First crossover.

This will be a great test of my writing.


Long ago, a young man went on a long journey to different worlds, he made many friends and found many things relating to the past and looks forward to the future. Many people of that past have come back and are ready to fight, but the young man will have to become a master of his destiny. But meanwhile another destiny will unfold, but that won't be for awhile. This will be the start of a new journey, for a destined four.

A young man is on a beach, this young man is named Sora. The young man mentioned earlier, he has saved the worlds many times. About a year ago he took a test to become a Keyblade Master but sadly he failed, and he has been training for awhile. Seven months ago, he found Ventus, Roxas, Terra, Aqua, and found the old members of Organization XIII, one of the named Axel who was really Lea. About a month ago he did tell the girl he had a crush on about how he felt, but she actually loved his best friend. He was saddened by this but he wouldn't let it keep him down, so he kept training. Right now he is on a beach training with his Keyblade, using every spell and technique he ever learned. Even using his Drive forms, including the Anti form which he learned how to control and use to an a good extent. He is sweating, and panting a lot, he sits down a drinks a bottle of water. Footsteps are heard behind him.

"Giving up Already?" Said the familiar voice

Sora turns his head to see his best friend Riku.

"No, just relaxing." Sora replied casually

"Glad to see your keeping up on your training." Riku then said with a smile

"You on break along with Kairi?" Sora then asks with a slight smirk

"Yeah, Aqua and Terra around plus some of the Organization members. It's been a bit easier to patrol the worlds, how are you?" Riku explained/asked with a smile

"Good, just training. Anything new?" Sora said/asked somewhat concerned

"Yeah, i was told to get you by Yen Sid." Riku replied

"Oh, what for?" Sora asks questioningly

"He didn't tell, but Roxas, Ventus, and Lea are going to be there." Riku then says

"Okay, i hope i'm not in trouble." Sora then says

Sora then gets up and goes.

Sora is now at a tower, he walks in to see Roxas, Ventus, and Lea all sitting in some chairs in front of a desk. Sora then walks over and sit in one of the other ones nearby, Roxas then looks at Sora.

"Hey Sora, how are you?" Roxas asks with a smile

"Good, not much is going on. How about you?" Sora asks casually

"Not much, same with the others." Roxas then says with a smirk

A wizard with a grey beard wearing a blue hat with blue robes, this is Yen Sid. He walks over and sits in a chair behind the desk, everyone sits up a bit.

"As you all know, it has been a year since that incident with Sora. But after that he has trained himself, i notice this and offer training not only for him but for other that he's helped." Said Yen Sid

"Okay, what is it old man." Lea then said

Yen Sid then closes his eyes.

"Sora, i want to give you special training. Roxas, Ventus, and Lea will all join you, other than that you will have no contact with any of you other friends. Do you accept this?" Yen Sid asked

Sora thinks about this for a moment, he won't be able to see his friends. But he will grow stronger, and be able to bond with some of his friends.

"Yes, i accept." Sora said

Yen Sid then opens his eyes.

"Good, here is book with the coordinates that you will go to. There is a gummi ship that will take you there, and it will house all of you. It has all the items you need, good luck" Yen Sid explains as he take out a book

Sora gets up and takes the books, the others then get up and walk out. After they left Yen Sid gets up and walks into another room, he lifts up a sheet to reveal a man with silver hair, brown eyes, and is wearing a green scarf.

"Did you send them here?" The man asked

"Yes, sorry for the interruption." Yen Sid said

"That's okay, after all our form of communication is less then perfect also." The man said

"Well, they may not seem like warriors but their skills back up their aloofness." Yen Sid then said

"Of course, i'm signing off." The man then said

"Of course mister..." Yen Sid said

"Please, call me Ozpin." Said the man

Four weeks later...

"Are we there yet?" Lea asked in a sort of whiny tone

"No, we are not Lea." Sora said casually

Currently our four heroes are on the gummi ship that is traveling to their location, Sora is currently driving.

"Well, can we stop somewhere at least?" Lea asked snarkily

"If we keep going we'll get there, until then we just wait." Sora explained

"Well, put it on auto pilot then. I need some serious training." Lea then said

"Alright." Sora said as he put the ship on auto pilot

Sora gets up and leaves with Lea, meanwhile on the computer board. There's a message saying.

Warning, CPU overheating. Explosion imminent.

Meanwhile with Aaro- i mean Ozpin

Huh.. looks like that reference has come full circle, Ozpin is sitting behind his desk reviewing some documents when a woman with blond hair, green eyes, and glasses walks in.

"Professor Ozpin, the new students will be coming in two weeks. Do we have everything prepared?" She asked

"We will have some new students coming in about a week, and they will be surprising to say the least. Other then that, yes we do have everything prepared." Ozpin said casually

Ozpin then goes back to reviewing the documents as the woman walks away, confused by what the man of mystery said.

This is my first crossover, i hope you do enjoy this. I did take a lot of inspiration from other series and crossovers, so this will be pretty good to say the least. But on that note.

I will see you guys in the Crossed Fandom