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Chapter 54: Sex, Swordplay, and Setups

(Current Date: May 23, Age 750)

It was five in the morning as I returned to Bridgetown as I had stopped in a nearby town last night before waking early to come here. I made this decision due to concerns that I felt Raven could be tailing me and would have found me if I went straight to Bridgetown. I had managed to call Yang Xiao Long yesterday about her glorified "egg donor". Yang pretty much told she will not shed a tear if I killed her.

As she put it, she ran out of fucks to give about her. It was a bit disturbing for her to casually asking me to let her know if I killed her. She wanted to bury her…just to spit on the grave.

Either way, I arrived at the condo and called Bulma. I got her, but she was obviously groggy from being woken up at the ass crack of dawn.

"Bulma, I'm in Bridgetown in front of condo. I know you're tired, but can you get here to open the door?" I insisted.

"Fine…I'm on my way." Bulma remarked before hanging up.

I did not complain when she took a half hour to get here as she was going a capsule plane and not a car. Bulma looked tired, but good to see me. It's rather humorous to see that Bulma did not bother to change out of her nightgown which was the same pink one from way back then only having on sandals with them.

"You know you can't train your swordplay in your pajamas, right?" I said with a chuckle.

"Oh, shove it." Bulma said snidely getting her dao in hand. "I got clothes here and in capsules."

Once again, Ace had worn something different. He now wore a black leather jacket with orange outlines and a white tank top underneath, orange denim pants with a black belt, a neon blue buckle on his waist and black leather shoes. He still had the weighted armbands and leg bands on him.

"Ace, I don't even know how you and Goku get up as the crack of dawn." Bulma said lowly. "What reason would here be?"

Meanwhile, at a location quite far, Goku sprang from sleep for breakfast.

Ace wanted to answer, but Bulma stopped him. However, a mischievous smile broke on Ace's face when his tail smacked her behind. Bulma could only mildly blush as she opened the door as that advance was not completely unwanted.

"So, how's your relationship with Yamcha?" Ace asked.

"Lacking. He was already an issue when all the girls were hounding him, but now he's hooked at training harder to one-up you." Bulma remarked. "I swear if you and I weren't close, I'd go stir-crazy."

"His loss to ignore you." Ace said with a shrug. "It's funny because he could be teaching you how to swordfight."

"I did ask, but Yamcha said he had to focus on training." Bulma remarked.

"Well, how's Krillin and the rest of the gang? I hope Roshi wasn't a pain." Ace said.

"No, he's been not a total pervert. Worse, he's done is stare at Violet who keeps wearing tight-fitting sports wear to train. I think she's doing it on purpose to get him to teach her efficiently." Bulma said shaking her head. "It's the only reason Roshi has put in sparring practice in the training schedule."

Ace sighed decided he tolerate Roshi for now.

"At least, he's teaching more." Ace said.

"Oh, and remember those twins that came with us to the last one? They're apparently back to stay on Training Island. Something happened with their parents apparently." Bulma said as they entered the condo.

Ace decided to look into that a little later.

The looping effect from Team RWBY along with Ace's involuntary warping which he came to the Dragon World altered this world. For once, the set of Tropical Islands east of Papaya Island that would become important in the future had a dual purpose in its inhabited ones. Patch and Menagerie existed there to overlap thanks to Ace stabilizing. The four "kingdoms" were cities in different directions all the over world being the second largest city in their respective region. Vale to the north, Vacuo to the west, Atlas to the south, and Mistral to the east. Either way, in a bar on Patch, Taiyang Xiao Long and Summer Rose arrived to meet Qrow Branwen and the two men took a seat. Once the things that Yang and Ruby were glad for was in his loop, Qrow could control his power through proper ki control to cause misfortune and thus could spend more time with family and friends.

"Taiyang, we have a problem. A big one." Qrow said already downing several shots of whiskey.

"Is it about our girls and why they act so strange?" Taiyang asked concerned.

One of teams the four loopers agreed to was to never tell their secret until it was absolutely needed since as in the case they were starting off when they were already kids. Since, for this loop, they started as toddlers long ago, they had no need to tell him. Especially since, in this loop, Salem was not a threat due to having no Grimm. Thus, they acted like normal since befuddled their parents as the "kids" seemed to mature quickly.

"I have my suspicions that Ruby, Yang, that faunus girl, and the Schnee brat are hiding something. When they met for the first time, they just clicked so quickly. But that's not why I called you two here." Qrow remarked.

Summer felt that their personalities were somewhat masking something, but she could not figure what. Taiyang did not see it, but she could feel Ruby was faking her innocence around them. Summer had a sneaking suspicion both girls were sexually active. The four had came to the Xiao Long-Rose family home for Ruby to pick up Zwei and Yang to get her motorcycle just three days ago.

"Please don't tell me is it's about Raven? What did she do this time?" Summer groaned not wanting to hear about her ex-teammate.

"Apparently, she's got someone on her radar to join her tribe. My hidden content in the tribe got me some information and a name, Ace Blackthorn." Qrow said sternly.

"Isn't he the champion of 21st World Martial Arts Tournament on Papaya Island?" Summer asked. "Why is Raven after him?"

