his reward. Upon arriving, the client, a middle-aged man, smiled at seeing the Fairy Tail wizard. He then took the container and rushed to his kitchen. He then placed the items into a pot, where a whole bunch of magic items were surrounding it.

"If you don't mind me asking, but what are you planning on doing, sir?" Asked Ragna, curious.

"Well, I'm planning to create a potion that will make even the most disgusting food in terms of taste, into a five-star meal." Said the man as he began casting spells. "If it works, it'll make millions."

"Yeah…sure." Said Ragna, doubting the potion will make that much of a profit. "Well, can I have my reward, sir?"

"Of course!" Said the man before giving Ragna a sizable bag full of jewels. "Thank you for your assistance. It's good to know that Fairy Tail has someone like you in its ranks again."

"Thanks." Said Ragna before leaving. After a train ride and half an hour later, Ragna was soon approaching the guild hall. Upon entering, he spotted Macao at the bar with a tall, bald man with a thin, dark beard in some formal tradition wear. Curious, he walked over there to overhear their conversation.

"Still nothing?" Asked Macao as he drank his beer.

"I'm afraid so." Said the man. "I'm also afraid that, given that we searched for nearly seven years, they're gone for good. But we'll keep searching. If there's anyone that can survive that attack, it's them."

"Still, thanks for everything Jura." Said Macao before turning around, spotting Ragna. "Oh, Ragna. How was the mission?"

"Pretty uneventful." Said Ragna before tossing Macao the bag of money. "Just took a giant slug with ease. Wasn't even a fight."

"Well, with your skill, I can't see how it was." Said Macao as he inspected the money, in case it wasn't someone ripping them off like last time.

"So, this is your newest member." Said the man called Jura as he inspected Ragna. He then smiled. "He's quite a peculiar person."

"And you are?" Asked Ragna, wondering who this was.

"Oh, forgive me, I forgotten my manners." Said Jura with a sheepish smile. "My name is Jura, one of the ten wizard saints. I must admit, it was a pleasant surprise to hear that Fairy Tail had received such a strong individual such as yourself in its ranks. Not only that, but that it's gaining it reputation back."

"Uh…thanks, but aren't you from Lamia Scale?" Said Ragna, remembering a book that he read, along with several others, in order to get information about this world. He remembered what it said about the wizard saints and who are the current ones and which guilds they're afflicted with, if they are in one, of course. "How come you're here?"

"Well, it was out of respect of the old master and some of his wizards." Said Jura with a sad smile. "You see, I was good friends with him. And some of his wizards had even saved my life and helped bring down a dangerous dark guild called the Oración Seis. It was no surprise for me to become good friends with them. They were such a good bunch of youngsters." He then sighed with sadness. "Unfortunately, they all were at Tenrou island when it was attacked by Acnologia."

"The black dragon, right?" Asked Ragna, remembering of a book about Acnologia and how destructive it was. Not as destructive as the Black Beast, which took countless nuclear weapons simultaneously, but was enough to take on entire cities on its own as well as islands. It appeared suddenly on Tenrou island and sunk it all to the ground with the fairies still on the island.

"Correct." Said Jura. "Since then, Lamia Scale and various other organizations tried to search for survivors. But, given seven years passed, not many believe that the fairies survived Acnologia."

"But you're still persisting." Said Ragna. "You must have real respect for them if you're still doing this."

"I do." Said Jura with a smile. "And so, do several others in my guild. We won't stop searching until we find them." Ragna just cracked a small smile before speaking again.

"Hey, how about a match between you and me?" Asked Ragna as looked at Jura with a determined look. "I didn't get a good work-out with that slug. You wouldn't mind if I can fight you?" Macao was about to scold Ragna for his impudence when Jura laughed kindheartedly.

"My, my." Said Jura with a smile "You certainly remind me of a certain dragon slayer." He then remembered how gung-ho Natsu was in terms of fighting strong opponents, but this one actually requested and looked like he was okay with him saying no. "Very well. Besides, I actually wanted to see how strong you are." He then stood up. "Let's take it outside. Don't want the old hag to throw a fit on me for destroying Fairy Tail." Smiling, the two then walked to the outside. They then stood a few meters away from each other, a relatively safe distance from the guild hall. Meanwhile, all members of Fairy Tail, aside from Alzack and Bisca, who were out spending time with their kid, were spectating. Max, a Fairy Tail wizard that controls sand, was actually making a betting pool on who would win. Not surprisingly, most bet on Jura, but a few, or rather just two, betted on Ragna. He couldn't blame them, Jura was a wizard saint, an extremely powerful mage. Besides, it would be so worth seeing their faces if he'd actually beat Jura.

"Are you ready, Ragna?" Asked Jura as he got into a fighting stance.

"Ready when you are." Said Ragna while cracking his knuckles. The two stayed silent as they stared at each other. A few moments passed before Ragna suddenly charged at Jura with an extended fist, engulfed in energy, while calling out Hell's Fang. Jura merely made some hand signs, resulting in several rocks coming out of the ground and attempted to defend Jura. Emphasis on attempted as Ragna's attack went straight through and punched Jura in the chest, pushing him back. Every one of the spectators looked shocked at this as Ragna followed with an attack called Gauntlet Hades, which Jura dodged. They were even more surprised to see some red lights coming from Jura and entering Ragna.

