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Iris walked into the house, placing her bag down near the kitchen table. "Baby?"

Felicity was tapping away on her computer, reluctant to speak since she was so focused. "I'm in here."

Iris followed her voice. She found Felicity sidetracked by the laptop. "What are you up to?" She crossed into the room and kissed the blonde's forehead.

"I'm hacking into the next door neighbor's network."


"I think they're trying to steal our internet."

"Really? Why's that?"

"I found different mac addresses and different gadgets attached to our router earlier. I want to check if it's really them."

"Oh, okay. But why would they steal our internet?"

"Honey, we have the fastest connection in the city. Who wouldn't want to steal it?" Felicity boasted.

"You're right. Maybe they are trying to steal our wifi."


Iris kissed Felicity passionately, "I love you."

"Oh no." Felicity groaned.

"What's the matter, baby?"

"I think I love you too." The blonde said.

Iris' face brightened at the moment they were sharing. She loved Felicity Smoak more than she loved life. "Now help me with this article I'm writing please."

"What do you need help with?"

"This guy, Todd Jefferson. We're trying to frame him for blackmailing his father's corporation to gain more money."

Felicity gasped. "What do you need me to do?"

"Can you try hacking the corporation's network and maybe find some files on him?"

"In a heartbeat." Felicity began to rapidly type on her keyboard. "Got it. These files are encrypted but not for long."

"You're wonderful."


"Are you almost done?" Iris wondered. "The movie marathon starts soon."

"Oh yeah. I can't believe Barry is dating Snart." Felicity huffed. She finished hacking the network and put the files on a usb drive for Iris. "Everything you need is on here."

Iris leaned in and kissed her girlfriend.

Barry walked into the room. "Hello," He greeted.

Leonard Snart was carrying a small box. "I brought some popsicles for the occasion."

Felicity groaned. "Barry!" She and Iris said in unison.

"The door was open." Barry pointed out.

In a tall building across from the apartment complex Dr. Wells sat in an office with a large window. He had binoculars held to his eyes as he spied on the unsuspecting couples. He had planted a bug in their apartment when the two women were at work. He chewed on black licorice. "Movie marathons. My favorite." He began to hum a tune to himself as he continued to spy. His eyes widened when he saw Barry plant a quick kiss on Snart's lips.

"Really? In front of the girls?" Len questioned his boyfriend.

"There's nothing to hide, honey." Barry replied.


As they continued to watch their movies Barry's cellphone rang. It was Caitlin. "Yeah?" He had his arm draped around his lover and he was purring in happiness. "Sorry, I can't go to the lab right now. Movie marathon. You and Laurel are welcome to join if you like." After hanging up, Barry looked to the women. "Caitlin's on the way with her fiancé."

"Stop inviting people! We'll have a whole party at this rate." Felicity snapped.

"Time to go in the hot tub." Iris said. She walked into the other room to change into her bikini.

Felicity followed suit. She changed into her thong bikini, her butt cheeks hanging out.

When the two women came out, Len cringed at Felicity. I'm so glad I'm gay. He thought. He held onto Barry.

Dr. Wells had phoned a friend. The mysterious figure stepped out of the darkness. "Welcome Jay." He laughed. "I didn't think you'd make it in time for this." He handed the other man a pair of binoculars. He also handed Jay an earpiece. "I took the liberty to bug their apartment last week. We'll hear everything. There's a snack. Black licorice if you want it."

Grodd climbed the building quickly. Snart spotted the huge gorilla and he put on his glasses. "Showtime."

Barry ran out of the apartment at super speed, running up the building towards Grodd while carrying Leonard. Leonard blasted Grodd with his cold gun. Barry and Len had a celebratory kiss on top the tall building. Grodd was frozen solid on the building. "I can always count on you." Barry told the other male.


Barry ran back into Iris and Felicity's apartment. With his boyfriend in tow, he took off his Flash suit. Leonard removed his glasses and put away his cold gun.

"Why do you bring that thing everywhere?" Felicity questioned Len.

"So I can freeze annoying people like you." Leonard said.

Felicity sat in the hot tub in shock. Iris stroked her hair. "Don't let it get to you hon."

Laurel and Caitlin walked in.

"Why does everyone come in without knocking?"

"The door was open." Caitlin explained.

Barry waved to them both. "Did you bring your suits?"

"No." Both of them said in unison.

