Author's note: I know, this is a pairing that shouldn't even exist. I'm writing it anyways. I think I'll be the first one to do so, which is awesome. Constructive criticism is welcome. I've only got part one planned out. The prologue is shorter than the rest. Delial is a play off the name Delilah.

Pairing: Valentine/Alec (even I cringed at that), Alec/Magnus

Par One: Prologue

"Are you sure you want to live forever?" Malcolm asks me, holding the cup of dark red liquid firmly. I swallow, trying to ease the tension in my throat. No, I'm not sure, yet I'm sure enough that I want Magnus and Max to be happy. I'm sure that this is the way to do it. I nod, Malcolm hands me the cup, and I down it in one go. It's thick, slimy I scrunch up my face and lower the glass, trying not to puke. In seconds I feel it hitting my stomach. Cold spreads from my middle, to my chest, arms and legs, and finally my head. I close my eyes, wanting to remember his sensation. Wanting to remember what it's like becoming an immortal.

"How do you feel, Alec?" Malcolm asks as I hand the cup back to him slowly.

"No different," I say.

"Well, we'll know if this worked if you don't have grey hair at forty," Malcolm laughs. I force a smile, looking down. My next task is to surprise Magnus. Tell him what I've done, see his face light up. He will undoubtedly be angry. But that is okay. As long as we're together, it'll be okay. Everything will be fine.