"Remember when she took after Muitaito's old grounds in the North? This kid singlehandedly got her to leave with the tribe. A team of seventeen fought against them and he promptly slaughtered 16 of them leaving one with the message to leave. That one happens to my contact, Claire. From what she told me, this kid is damned skilled having a level of ki control that a prodigy wishes they had. Hell, he shrugged off bullets without even raising his ki to do so according to her." Qrow explained getting a look of shock from Summer and Taiyang.

"If Raven gets her hands on him or even gets a kid from him, that could be an issue." Taiyang said. "Any idea where he is?"

"Thankfully, Raven's still searching. Claire told me Ace should feel be in the North someplace. If he's near Vale or its suburbs he'll be easily found." Qrow said getting up.

"What are we going to do?" Summer asked.

"I'm going to Vale to see if the kid's there. You two should call the girls to have them keep an eye out for Ace. They could cover more ground." Qrow remarked.

Qrow left the bar readying to leaving hoping this kid was not crazy enough to try to clash with Raven or Raven was not going to do anything extreme to get this kid. Too bad, he was wrong on both ends.

Ace woke up from his nap with Bulma and looked over at the clock seeing it was 10a.m. Ace did not regret taking a snooze with her as she snugged him between her chest which got Ace to rest on "soft pillows". Ace managed to massage those "pillows" to give her a good wake up call. She stirred and her eyes fluttered open.

"I see you like my wake-up calls. We got training to do." Ace said as they got out of bed.

Ace spawned laced wrappings out of his BlackTab.

"First things first, I'll be wrapping your chest with this to form a sarashi. Besides you're not trained in ki like me, this will go around her chest to resist injury. These wraps are laced with seals, so they won't fall apart easily." Ace explained.

Ace professionally wrapped Bulma's ample C-cup bust carefully forming the sarashi for her chest and one for her waist. No perverted jokes or fondling to Bulma's surprise. Ace had given her a pair of turquoise hakama with a black flame-like pattern at the bottom with electric blue highlights, tied by a black obi. Bulma slipped on the hamaka and got a pair of purple socks with red sneakers. Ace tossed a small gi top to cover up the sarashi, but left her stomach exposed. Ace even tied up her long hair in a high tail at the back by a green headband. The two got their swords and went out to a nearby plain a little further up the road that Bulma had played on with Tights long ago.

"Before we begin, I'd like to say this will not be easy for you. Considering you have not trained in ki control like me and I don't have the time to train it out of you, I'll have to do it the "easy way". What I will do is give you a jump start to unlock what reserves you do have, but this will hurt. So, give me her hand." Ace said seriously.

Bulma extended her hand and Ace took it with a firm grip closing his eyes to hone his ki.

"For it is in living life to defend the defenseless, we shine. Through this, we, warriors, become a paragon of virtue and glory to rise above all. Infinite in distance and fearless of death, I release your ki, and by my shoulder, protect thee." Ace said as bluish-white ki coated Bulma's body.

Bulma felt like floodgates were opened and rushing through her body. It felt a burning sensation throughout her body and Ace let go. Bulma had her legs left like butter but Ace helped her regain her balance.

"You'll feel like that. My parents did this before to me." Ace remarked. "But it was mostly painless for me…, but now we can begin."

Bulma was disappointed to find she was not learning strikes yet was basically doing a crash course on stances and footwork. Ace asked if she named her sword to which Bulma shook her head.

"Well, the first thing we need to do now is name your sword. Swords are an extension of you and they can even have a soul of its own. Normally, it's tradition to mark your sword with blood before naming it, but that's an Eastern thing. So, what will be?" Ace said as they finished their exercises.

Bulma thought on it while taking the dao in her hands.

"Sardonyx. I will call this sword, Sardonyx." Bulma said warmly.

"Well then, let us get to work on sparring. Then, I can show how to properly care for a sword." Ace said taking a basic stance.

"I may not be the swordsman, you are, but I did take fencing classes with my sister." Bulma said taking a fencing state.

"How cute." Ace said sardonically.

The two had a basic spar and Ace was pleasantly impressed to Bulma able to swordfight with both hands. Ace was blocking strikes keeping a sense of tempo in his step, but Bulma was surprising him.

Team RWBY were currently hanging out at a rest stop for bikers at the outskirts of Vale wanting to enjoy their lunch.

"I think our parents are onto us." Ruby said to her sister rather worriedly. "I think mom knows I'm faking the innocence."

"Well, we'll just have to rye to them to cut the mustard." Yang punned taking another bite of her sandwich.

Blake and Weiss groaned.

"I liked it better when you stopped punning. Then again, you had to lose your right arm for that." Weiss said under her breath.

"Don't remind me of that. Do you know how many loops I have to wake up to find I'm missing an arm thanks to Blake's asshole ex-lover? About 4 of them. My right arm was my arm to get off, damn it. Do you know how awkward it is to masturbate with a robotic arm?" Yang ranted lowly for them to hear.

"Wait, didn't your robotic arm come with a vibrator built in?" Ruby asked innocently.

