Sitting at the bar, Sonny threw back his beer. He was alone, the case was finished and Amanda was probably calling Buck; although he highly doubted that they would ever see each other again. No, she was probably with another random fling instead of where she belonged – with him.

Still feeling sorry for himself, he motioned for another beer. The pretty young bartender brought his drink and smiled.

"Work or women?"

"Excuse me?" Sonny asked.

"Good looking guy like you looking this depressed? Gotta be with work or a woman."

"Actually it's both cause I work with her."

"Double bummer. Want to tell me what's on your mind?"

"We had this case recently, we work for NYPD. Anyways, we had to go down south to bring back a suspect. We ended up at a bar; got in a bar fight and I walked her back to her hotel room."

"And she rejected you?"

"Not in so many words. I thought there was a moment, a moment where all my wildest dreams would come true. I thought she felt it too, but I guess I was wrong."

"What happened?"

"She said goodnight. I went to my room."

"Doesn't sound all bad."

"Until the next morning, when I went to bring her some coffee and breakfast but was just in time to see another guy leaving her room."

"They could've just been talking."

"I've seen that look he gave her."

"What does this other guy do for a living? Do you know?"

Sonny smiled sheepishly. "He's a bartender."

"No offense taken. Most guys that tend bar are pigs. In fact, most males in bars are pigs."

"Hope you don't mean me," Sonny said.

"No, you're actually one of the nice ones. What's your name?"


"Nice to meet you Sonny. I'm Dominice."

"Excuse me?"

"Yeah, I know. My parents were set on having a boy and wanted to name him Dominic. But they ended up with me and just added the 'e' at the end."

Sonny started chuckling.

"Something funny?" Dominice asked.

"My first name is Dominick with a 'k'."

"Well, from one Dom to another, can I offer you some advice?" Dominice asked as she began wiping a glass.


"Don't let someone else stand in the way of your girl. She sounds pretty special. What's her name?"


"And what does Amanda look like?"

"Her eyes are the lightest shade of blue, her hair looks like golden Georgia silk and she has the cutest little button nose."

"Yeah, you got it bad. Don't let anyone stand in the way of getting your girl. Go to her, tell her how you feel."

"What if she rejects me?"

"Then at least you tried. Nothing ventured, nothing gained."

"I've always liked that saying."

"Me too. I used to use it a lot before I dropped out of college."

"You should go back, you're really smart."

"Thanks. I'll think about it. But seriously, get out of here and go to Amanda. Tell her how you feel."

"Thanks Dominice."

"Anytime Dominick."

Sonny threw some cash on the bar and put on his coat. He headed out the door with a newfound sense of self. He knew without a doubt that he loved Amanda and this was his chance. He wasn't going to blow it again. He knew he should've kissed her, outside that motel door but nothing was changing his mind tonight. Sonny was going to get his girl.