2001 A.D.

A colony of microscopic organisms darted around, picking multiple fish away down to the bone faster than any piranhas ever could. They were growing in strength, fusing together into slightly larger beasts. Only time could tell what horrible abomination could arise from this.


20XX A.D.

Life was continuing on as normal for many people here. A scientist had recently returned from a study of the Baltic Sea with depressing results. The waters were becoming a dead zone, due to strange forces. Pollution could be to blame, but nothing was being dumped into the sea. So what could have caused it?

Dr. K was utterly stumped, that was until she found an odd organism. A small creature rapidly eating everything in sight, then fusing together with others to become larger, more powerful organisms. She had a sample on hand. The small red organism squirmed in a little transparent container, begging to be let out and fed.

Something suddenly hovered overhead, the streets going silent. People looked up, stepping out of their cars and taking photos. It let out a horrible screech as another, similar beast crawled down the street. In place of wings, it had extra legs. The red monsters screeched at each other, before assaulting the people below. They stomped and crushed individuals with sick smiles, taking pleasure in their screams.

They finally fused together to from a great monster. Destoroyah. The beast screeched at the sky, a grin clearly visible.


Destoroyah turned around to the source of the roar. A tall beast, only slightly shorter than Destoroyah stood there. Godzilla himself.


Destoroyah turned again. A slender, raptor-like kaiju stood behind him. Zilla, the princess of monsters. While he was distracted, a low hum was heard, followed by a blast of blue atomic breath straight to Destoroyah's back. His wings were almost immediately disintegrated, causing the devilish beast great pain. Destoroyah didn't turn to Godzilla. Instead, he rushed right at Zilla. She dodged out of the way, screaming and leaping onto Destoroyah's back. Zilla tore into the back of his neck and tore out chunks of flesh. He responded with his tail, digging into Zilla's hide and throwing her off.

Destoroyah turned and spat a Micro-Oxygen beam at Zilla, greatly wounding her. He raised his foot and slammed it down on her head, beginning to press down. Godzilla grabbed Destoroyah and pulled his unearthly jaws in half, spitting an atomic beam down into his body. Destoroyah screeched in pain before falling limp, his head seperating from his body. Godzilla turned to the fallen Zilla, letting out an upset sound.

She looked up, and weakly got back onto her feet, staying close to her brother.