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Opening Theme: Devault – Closer

Dragon Ball Blackthorned

Arc 3.5: Adventures Anew Saga

(A/N: The rules are going to be very different this time around. From May 12, Age 750 to May 5, Age 753, there is a blank area for Ace and Goku to train. Thus, I can fill the void with some development for future arcs and tales down the ground. Unlike previous arcs, I may do a couple of filler episodes (the ones that take place to prep for the Tien Shihan arcs). Simply put, there will a heavy focus on dates as I will keep track of the dates. Unlike the last three arcs, this one will focus exclusively on Ace. Goku will get a couple scant appearances here and there though. This arc will also shine to potential plotlines brought up in previous arcs. Like the last arc, I will post every three to four chapters.)

Ahem…last time on Dragon Ball Blackthorned! Ace and Goku had successfully stamped out the Red Ribbon Army in a week long slamfest. Out of that came Ace gaining the lovely Violet as his girlfriend completing his side goal of getting one for himself! After all the drama, Ace now has 1,088 days to himself to travel the world and get stronger! With the Elemental Nations available, time loopers making things more unpredictable, and with filler adventures to do, Ace had a lot on his plate! How will he deal with it? Find out now on Dragon Ball Blackthorned!

Chapter 50: At The End of the Day

(Current Date: May 12, Age 750)

I rode through the deserts beyond Fortuneteller Baba's Palace riding on that South City Streets. I had three years to do I want so I can train all out. I wanted to make sure that I was at least on King Piccolo's level by the time the three years are up. Either way, I was not going to waste much time. Ramping up my speed, I head off for destination unknown. I know for a fact South City is in the opposite direction. I did decide in my head that I would not be going a major city just yet. I could check my BlackTab to see where I'll end up, but what's the fun in that?

While Ace sped down the road to destination unknown, the quartet of time loopers had not too far away and were completely lost again.

"Blake, you bitch! You got us lost again!" Weiss snapped at her feline friend.

"If you're going to insult me, don't call me a bitch!" Blake said with an evident tic mark on her head.

One of the constants in the time loops was Blake being a faunus. There was a couple where she was a different animal but still a faunus. But there were exceptions, one where Blake was human and everyone else was a faunus. Thankfully to Blake's relief, this world had anthromorphs so she was able to be the cat faunus she was proud of.

"Easy guys, we'll be able to find a way. South City is not too far away!" Ruby said cheerfully. "Besides it's a sunny…"

The sound of thunder pierced the moment as a downpour of rain soaked the fourth wanderers.

"FUCK!" Ruby swore. "It's raining!"

Ruby swearing like an internet user was nothing new to the group as Ruby lost her innocence about ninety-six loops ago. The four huddled under a cliff near the road shielding them from the rain.

"Easy sis, it can't get wor-SHIT!" Yang said as Ace sped up.

He absentmindedly splashed the four with water and went off on his way having no idea of the four people he pissed off. Likewise, they had no idea it was Ace. Luckily, the four were too cold and steamed to fly after him. With the weather slowly getting worse, Ace decided it was better to fly before things got worse. Switching to aerial mode, Ace has Kageyama rocket into the sky with a boom. Ace could fly on his own, but Ace wanted to savor using his bike while things were not so chaotic. Besides, Ace already knew how to fly, and it was all a matter of advanced ki control. He had not attempted to fly since he was de-aged as Ace was still bettering his control. In bouts of training, he had spastic cases of ki being uncontrolled. While it was getting better, Ace had a fear of it happened while in a fight for his life. It would be nightfall when Ace arrived at a town in the mountainous North. A resort town on the mountain ridge that in the canon alternate timeline was one of the many the Androids were shown attacking. This was Bridgetown.

I was quite proud of Kageyama as I land to ride into Bridgetown. I had tested out its top speed which confirmed by estimation. Kageyama was faster than the Nimbus in air. I had not had the chance to test its top speed in air since it's upgrading to get it to fly until now. At max without me channeling ki to amp it, it clocked in at just over 400 mph being slightly faster than the Nimbus. I was now in a town called Bridgetown and pulled up my BlackTab for more information. I did not get much as the place was merely a resort town for the filthy and/or corrupt rich folk of the world. The rain has lessened, and time was about a little after seven. I could see a few people stare at me like I'm the odd one out. Is it my Saiyan tail? Considering this is a world like a dog man is king, why am I treated like the odd one out? Speaking of corrupt, I see a familiar drunk staggering out one of fancier looking bars. Olivia van der Meer strutted down in a shimmer black evening gown with grey stockings and heels.

"Oi, if it isn't Lady Drunk?" I said pulling up.

"Ugh, it's you." She groaned down slurring her words.