"Most impressive." Said Jura with a smile. He was both impressed and shocked that Ragna penetrated his spell. This should be an interesting fight. He then launched a rock fist at Ragna, who dodged the attack via ducking. Unfortunately, this was what he wanted. He then launched several large rocks at Ragna's face, which forced him back after they hit him.

"That was a cheap shot." Said Ragna as he massaged his jaw.

"Well, the enemy will do the same, Ragna. So, why not do the same to them?" Asked Jura. "Besides, I have no doubt that you'll do the same."

"Point taken." Said Ragna before charging again, dodging any rocks that Jura threw at him. When he was two feet away from Jura, he then jumped in the air before repositioning himself to aim his sword at Jura's chest, yelling out Belial edge. Jura just dodged it by sidestepping before countering it with a rock fist, which Ragna dodged. He then launched a wave of dark energy at Jura, who just used several walls of rocks to defend himself. However, this was what Ragna wanted. He then charged at Jura while the dark energy nearly penetrated the rock walls. When Jura was about to subside the scattered rock walls, Ragna used one of his most powerful moves against him.

"Carnage!" Ragna then slashed at Jura with his sword before slashing again, this time with a wave of dark energy for extra damage. "Scissors!" Jura was thrown back by the end of the attack. Not to be undone, Ragna attacked Jura while he was in the air, throwing two punched before kicking in the head. He then extended his sword's blade, hitting Jura in the chest, before jumping back. As Jura got up from the onslaught of attacks, everyone was looking at Ragna in shock. Not believing that he was actually beating Jura.

"Am I dreaming or is the new guy actually beating Jura?" Asked Wakaba as he messaged his eyes, not believing what he was seeing.

"It's real." Said Kinana with a smile, happy that Ragna was holding his own. Macao just stayed silent as they all watched Jura get up with a smile.

"Most impressive." Said Jura. "You're holding back aren't you though?"

"Yup." Said Ragna with a smirk, shocking everyone at this."And you're doing the same correct?" Jura just smiled again.

"Indeed." Said Jura before launching several giant stone fists at Ragna, who simply stayed still before slicing all of them in half. The two combatants just stared at each other before charging.

Several hours later

"*Laughs* This was the most fun I had in years." Said Jura as Kinana placed bandages over his head. He received quite a strong hit in the head from Ragna's sword while he was recovering from using his magic too much. Course, he managed to launch several rocks at Ragna's face, giving him a black eye, so there's that. "I must admit, I feel happiness that Fairy Tail has a strong member again. Dare I say it, you might single-handily bring it back to it's former glory."

"Thanks, but let's not get ahead of ourselves." Said Ragna as Laki, the other woman in Fairy Tail, inspected him for wounds. She, along with everyone else, was shocked to see no wounds on Ragna aside from some minor bruising and the black eye. He then explained he can heal quickly, which can be augmented from attacking his opponent. Such power explained why Jura felt a bit weakened whenever Ragna attacked him. It was a very useful ability as it both exhausted the opponent as well as healing the user. "I'm still one guy. I doubt I can bring this guild back to its former glory." Jura just nodded in understanding. "We're also struggling with money troubles still. Not enough people are handing out jobs to us."

"Well, in that case, why don't I spread the word that Fairy Tail is making a comeback." Offered Jura.

"It'll be appreciated." Said Macao with a smile. "We can actually use it now, since we got an ace in the hole."

"Then, I'll pass the word." Said Jura as he stood up. "Who knows, this may help get the other guilds to recognize." He then passed his goodbyes before leaving. As he left, he couldn't help, but think on Ragna.

"Such a spirited, young man." Thought Jura with a smile. "He'll be a fine addition to Fairy Tail."

"So, what do we do now?" Asked Ragna as Laki put an ice pack on Ragna's black eye.

"Well for starters…HOW ABOUT PAYING FOR THE DAMAGES YOU CAUSED TO THE GUILD!" Yelled Macao as he pointed to the broken door of the guild hall with some damage to the main floor.

"Oh yeah." Said Ragna as he rubbed his hair. "Well, better get to it."

"Master!" Scolded Kinana with a frown. "Ragna just got out of a fight with Jura that lasted for hours. He needs rest."

"I'll be fine." Said Ragna as he went to the job board, which somehow survived the destruction. He then picked some relatively well-paying jobs and left. "See you guys whenever." Said Ragna as he took off.

"Guy has the stamina of Natsus if he can go on jobs after a fight like that." Commented Max as he watched Ragna leave.

"True, but that what makes him our strongest member currently." Said Laki. She then turned to Max with a smirk. "I believe you all owe me and Kinana money now since the bet was Ragna not being beaten by Jura and since he didn't, cough up." Everyone then groaned before passing their money to Laki and Kinana.

A week later

"This sucks." Said Ragna as he carried a bunch of crates to a train. "Why is this a job for wizards, anyway?"

