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-x Introdusction x-

Fortress City-State of Thorn, Council Hall

Celestine Lucullus, Goddess Reborn as High Elf, sat on her throne then sighed as she stroking her forehead, her aide and bodyguard, Claudia Levantyne, standing beside her, it's been millenia since the Thousand Year War.

She been thinking a strategy to defeat the Queen of the Dark Elves, Olga Discordia, and her army of monsters in the north.

"Claudia can you. . ." Before she could make her request, she was engulfed in sphere of light and vanished in thin air.

"Lady Celestine!" Claudia scream before she too was taken by a sphere of light.


Celestine groggily woke up as she noticed she is laying on a carpet floor, she checked her surroundings, and saw she was in a large luxury room with fireplace.

"Lady Celestine! Are you alright?!" Claudia said with worried voice as she approach her liege lady as she help her stand up then she said. "Yes, Dame Claudia, I'm alright, now where are we?" She had asked before there was another flash of spheres of light, and out came her fellow Shield Princesses: Alicia Arcturus, Prim Friore, Kaguya, and Maia.

There the High Elf goddess caught someone that she knows. "Olga!" Celestine whispers in shock her nemesis as the Shield Princesses point their weapons at the Dark Elf Queen. A white-haired with red eyes name Chloe stand in front as she pulls out double daggers.

"I won't let you harm, Queen Olga!" She shouted in fighting stance then a voice echoed the room.

"Now, now, there's no need violence, ladies." The ladies look around where the voice come from then a sphere of light appears before them as the light faded. A figure with white unknown armor and a helmet with a cape. (A/N: Think male version of Mystic White Ranger from Power Rangers: Mystic Force)

"Greetings, miladies." The white armored knight said in British accent as he bow low which made the pink-haired with blue eyes name Prim giggle. Behind his helmet he blushing of what he see, the ladies wearing decent dresses, as he breathe-in and breathe-out to calm himself. And he couldn't help to suppress 'daw' speaking to the pink princess.

"Who are you, and where are we?!" The blonde-haired with blue eyes name Alicia shouted in question as she pointed her sword at the white stranger. He sigh in annoyance before he could answer, he felt another presence. "Ah, here they come." An a dozen large spheres of light appeares, and fade out twelve people, new people look around confusion.

"So does anyone know where we are?" Green-haired with brown eyes name Flora asked with the permanent scowl on her face. A blonde-haired with blue eyes name Janne sees a familiar person. "Alicia, Prim!"

"Janne, Aunt Selline." Prim and Alicia shouted in unison seeing their relatives.

"*Ahem!* I believe I can explain, miladies." The ladies of the kingdoms in the room had gotten into battle stances, as he stand calmly and observe them. "What do you want with us! Why are we inside a room, you fiend?" A blonde-haired and green eyes with pointy ears name Angelica as she was suspicious about the unknown man infront of her.

"An introduction would be good." He bow low and said. "Perseus12 at your service, miladies. But you may call me Percy for short." Flora and Prim cutely giggle the white host. "Your turn, Your Holiness." He gestures to Celestine.

"I'm Celestine Lukures, ruler of the Fortress City-State of Thorn and member of the Seven Shield Princess."

"I'm Claudia Levantine, ruler of the Fortress City-State of Ansur, bodyguard to High Goddess Celestine Lukures, leader of the Holy Knights, and member of the Seven Shield Princess."

"I'm Kaguya the Shrine Maiden, ruler of the Fortress City-State of Rad, and member of the Seven Shield Princess."

"I'm Maia the Mercenary, ruler of Fortress City-State of Ken, and member of the Seven Shield Princess."

"I'm Ruu-Ruu the Halfling, ruler of Fortress City-State of Geofu, and member of the Seven Shield Princess."

"I'm Alicia Arcturus, this is my half-sister Prim Fiorire, . . ." "Salutation, milord and ladies." Prim said cutely as she bow to the others. ". . . we are the rulers of Fortress City-State of Feoh, and also members of the Seven Shield Princess."

"You never mentioned that you have two titles: Princess of Virtuous Beauty and Princess Knight of Iris." Alicia was blushing of Percy's compliment which made Prim, Janne, and her Aunt Selline giggle.

"I'm Olga Discordia, ruler of the Black Fortress and Queen of the Dark Elves." She said it arrogantly which was applaud and wolf whistle by three small, yellow, cylindrical creatures, who have one or two eyes wearing butler uniforms. "Kevin, Stuart, Bob. What are you guys doing here?"

The small yellow ones called Minions speaking in gibberish (Minionese language) which the ladies didn't understand of what they're saying. Prim and Flora were squeal and awe to the Minions. "Oh, alright, here you go." Percy snap his fingers as three crates with a symbol of banana on it appears them as the minions happily carrying them. "Terima Kasih, Bjg Bos." They walk out as Percy smile behind his helmet and he look his guests. "Please continue."

"I'm Catue Dragundaala, Princess of Dragundaala Kingdom." She said it outloud as pound her fist on her chest with pride.

"I'm Nina Dragundaala, Queen of Dragundaala Kingdom, and the tomboy speaking is my daughter." Which made the ladies giggles and snickers.

"I'm Janne Grenoble, Princess of Rib Foul Kingdom, and beside me is my mother, Queen Selline Grenoble." Selline bow in greeting to others.

"I'm Nina Aslato, Princess of the Elven Kingdom of Filhem."

"I'm Arsura Magistir Amastira, and this is my twin sister, Willan Rasteir Amastira, we're the Princess of the Elven Kingdom of Fredenia."

"I'm Princess Angelica Rothschilt of Roadshield Kingdom, this my queen mother, Christina Rothschilt, lady-in-waiting, Flora Fanferni, and this is my friend, Serafina Straro."

"I'm Irena, Princess of the Kingdom of Isotare."

"I'll anwser your question first one is, that I am here to show you the future." They didn't believe him as he sighed. "I do not expect you to trust me, but I would like of you listen to me, I have been given a quite interesting book from a colleague, who I will not give information of, but all will be explained if you read the book." The white armored knight had snapped his fingers and each person in the room, had a book in their hands. Everyone had looked at each other until someone spoke up. "I'll read first." They all looked back to see Celestine opening the book, as they all nodded and did the same.


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