She was clearly drunk and out of the bar came Patty and Panchy which I was glad to see. Patty was in a pink dress with a black bow and heels, while Panchy was in a Marilyn Monroe styled dress with white heels to match.

"Ace! How good it is to see you? What brings you all the way here?" Panchy asked me.

"Well, Goku and I graduated Master Roshi's Turtle School of Martial Arts. He insisted we travel the world to train and so Goku and I went our separate ways." I explained. "So much has happened since we last meet."

Panchy seemed interested and invited me back to their condo to stay for a bit. Olivia seemed to refuse, but Panchy surprisingly shut Olivia up saying it is HER condo and that I was a welcomed guest. So, I follow their, probably rented, hovercar to Panchy's condo. Yes, it was capsule styled, but altered to have a massive balcony on the cliffside with a view of the mountains and the river that cuts through it and this place. I return Kageyama to its capsule and enter in with the three women. It was surprisingly humble with only subtle lavish touches. From the family photos, it seems that this is a seasonal home for family vacations.

"So, what are you doing here?" I asked curiously.

"A weeklong girls' day." Patty chirped.

"Of being pampered, wasted, and shopping. What did you during that week?" Olivia said slurring her words.

"Goku and I defeated the Red Ribbon Army." I said coolly.

It went quietly as, to my shock, I could see Panchy's blue eye widen in surprise. Patty's jaw hung, and Olivia was skeptical.

"Hah! That's real funny." Olivia said sarcastically to me.

She kept laughing at me until I promptly showed them proof along the lines of my BlackTab project footage from the base of me and Goku slaughtering the troops. I had made sure to hack into the RRA's computer to take it to screw over Dr. Gero in the long run.

"Well damn…" Patty said. "You weren't joking."

"I even got a girlfriend now." I said gesturing to the part where I smooched Violet before the footage ended. "Although, we're taking it a bit slow for our open relationship."

Panchy was not too surprised after thinking it over as Ace most of what he did that week. Ace and Goku were fairly strong and survived the WMAT. What shocked her was the fact Ace explained they stomped the base in a day with the rest of week being used to off the separate bases. Not even eighteen, and Ace had nearly a thousand or more kills under his belt. Olivia passed out from the shock and the liquor in her system and Patty put her to bed.

"So, you and Goku practically saved the world? That's great, and I'm glad you were able to help that poor boy get his father back." Panchy said getting a piece of cake for Ace to eat. "And I thank you for keeping Bulma safe from those horrible Red Ribbon thugs."

"Goku helped as well." Ace said humbly. "But it's nothing really."

"Still, it's insane. You're barely younger than my daughter, and you're pretty much doing so much already." Patty remarked. "I almost envy you. Being able to go all the over the world, must be nice."

Ace devoured the piece of red velvet and wiped his face to get the frosting off.

"I won't be going all over like this forever." Ace said cryptically.

Ace got up to stretch for a bit before walking over to the couch to lay back to relax a bit. Eventually, Patty went on to bed leaving only Ace and Panchy up. Ace was drawing out a design on a piece of paper and Panchy sat on the couch next to him watching an old movie.

"What are up to this time?" Panchy asked curiously.

"A new design for a new gi. I do not really need to wear Turtle School colors anymore as I have completed my training under him. I do plan to have a patch with the school's symbol, but I want to branch out." Ace said drawing away.

"Such a talented artist you are. If you wanted to give up the fighting, you'd make a killing." Panchy joked.

"Panchy, I could do a whole lot of things if I choose to retire from martials arts. Invent, teach, the works. I have fallbacks to make money if I need to." Ace said focusing on his drawing.

"I had forgotten to ask why you and Goku are training." Panchy said as the movie went on.

"In three years' time, the 22nd WMAT will occur. We're all entering." Ace said confidently. "And I am going to ensure that I do my best."

Panchy chuckled lightly chiding herself for forgetting about the WMAT. Ace was thinking about the WMAT and how it came apart due to a certain doofus.

"That bastard." Ace thought.

In a matter of minutes, the sketch was complete. For a warper, it would be easy of taking the picture and sending the design to a tailor across the stars for it to be custom-made. However, Ace knew he could not get in contact anything outside the Dragon Worlds he was in now as he tried years ago. Ace was practically on his own devices.

"Panchy, you know places that sell fabric to sell clothes in this town?" Ace asked.

"Try Pauline's Fabric and Tailoring. They open at 8 in the morning tomorrow." Panchy said sweetly.

Ace thanked the Briefs matriarch, and the minutes as by the time the movie was in it's second act, Ace had a few drawings done of other people. He had drawn new outfit designs for Bulma, Panchy, Violet, and Chi-Chi. He wound up dozing off with his face on the coffee table. Panchy looked over and took up the one drawn of her.

