Imelda didn't hate music. In fact, she loved listening to the songs her husband came up with—but, there was an uneasy feeling in her gut, after last night, when Héctor had told her he'd be going with Ernesto to pursue his dreams of being a musician.

He had offered her to come with him, and to bring their little girl, Coco, with her—"We could tour the country together, as a family," he'd said.

She had only agreed because he was her husband, the love of her life, and the thought of raising Coco alone at home with Héctor absent made her feel sick to her stomach.

However, she still felt uneasy about Ernesto. There was something about that man—something that seemed rather off, but she couldn't put her finger on it.

Either way, the morning they'd packed their things into the wagon and left, Imelda kept a close eye on Ernesto, watching as he and Héctor conversed.

They stopped at an inn around evening. Coco slept in a bed next to her parents' in their temporary room.

As she tucked her daughter in, Imelda whispered, "Mi hija, I cannot tell you how much your father and I love you. And I promise that no matter what happens, we will always be there for you." She smiled at the little girl, before continuing, "However, there is this feeling in my gut…that things will not go as smoothly as your father says. If something bad happens, I want you to get help—you know those men with badges? If anything bad ever happens during our stay with Mr. de la Cruz, I want you to get those men. They may be strangers, but they are strangers you can trust.

If, and only if, anything bad happens, I want you to know that there will never be a time where Mamá or Papá will ever stop watching over you and loving you, because you are our pride and joy. Our lives couldn't be happier than they are now, with you here."

Coco simply nodded and yawned, before her eyes closed and she drifted off to sleep.

Imelda smiled, before she kissed her daughter's forehead. "Goodnight, Coco."

As she headed over to her and her husband's bed, she heard Héctor mumble softly, "Ernesto is a good man."

She sat down, pausing for a moment. She wanted to believe him on that, she truly did, but a part of her had some doubts. "…maybe he is," she said slowly. "But, that could change. He could pull some stunt that'll put us in jeopardy, while it might benefit him. We can't be so sure."

"Imelda, he and I have been friends since childhood," Héctor replied, frowning a little. "Don't you remember when I introduced him to you?"

Imelda was silent, as she recalled the memory.

"Imelda, this is my childhood friend, Ernesto," Héctor had said, as he pointed to the other man. "Ernesto, this is my love, Imelda."

Ernesto had stared at her for a moment, giving a skeptical look that only she had seemed to notice. He then smiled and took her hand, shaking it. "Es un placer conocerte, señorita."

His voice sent chills down the woman's spine. Imelda looked at Ernesto's hand, before slowly shaking it as well. "El placer es… mío." She winced as Ernesto kissed her hand, and quickly yanked it out of his grasp.

Ernesto's smile faded. "Oh."

"Yes…he was – something, alright," Imelda lied.

"I promise, you'll both get along just fine," Hector said as he laid back. "You'll see."

Imelda pursed her lips as she rested her head on a pillow. 'I wouldn't be so sure about that, mi amor,' were her last thoughts before she soon closed her eyes, drifting off to sleep, like her child had.

(End notes: and before anyone asks, yes - there's going to be a lot of Spanish dialogue. But like, I'm Puerto-Rican. Let me randomly insert Spanish into a fic about Mexican characters. XD )