"Party poopers." Felicity told them. The blonde scooted closer to Iris.

Iris hummed with delight.

Barry laced his hands with Len's. He felt nothing but love towards the other man. "I wanna marry you someday."

Harrison chewed his licorice furiously. "This is better than television." He muttered to himself before looking over to Jay.

Jay cringed while chewing on the licorice. "How can you possibly eat this?"

"It's delicious." Harrison answered.


Barry looked to all the friends. "I'll be right back." He sped across the city going to each home and grabbing their swim suits. It was hot tub time. He ran back to Felicity's apartment and sighed, "Woo. I got everyone's suits." He tossed them to Caitlin and Laurel and then pranced over to Leonard. "Yours too."

Len rolled his eyes as he accepted the swim trunks.

Jay walked over, "Can I use the bathroom?"

"In there." Harrison pointed as he looked through the binoculars unable to tear his attention away.

Jay left the room and entered the bathroom.

"Hello, Jay." Gideon greeted.

After a moment Jay left the bathroom. A sound of rushing water filled Harrison's ears and he glanced over to see water overflowing underneath the door. "Oh no!"

He got up from his seat and ran to the door. Opening it, he was petrified by the sight of rushing toilet water flowing over the rim of the toilet. He grasped the plunger and shoved it into the toilet. "Damn it, Jay!" He cursed as he plunged the toilet. "You're causing me to miss out on all the fun!"

Jay looked sad as he was scolded.

Gideon began short circuiting. "Hello.. Dr.. Wells.." She glitched.

"And you ruined Gideon! How can I forgive you for this?" Harrison said disgusted as the toilet finally stopped flowing. "Next time you can use the bathroom outside."

"I'm not a dog."

"A dog would be less troublesome."


After everyone changed into their delicious swim suits, they all went into the hot tub. Barry wore a speedo. He put on goggles and repeatedly dunked his head underwater.

"This isn't a swimming pool, Barry," Felicity cried out.

"Can we please just relax for a little bit?" Laurel asked.

Barry continued to splash around.

Iris gave him a glare. "Stop being childish."

Snart glared at Iris. "Let him be happy."

"Barry, you're grounded from the hot tub!" Felicity shouted.

Harrison finally returned from toilet duty after cleaning up the vast mess of water. Perplexed, he sat back in his seat. "It's obvious you're not human."

"The toilets on Earth 2 never overflow."

"I had to unclog the largest piece of sh—"Arguing filled his ears when he put the ear piece back on.

Jay cringed and retorted, "Yeah, well you haven't eaten Mexican food from Earth 2's Si Senors." He put the other ear piece in his ear.

"You can't ground me, I'm an adult!" Barry yelled back.

Felicity groaned. "Then start acting your age already!"

Iris sighed and exited the Jacuzzi before answering Barry's cellphone as it rang.

"Barry's phone. How can I help you?"

A drunken Oliver grunted on the other end before his boyfriend, Cisco snagged the receiver. "Iris? Can Oliver and I come over? It's urgent."

"We've already got a full house so it might not be a good—"

"Zombies. Zombies everywhere!" The green arrow bellowed into the phone, earning an annoyed look from Iris.

"You know what? I doubt it'll be a problem. See you guys in a bit." The dark haired female ended the call.


Cisco and Oliver arrived about fifteen minutes prior to their call.

The green arrow was having hallucinations due to drinking too much alcohol in one go.

"He needs some hangover serum, stat!" Cisco wailed.

Caitlin exited the hot tub and ran to her purse. She withdrew a syringe and plunged it into Oliver's side. "This should help."

"Do you carry that with you all the time?"

"Pretty much." Caitlin answered.

Oliver's hallucinations began to disappear. He calmed down.

"That's much better." Cisco pats the other male on the back.

"We need some tunes," Felicity spoke up.

Cisco fished out Oliver's iPod. "Here." He tossed it to the blonde.

Felicity caught the iPod and walked over to the speaker system. She plugged it in and blasted Sail by AWOLNATION through the speakers.

"This is how an angel cries, blame it on my own sick pride, blame it on my ADD baby," Felicity sang along, shaking her bottom.

Suddenly the earpiece in Harrison's ear blared with the music and Felicity's singing. It screeched with feedback. Jay already threw his earpiece out and threw it to the floor. Harrison pulled it out. "Ow!"

