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Previously in A Portal to Mystery Plus Me...

You can never really judge a book by its cover...

"Feel free to call me Andi."The perky girl gave a smile to the group.

"That's a boy's name!"

"ITS SPELLED WITH AN 'I'!"The girl yelled at Ivor,making him back away.

Most would wouldn't really worry about the happy ones.

Andi jumped,tears streaming down her cheek,after Ivor tapped her shoulder.

Even those who seem weak can hold unknown strength.

Andi's necklace a flash,Sparklez was revived,leaving Andi weak.

They may even possess abilities that even they didn't know of.

Jesse and Petra looked over the ledge to see Andi floating in midair,eyes squeezed shut.

Some can find light in the darkest times.

"Aw,it would have been a blast."Andi joked.

The best type of people will do what's if it pains them.

Andi tackled Cassie over the edge,her eyes shining with tears.


Andi and Fluffy slowly began to vanish.

You never know what may happen around them.

"The universe has yet to give you a clear path."The Author smiled."You get to make one."

Let's continue from where we left off,shall we?

What Andi was expecting:to be surrounded by soon-to-be-friends and to be asked to at least be on the she was actually happening at the time:her and Fluffy to be falling from the it was .

Somewhere below,there was a girl and her pet were having a was a few months older than Andi but still a few inches girl had long,straight,brown hair and matching wore glasses with brown frames,a green turtleneck,black jeans,and black combat boots.

She was about to take a bite of her sandwich when she heard faint later,Andi face planted on the ground.

The girl poked Andi's head."Erm,are you okay?"

Andi lifted her head up and gave the stranger a thumbs up.

Until Fluffy landed on her and she let out a small "ow".

Andi got up,dusted herself off,and turned to the girl.

The girl asked."Uh,you good?"

Andi nodded."I'm fine,other than the bruises I'm gonna have."

"Do you fall from the sky often?"She raised an eyebrow.

"Nope!"Andi gave a small chuckle."Not recently anyways.

A small spider crawled out from behind a hissed at Andi and Fluffy.

"George doesn't like new people,"The stranger explained."Or animals for that matter."

Fluffy began to hiss as on the other hand was pretty amazed.

"Whoa!"You could practically see the anime sparkles around Andi."You have a pet spider?!"

"Easy now."The girl soothed before picking George up."He's nice once you get to know him."

Andi turned to Fluffy for a quick moment."Its okay girl."She also scooped the ocelot into her arms before turning to the other female."Its alright.I guess Fluffy here is the same isn't usually like this.I guess she's just threatened."

"Why are you out here so late anyways?I never see much people out in the forest after dark."The stranger took a bite of her sandwich before putting her pet down.

"Well..."Andi paused for a few minutes."That's actually a really funny we haven't really introduced ourselves,have we?"She put Fluffy down and held out her hand."My name is Andi,AKA the Princess of Muffins."After a few beats of awkward silence,Andi reached into her bag with her other hand and pulled out a offered it to the girl."Wanna muffin?"

She raised an eyebrow."Muffins huh?"She cautiously grabbed Andi's hand and shook it."The names Pippa,the Princess of Darkness."Andi was pretty sure that last part was sarcasm."Call me else."Pippa carefully took the muffin from Andi's grasp.

Andi enthusiastically smiled."Okie dokie,Pip!Nice to meet ya!"

"Its Pippa and nice to meet you too,I guess."She took a bite of the muffin."Now again,why are you walking...dropping about?"

Andi paused for a moment."...Long version or short version?"

Pippa shrugged."I've got version."

"Okay,Pip!"Andi leaned onto a tree and began to explain."It all started when I was seven and I found this temple in the woods."

Andi heard Pippa mutter something similar to "Oh brother" but ignored it.

"There was this guy in a cloak right outside of it.I didn't see a good look of his face before he ran off."Andi explained."The doors opened by themselves and I went the walls and there were odd paintings."

Pippa groaned."Did you join some sorta cult?"She interrupted Andi before she could answer."Don't answer that give me the short version."

Andi nodded before continuing."Okay!I found a magic traveling between solve a murder got killed like twenty !And I found some cookies!"

Pippa blinked and raised an eyebrow." the cookies any good?"

Andi grinned."Yep!I still have some actually."Andi pulled one out of her bag."Want one?"She paused for a moment."...Is that really your only question?"

" much."Pippa took the cookie and stashed it in her own bag."Must've been one heck of an adventure.I love a good adventure."

"No kidding."Andi thought for a moment."Can I stay with you for a while?"

Pippa raised an eyebrow again."Are you some sorta spy?"

Andi gave a small giggle."Nope!Its just..."The girl paused for a moment,looking for the right words."You said you like adventure and my life so far has been like some sort of dramatic book or something...And I trust that you won't kill me in my sleep."Andi blinked a bit."...Will you?"

Pippa gave a smirk."Will I?"She moved her bag to make room for Andi and Fluffy.

Andi thought for a moment."Ah well."She plopped her behind onto the blanket."Still less dangerous than the rest of my life."

George began to hiss and backed away.

"Not like I have the tools or energy to actually kill you."

sense of wellbeing Andi was gone.

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