The design consisted of an ocean high-collared blouse that exposed midriff with a matching sarong. The sarong had a capsule drawn on the right outlined in electric blue and black. The belt for the sarong was between a regular belt with an obi in white. The blouse was sleeveless and had a zipper on it along with indigo lining. The open-toed heels were indigo as well as being modest pumps. Ace's design went as far to add accessories with the design having Potara-styled capsule themed earrings, capsule necklace, and having the both fingernails and toenails done electric blue. What shocked Panchy was the notes on the paper below the design going to into detail. Among the notes, it explained some things about the outfit and its features. Like saying the blouse's zipper was for the desire for showing off more skin if one wished and for how the sarong was to be made so it shows off the right amount of leg. There were even schematics on the back for the pumps to shift from high-heels to flats.

"Maybe I should consider getting me to be a fashion designer in the future or at least my personal one. This design is quite interesting." Panchy thought. "Plus, the high-heels to flats idea is genius! Women would pay so much for one."

Ace begin to stir and pull himself up.

"What time is it?" Ace said wiping the drool of his mouth.

"A little past 10pm. Movie's over. I was just looking over his design you have of me. I like the style of it...it feels modern yet nostalgic." Panchy said.

Ace looked over at the one he made for Bulma realized it was a mash-up. The design her hair in a ponytail while wearing white sports bra with red waistbands, a studded choker around her neck, a small purple gypsy-styled jacket with gold lining, gold armlets with silver studs, a red bandana around her neck, purple low-rider harem pants that and blue metallic-toed boots. Ace had noticed he drew Bulma with her dao in hand with signs of her training.

"Thanks. You can have it if you want to bring it to life." Ace said putting the rest of drawings away. "I'm going to sleep."

Ace quickly fall back asleep on the couch, blissfully at peace. Panchy carried Ace and his things into a spare bedroom. Panchy gently laid Ace on the bed taking off his shoes and putting his sword and BlackTab on the nightstand. She kissed him goodnight and went off to bed herself.

Team RWBY was pissed and tried, but they made it into Brigdetown. Still coating in the mud, they walked into town exhausted. Blake fells to her knees.

"I need fish….milk…and a hot bath." Black said panting.

"We're out of money, though." Ruby whined. "I need cookies."

"I need a good dicking." Yang whined.

Weiss was looking her backpack only for a credit card to fall of it. RBY looked down at the credit card and back up at Weiss.

"What the hell is that?" Ruby asked.

"It's the card my father gave me to use in case of emergencies." Weiss said nervously.

"Wait, a fucking second, you're rich in this loop?!" Yang roared which got Weiss to sweat.

In a few loops, Weiss was not wealthy, and the wealth would be in another's hand (Blake had a field day being a wealthy heiress). In this "loop", Weiss was a wealthy heiress, but not for mining dust. What her father did in this loop, she was a bit ashamed of.

"Yes, but I don't want to say why…" Weiss said in a low tone.

"Just tell us." Blake said flatly.

"My father's empire….he runs brothels and strip clubs." Weiss said with a mild blush. "All the ones we were going to since we were in this "loop" were owned by him."

RBY's jaws hit the ground as they realized that explained they got in free and why the women and men wanted to give Weiss free lap dances.

"That's all. Oh, come on, remember the loop where we were actors for a porno parody of our show. If anything, you shouldn't be embarrassed about brothers and strip clubs." Blake said deadpan.

"Yes, I should. In this loop, my dad met my mother in a brothel! Hell, Whitley was born in one!" Weiss said feeling humiliated.

"Oh please. My mom gave birth to me in truck stop bathroom toilet in one loop. Well, in another, Summer Rose was the camp whore when she gave birth to Ruby." Yang says rolling her eyes and taking up the credit cards. "We're getting new clothes, food, and a hotel room."

"And fish/cookies!" Ruby/Blake cheered.

Weiss groaned as the three dragged her down the street.

"If they saw the way Winter, me, and Whitney were raised, they'd be humiliated too." Weiss thought.

(A/N: Happy 50th chapter, Dragon Ball Blackthorned! Yes, Ace is going to get a new gi that will be the prototype to the final design I have in mind when I hit the end of Dragon Ball and start into Z. On that note, Ace is going to wearing different outfits a bit more often as he is off the clock. Between chapters, sometimes I may skip ahead a few days depending on how it goes. As for the loopers, I'll be exploring them a bit too. While I cannot if all the RWBY characters are going to in this, I can specifically that Summer (she'd be alive in this loop), Raven, Taiyang, Qrow, Kali, Ghira, Winter, Whitley, and Mr. and Mrs. Schnee are in for sure considering they are needed for RWBY to be here anyway. Either way, stay tuned for more!)

Ending Theme: Blazo – Liquid Silver