"Dude, I have no idea." Said a conductor. "I just escort people to the train and help them with their luggage. Maybe because everyone else is just lazy."

"Gee, you think?" Asked Ragna, sarcastically before placing the last crate into the train. "That's the last one. Now, pay up."

"You got it." Said the conductor before going inside the train and coming back with a bag of jewels. "For real, sorry about this. This usually doesn't happen."

"No worries." Said Ragna. "Just wondering why this was a job in the first place."

"You and me both." Said the conductor before saying goodbye, which Ragan did in return. As the train left, Ragna left to find a restaurant as his train wasn't coming until half an hour from now. As he walked. he wondered what can bring Fairy Tail from the rock bottom it was in now. Despite his efforts, people are still skeptical about their strength, calling them Wimpy tail or the like. As he as humming to himself, a scream suddenly caught his attention. Curious, he rushed to where it originated from. Upon arriving, he spotted two women guarding a couple of children against some thugs. Growling to himself, he walked over to the group. Upon getting a closer look, he saw that the thugs were scared at the two women. Evidence were their shivering, and some of them having some scorch marks. Plus some of them were unconscious, giving Ragna the impression that these two were wizards and were fighters. Speaking of the women, one was pink-haired and the other dark-haired. The pink-haired woman was wearing a pink coat covering a short green-dress. She also wore green boat and a puffy pink hat. Her pink hair was covering one of her eyes. Her clothing exposed her legs as well as revealing her shoulders and upper cleavage. The other woman was wearing a purple dress which wraps around her body as a robe, which exposed her legs. The dress was complimented with a yellow cloth belt that was tied under her breasts. Her long, dark hair was tied back into two distinct sections; the first being two thin strands that are plaited and looped around to form hoops that sit on either side of her neck, whilst the rest was tied back with bows into two pigtails that flow in thick locks around body, where they stop just above the ground, the ends curling. Her fringe is left out, allowing her long bangs to fall over her face and into her eyes, save for a single strand which curls upwards away from her head. Upon getting close, Ragna spoke.

"What's going on here?" Asked Ragna as he glared at the thugs. Upon seeing the new fairy, the thugs looked at each other, uncertain in fighting against him. Not to mention, the two women that beaten some of them from before. Deciding it was best to leave, the group then left with their unconscious members in tow. Scoffing at this, Ragna then walked to the two women, who were currently tending to the kids.

"You okay?" Asked the pink-haired woman as she wiped some dirt off of a young boy while her friend was taking care of the rest. The children just nodded their heads while thanking for the ladies for their help.

"Next time, don't steal from those that can catch up to you." Said the other woman. She then brought out some jewels from a bag she was carrying. "This should help you for some time."

"You girls need help?" Asked Ragna as he saw this. The pink-haired woman just stared at the man, btu also smiled gratefully.

"Yes." Said the woman. "Thanks for scaring them off."

"Like they had a chance against me." Said Ragna. "Or you apparently since they're were close to cra…wetting themselves." Said Ragna, catching himself from swearing in front of kids.

"Aww, thanks." Said the pink-haired woman with a smile. "Names Cosmos, by the way, and this is Kamika." The dark-haired woman just waved her hand as she ruffled the hair of a brunette girl.

"These kids orphans?" Asked Ragna. "Isn't there an orphanage here?"

"Yeah, but the orphanage is struggling to afford to pay this bandit gang that exhorting them." Said Cosmos with a hint of anger. "The local law enforcement tried to stop it, but they got their hands full with other problems.

"Or are being paid off to turn a blind eye." Said Kamika as she walked to Ragna. "These kids were trying to steal some food from the bandits when they got spotted."

"And you two were passing by and decided to help out." Said Ragna. Kamika nodded in confirmation. "Well, would help, but I got to go to another job. So…be seeing you." He then turned around to leave. Just when he was about to, Cosmos spoke.

"You're that new fairy, correct?" Asked Cosmos with interest. "The one that everyone is talking about?"

"Yup." Said Ragna. He then turned back around. "Look I got to go now. If you want to talk with me, then do it when I'm back at the guild hall…or whenever I'm there." He then took off. As they saw him leave, the two women let out a smile.

"Interesting." Said Cosmos, cupping her face. "And quite handsome too."

"Hmm…I think that we should keep an eye on him." Said Kamika with a smirk. "If he's as powerful as the rumors say…then I suppose it's worthwhile to keep an eye on him."

"Yeah, but first let's take care of these kids." Said Cosmos before looking back at the kids before her, letting out a kind smile.

"Yeah." Said Kamika before helping Cosmos escorting the kids back to the orphanage. As they walked, Kamika whispered to Cosmos. "And take care of a certain group of thugs, right?" Cosmos just let out a dark smile before nodding.

Yeah, the Hungry wolf Knights girls were introduced. Why? Well, it's because I found them...interesting when they were introduced. I felt that Hiro, not to be a jerk, wasted so much on them. He could have introduced them in a more gray light. Like, have them kill some members of a dark guild when the main cast were sent to arrest them. That could have been a great moral conflict. Anyway, rate and review and I'll see you guys next time.