"I warned you about them. Whenever they're all in the same room, they're louder than a garbage truck."

"What kind of analogy is that?" Harrison scoffed.

"Believe me, babe—they're animals." Jay reasoned.

"Not dirty monkeys like you. How long has it been since you've shaved? And your hair is about as long as Tarzan's." He chuckled. "Are you going to swing through the trees next?"

"This city doesn't have enough trees."

"Well if you stopped work for a while and focused on the environment, everything would be fine. But you can't take a day off can you?"

"A day off what?"

"Of being the Flash from Earth 2!" Harrison paused. "And you're on our earth now. With Barry we don't need you here."

Jay looked hurt.

Laurel shook her head. "Can you turn this music down?"

"Sail! Sail!" Felicity continued to sing.

"Central City scares the bejeezus out of me!" Oliver muttered, opening his eyes.

Cisco hovered near him. "It's okay, honey."

Iris turned to Felicity. "Can you change the playlist?"

Felicity couldn't hear them. "Blame it on my ADD baby!"


Cisco's attention turned to a picture frame on the table beside the couch. He looked over and picked it up, noticing a blinking red light behind it. "Uh, guys? I think someone's listening in on us." He pried the small electronic off the picture frame and stared at it.

"Oh, I saw that the other day. I thought it was for the tv." Iris commented.

Felicity stopped singing and looked stunned. "Someone's eavesdropping right now."

Cisco pulled out his cell phone and began tapping on it furiously. He took apart the small object and began wiring the components differently. "If I just make an adjustment then we can hear whoever's spying on you." He hooked up the little device to his cellphone.

"Damn it, Jay! Get back here!" Harrison yelled, watching Jay run out the door. "Damn animal. You won't be getting anymore treats from me this week."

Barry looked at Snart. "Who does that sound like?"

"Dr. Wells." Caitlin answered.

Snart gave her a look. "I believe he asked me, not you."

Laurel gave Snart a look in response, narrowing her eyes at him.

"Jay! Cut your crying out! You big baby!" He continued to yell. Jay was behind the door crying. "I take more shit from you than anyone else on this Earth! You left the biggest turd earlier! Guess who cleaned it? ME!"

Barry scowled in disgust, grimacing. "Ew."

"Should we really listen to this?" Oliver asked.

"Well now we know who it is but where is it coming from?" Cisco wondered.

Felicity took the device away from Cisco and ran to her laptop. "I can pinpoint the location if I hook it up to my computer." She tapped on the keys rapidly. Her computer began beeping on a hotel across the street from her apartment. "That's where they are."

"Gotcha." Snart grinned.

"Who's gonna do the honors?"

"Honors of what?"

"Of getting even with them?" Iris asked.

"I'll go get 'em!" Barry insisted and sped off, still in his speedo. He grabbed Harrison and Jay and ran back to the apartment, letting them go once they were all inside.

"Nice to see you joined the party." Snart smirked.

Harrison and Jay looked confused.

"Why are you spying on us?" Felicity asked, her eyebrows rising.


Harrison seemed tense. "Uh.."

"He gets like this without coffee or black licorice." Jay explained.

"We didn't know you had a sweet tooth." Cisco commented.

"It's unprofessional to eat on the job." Harrison said.

"Who knew you were professional? Spying on people isn't professional." Laurel said.

"I just wanted to be part of the party. I didn't get invited." Harrison's jitters grew worse. "Can we talk about this later?"

"We'll get you something." Jay told him.

Iris shook her head. "If you weren't invited you need to leave."

Barry yanked the pair of binoculars off Harrison's neck. He tossed them aside. "You won't need these anymore."

There were black circles around Harrison's eyes from using the binoculars too often. "I have spares."

"I thought those circles were from lack of sleep." Jay said.

"How long have you been spying on us?" Felicity asked.

"That is quite the question Miss Smoak." Harrison answered.

Finally, Sail turned off. Everyone except Felicity was relieved. Taylor Swift came on and Felicity began singing to that too.

"I knew you were trouble when you walked in!"

Everyone groaned, Harrison too.

"Get the man his black licorice!" Jay shouted in demand.

Barry ran out of the apartment and across town to the candy store. He grabbed bags and bags of black licorice in a basket before bringing it back. "Fine. Here."

Harrison ran to the bags in delight, tearing one open like a child who tore open a Christmas present. "Thanks!"

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