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"I am going to start." Celestine cleared her throat as she began reading.


Name: unknown (assume name is Infinite)

The ladies have question marks appears on their heads.

Title: Fallen Mad God of War

"Fallen Mad God of War?" The ladies said in unison even Olga and Chloe seem like the title.

Age: 27(when he died and was reborn Immortal)

"By the goddess!"

"This person died!"

"Reborn as an immortal?!" Celestine was shock this person was like her, reborn goddess as a High Elf, but this is different that this person died then reborn an immortal.

Gender: M

"Tch!" Chloe sneer unladylike.


Virtual reality projection

"What's a vir-too-al reality, Lord Percy?" Prim asks their host and Percy replied back as he waving his finger. "Ah-ah-ah, no spoilers, Lady Prim." The pink princess pouted which made Percy bit his lip behind his helmet as he find so adorable and the ladies giggles.

Chakra from naruto (all elements and full control)

Reiatsu (Ichigo's power and full control)

Hand to hand combat(madara, naruto, and sasuke)

Gun combat(pistol to rocket launcher)

Saiyan power (SS1 - SSB)

Mask of Loki power

Magic (Final Fastasy)

Multiverse travels

Stand (jojo bizarre)

Other meaningless thing (10 more)

The ladies look at their host in question and curiousity as he sigh. "Not now, miladies."


Black-colored mask that covered most of his face, left eye is visible through a red visor, right eye is covered by a lighting bolt-shaped piece(similar to a eyepatch)(Look up Infinite in Sonic forces)

A mix of hokage clothing and shinigami attire (naruto and bleach respectivily)

Anbu combat pant

Ninja sandal

Well-muscle(lean and musclar)

He snapped his fingers as a screen appears and shows the image of the person. The ladies were blushing that they find this person is TOTALLY HUNK even Chloe saw him gorgeous. 'Hubba, Hubba!' She growled as she bit her lip with likeness while Olga notice her.


A serious person (Janne nodded.) that show only respect to those that gains or to those he like, he's stern but can be sadistic and cruel (Olga and Chloe found very intriguing and impressive.) to his enemies. He, however, deeply cares (Claudia just smile as she respect him.) to those under his command, showing charismatic view to his people and to other. He has a inferiority complex (Chloe found something similarity when she was a inferior slave.) that he is desperately trying to get rid of, showing great anger and hatred to those that said he is weak. (Chloe again narrow her eyes in anger that both of them are similar.) He does not tolerate rapist, and madmen to those that does it and will kill them if he see one . (Chloe snorted in disgust.) To his friend, he is a serious but gentle, even carefree person, but to his enemies, he is cruel, stern, and sadistic.

The ladies were speechless as their eyes wided and they continue.


He was a normal man working through his days life but often see videos on his computer at home. ("Com-pu-ta?" Flora asks in curiousity as she tilted her head which which again made Percy bit his lip behind his helmet as he find so double adorable) He seen Kuroinu (Maia caught the attention of her former group.) and other like it was generalily upset to see the ending and decides if he could wish something it would be to save all women and kick those rapist's a$$. (The ladies were shocked of what they heard as Percy raise his hand. "I'll explain it after this chapter, miladies.") One day, while heading to work he see three man mugging a woman (Janne, Angelica, and Chloe clench their fists in anger.) and decided to save her but got shot to death by the mugger. (The ladies gasped and Chloe snarled. "Bastard!") He then wake up and saw death (Celestine pause as she knows Death is one of the godly relatives when she was a goddess.) itself offering him a second chance at life in a new world with new powers. He quickly realizes that it could be his chance to save those women (The ladies seems like that they respect this person's bravey.) and took his offering. So begin the tales of Infinite

"So that's his name, Infinite, I kinda like it." Chloe smile as begin to like it as the ladies look at Percy.

"I think it's time to explain the terrible future of your lives, miladies." He look at them as he began his explantion.


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