Chapter 1-The Visit

New York City-1977

Mayor Lenny was dead. Everyone knew that. His register had been signed. Signed by his colleague Walter Peck. He knew that his colleague was dead. Despite this event and the fact that they had worked together for many years, Peck did not cry or even go to his funeral. He just sat in the counting house he and Lenny had owned. Peck was a very grumpy man. Nothing seemed to bother him. Rumor had it that he had no heart. All he seemed to care about was money.

7 years later...

It was Christmastime, 1984 in New York City. Peck was once again in the counting house. His worker, Peter Venkman, was hard at work. As usual. Peck underpaid him, so he was poor. Then Peck heard a voice:

"Merry Christmas Uncle!" It was his nephew, Louis Tully.

"Bah Humbug!" Peck exclaimed.

Louis just laughed. "Oh Uncle! You surely didn't mean it."

"I most certainly did Louis." Peck snapped. "I hate Christmas. I don't understand. Why are you merry? You're poor enough."

"Why do you need to be so grumpy?" Louis asked. "You are rich enough."

"Bah Humbug!" Peck said.

"Come on Uncle. I was kidding. Be happy. It is Christmastime again." said Louis.

"Be happy?" Peck asked. "Listen Louis. It's just another dumb holiday. It is not so important. Anyone who thinks it is a joyful and merry time should have their tongues cut."

"Uncle-" Louis said.

"Bah!" Peck said. "Go away. Leave me alone. I hate Christmas."

"Well, I for one think Christmas is a happy and joyful time. It's a time to celebrate the people in our lives. That's way Christmas is very important." Louis said.

"I must agree." Peter said.

"Say it again and I'll lower your salary to nothing." Peck snapped.

"Dickless." Peter muttered under his breath.

"C'mon Uncle." Louis said. "Join me and Janine for dinner tomorrow."

"Never." said Peck. " But answer me this Louis. Why did you get married?"

"Because I fell in love. That's why." Louis replied.

"Foolish!" Peck exclaimed.

"Well, I'm married." Peter said. "And you haven't said anything to me about that."

"Be quiet Mr. Venkman." Peck said. "And Good afternoon to you Louis."

"I would like it if you'd come for dinner." Louis said.

"Good afternoon!" Peck repeated.

Louis then shrugged his shoulders and walked out. Then, two men came in.

"Hello. We are here to collect money for the poor. May we see Walter Peck or Mayor Lenny?" one asked.

"Ha! Very funny!" Peck said. "Lenny is long dead. Lenny died 7 years ago. And no money for you."

"There must be money for the poor and homeless." the second man said.

"No, it's their own fault they're poor." Peck said rolling his eyes.

"No, it's not!" the first man exclaimed, "Do you have to be so cold-hearted?"

"Good afternoon." Peck said.

"But sir-" the second man started.

"Good afternoon! And go away! I hate Christmas!" Peck exclaimed.

The two men then left. After a few hours, the sky darkened and the weather got worse. The clock then struck 5.

"You may go Venkman." Peck said, "But be back bright and early in the morning. Just because it's a holiday doesn't mean you get the day off."

"Yes sir." Peter said, while secretly rolling his eyes as he left.

A little while later, Peck decided to lock up. He locked up shop and headed home. As he approached the door to his house, he saw the knocker transform into a familiar face. One that had not been there before.

"Lenny!" Peck exclaimed.

Suddenly, the knocker returned to normal. Peck shook off his nervousness and headed inside. Hours later, Peck was in his bedroom when he heard a sound of chains and something heavy being dragged across the floor.

"What the-?" Peck started.

It then stepped into the room. It was at least a Class 4 manifestation. But Peck recognized the ghost. It was the ghost of Mayor Lenny!" His complexion was paler, and he was illuminated by a blue aura. Chains that were attached to locked boxes were chained around his wrists.

"Lenny? Is that you?" Peck asked, a little terrified.

"Yes, Peck. It's me." Lenny replied.

"What happened to you? Who did this to you?" Peck asked.

"I did it Peck. These are the chains of my ignorance. The chains I forged in life." Lenny replied, "Since I wasted my life hoarding money and not helping my fellow New Yorkers, I was forced to wear the chains for eternity."

"But you were so good at business." Peck said.

"Forget about business!" Lenny exclaimed, "Think about others! This is the time of year I suffer most. And listen to me Peck. Tonight, you will be haunted by 3 spirits. And listen to them."

Mayor Lenny went through the window and joined other wailing spirits that were chained as well. Then, they were all gone. Peck wanted to say 'Humbug', but he didn't. He then put out the fire and went to bed.

To be continued...