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As days passed, this strange poison slowly began leaving Aramis' system. Thankfully. But the progress was still incredibly slow.

Soon enough, Aramis began feeling the urge to get up and move around. And no matter how much, both, Anne and Constance tried to convince him out of it, the man was determined, and was on his feet within a couple of hour.

As he stood in front of his room's large window, watching rain falling down the glass, when he felt somebody tapping his leg. Turning around, he saw little Louis, tugging on his pant leg. "Your Majesty!" he exclaimed, bowing his head slightly. "What are you doing here?"

"Mama said I could come visit," the young King replied. Aramis could easily tell that his mother had never allowed him to visit. But he decided to play along. "So I did."

Aramis chuckled quietly and knelt down to reach Louis' height. "And for that, I am grateful."

Louis grinned, his eyes sparkling.

"Louis!" Anne's familiar voice called. "Louis, where are you?"

Suddenly, the boy's smile disappeared. "Uh-oh," he said. With that, he ran off, dashing past his mother as she stepped through the door. She gasped slightly as her son ran like his life depended on it.

Aramis scoffed, shaking his head. Anne chuckled, and walked over to her Minister. "How are you feeling, Aramis," she asked, placing her hand on his shoulder.

"Better," replied Aramis, smiling. "I am recovering. Slowly."

"Well, I have even better news for you," said Anne. She leaned towards him and kissed his cheek. "I found out who did this to you."

A puzzled expression crossed Aramis' face. "Oh?" he said. "Who?"

"You wouldn't believe it," Anne began. "It was servant. Apparently, he was still caught up with the past, and did not like that two 'Spaniards' were part of government. He said many … many rude things about you."

Aramis shook his head once more. "What happened to him?" he asked. He had to know.

"We were about to send him to the Bastille … But when we came back after his first interrogation, he had drank the same poison he gave you, just in much bigger dose. We could not have saved him."

The First minister sighed. "That's alright," he said finally. "At least you found out…"

Anne nodded. "At least." She closed her eyes. "I just wish I could have done-"

She was cut off when Aramis kissed her ever so gently. She returned his sweet motion by kissing him right back, almost sinking into his arms.

"Anne, you did what you could," Aramis whispered once pulling away. "What matters is that this is all over. I will recover, and we have figured out who caused all this. We don't have to worry about anything else."

The Queen smiled. "Now, I have a feeling you're hungry. How about we have a quiet lunch outside? You need some fresh air and the rain has cleared up."

"That would be wonderful, Anne, thank you," replied Aramis. He kissed her once more and then took her hand, interlocking his fingers with her own.

Anne squeezed her lover's gentle hand, beginning to pull him out of the room. In a couple of minutes, they arrived at the gardens, where a small table was already set up and was filled with delicious looking food.

Constance was already sitting at the table, smiling brightly.

Aramis couldn't help but grin.


After lunch, the three adults decided to talk. About anything and everything.

Aramis asked about his friends, wanting to know what was happening to them. Constance had explained that Porthos was still at the front, sending letters almost every week. Athos was still somewhere with Sylvie. He had send a letter to the garrison when his first ever child was born. It was a boy. They declined to name him Rene. Aramis was truly touched. Constance had also explained that her husband was busy rebuilding the garrison - and the job was slowly coming along - and recruiting Musketeers. He was enjoying it.

Aramis was glad.

"Now what about you, Aramis?" Constance finally said. "I never even asked you how you are fairing with being First Minister."

Aramis chuckled, taking a sip of his - thankfully - non-poisoned wine. "Well, it definitely has its moments," he replied, smiling.

Constance and Anne burst into laughter; Anne even playfully hit his arm. His smile only got wider.

It was then that Louis found them. When his eyes fell on his favorite First Minister, he gasped and dashed over to where he was sitting.

"Aramis! Aramis!" he was yelling.

The man grunted when his son jumped into his lap, patiently waiting for him to hug him. When recollecting himself, Aramis did just that.

"Louis, Aramis is ill," Anne scolded, slight amusement in her voice. "You should know better."

The young King hung his head. "I am sorry, Mama," he said. "I only wanted Aramis to tell me a story."

Anne quietly scoffed. "Only if Aramis is up to it," she said, locking gazes with her lover.

"Of course I am up to it, Majesty," replied Aramis, smiling. "What would you like to hear?"

And so for the next hour, Aramis told Louis more of his adventures as a Musketeer. By the time he finished, he was feeling rather tired.

"Alright, Louis, time to go," Constance said. Aramis smiled at her. "How about we go see what the kitchen has for us to eat?"

The boy clapped his hands, and the two of them were off.

Aramis sighed, running a hand through his head. He watched as Anne took his hand and squeezed.

"Come," she said. "Let's go walk around, shall we?"


Once finding a dry bench to sit on, Aramis and Anne just enjoyed each other's silence.

The Queen had her head atop her Minister's shoulder, and one hand on his lap, the other in his hand.

Aramis was content in resting his chin on Anne's head, kissing her head every once in awhile.

"How are you feeling?" Anne finally asked, breaking the silence.

"Better," said Aramis. "I enjoy sitting here with you."

Anne looked up, her big eyes searching his own. Aramis was quick to close the distance between them, and felt her melt into his arms.

The kiss was soft and gentle and understanding - Anne understood that he still needed time. The kiss, in a way, was sad. One with passion, but also with control.

It was Aramis' favorite type of kiss. Within it, so many emotions were expressed. And that was what he loved.

He was forced out of his thoughts when he tasted tears in his mouth. Opening his eyes, he realized that Anne was crying.

"Why are you crying, Anne?" he asked softly. "What is the matter?"

The Queen sniffled, resting her forehead against his own. "I just … I do not what I would if I lost you," she whispered.

In return, Aramis wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close. "Oh, Anne," he said, kissing her temple. "You will never lose me. I will always be here, at your side. I will be with you no matter what. Remember that. Always."

He kissed her again, for reassurance.

When they pulled away, they just cuddled against each other, saying nothing, but thinking about each other.