Blake roared with laughter watching Yang's face go red along with her eyes. Ruby's face was slammed into her plate with a piece of cake on it thanks to Yang. They had just gotten the call from Taiyang and Summer about the current situation.

"Shouldn't we be doing something about Ace?" Blake asked with concern.

"Ace is a smart one. He's isn't dumb enough to fall under Raven's sway." Weiss pointed out.

"I still think we should go after him and check on him." Ruby said wiping cake off her face with a napkin.

"I'm sensing out the area. Apparently, he's still in Bridgetown with another power. It's weaker than him significantly. Raven along with another person are a few towns over probably looking for him." Blake said to her friends. "So, what's our plan, fearless leader?"

"We'll check on him later. This Raven is a pretty much arrogant to a fault, and considering Ace is a warper, he could easily manipulate her." Ruby said.

"It's still disgusts me to see a version of my mom being so sexually depraved." Yang said with a shudder that her teammates shared.

Yang thought back to the nightmare that was the Kill-La-Kill loop before purging the thought of Raven Kyurin. Never was she being so happy for a cyanide pill. The four finished off their meals before leaving to get to their motorbikes. It was thanks to another loop, they formed a biker gang, the Deadly Roses, and learned how to ride motorcycle. For shits and giggle, Ruby, Weiss, and Blake following the pattern of naming their bikes after shipping names. For Ruby, she called her bike, Ladybug. Weiss called her bike, Monochrome. Blake called her's Black Shadow. The four took off on their bikes. While they were carefree, Claire was completely nervous around Raven. The two were in the small-town Ace had stayed in earlier. If Raven discovered, she was Qrow's informant, she'd be dead under Raven's heel.

"I'm getting too old for this shit!" Claire thought.

Raven came up to her.

"I asked around. He was here, but the motel manager won't tell me where Ace was going. So, I need you to sleep with him." Rave said bluntly.

"What?" Claire remarked.

"He is weak, and I would not sully my loins with his." Raven touted.

"So, it's okay to pimp me out!" Claire yelled grabbing Raven by the collar. "I'm saving myself for marriage."

Raven laughed at this asking who even does that anymore. Claire had enough to shoved Raven away.

"If you want someone to pimp out, get someone else! That's above my pay-grade!" Claire said walking away from her.

"But I don't pay you." Raven said with raised eyebrow. "Guess it's Plan B."

Plan B would consist of that motel manager meeting a rather grizzly few hours in pain and agony.

Bulma and Ace were eating lunch back at the condo after their training mission with Bulma sweating due to the workout Ace gave her. Her gi top hung on the coat rack leaving in the sarashi. Ace's gi top hung around his waist leaving him shirtless. The two were enjoying their lunch together with Ace had several paper plates emptied and askew on the table.

"Man, that Faunus restaurant was great. Totally worth blowing through 1,000 Zeni." Ace said relaxed.

"At least, you can pay for your meals." Bulma said with a chuckle finishing her meal.

"We can take a break from your training for now." Ace remarked. "We could watch television. Anything good on?"

"Unless you're into soap operas." Bulma said.

Ace groaned regretting he did not get his hands on an Interdimensional Cable Box like his siblings. Of course, he did not know he could easily spawn one from his BlackTab. So, the two sat on the couch watching regular TV which Ace flipping through channels. Finally, they settled for Sailor Moon which apparently existed as an anime in this world.

"At least it's seems more accurate to the manga, and not dubbed by DIC Animation." Ace thought.

As it droned on for ten minutes, Ace's attention to moving over to Bulma's body. It took just a few more minutes before Bulma noticed.

"Something tells you got these in mind." Bulma said squeezing her chest to give a "Pafu Pafu".

Ace's response was to turn off the television to bury his face in her chest. Bulma and Ace were truly an odd pair but had so much in common that it worked. Ace broke away when he sensed a familiar energy.

"Violet?" Ace said getting up to go to the door.

He opened it and there was Violet.

"Bulma told she was meeting you here to practice swordfighting, and I wanted to come earlier, but Roshi ran me through the wringer." Violet said noticing Ace's evident arousal. "And I see you're quite happy to see it."

"Happier." Ace said eyeing Violet over.

Violet was wearing form-fitting dark purple compression shorts that showed off her legs, weighted sneakers, and a black sports bra. She was slowly showing signs of the training's effectiveness much to Ace's joy. Violet was eyeing Ace over as well noticing his developing muscular build.

"I see you're itching for me. How cute." Violet said with a light chuckle.

"To be fair, Bulma started this. She's inside." Ace said with a bit of twitch.

Violet and Ace went inside locking the door behind them before rejoining Bulma.

"What a surprise." Bulma said a bit nervous.

"Don't worry, Ace told me." Violet remarked with a sigh. "I did except it'd be a week before he was getting his rocks off."

Ace was silent on that.

"That blonde Launch talks about you. Even though I still have to train a bit more before you and I can travel together, you would not mind if I sample the goods a bit early?" Violet said with a wink.

If Ace have less self-control, he would have creamed himself by then. Bulma got up a bit disappointed by this, but Violet suggested she should stay and join in. Ace swore he heard a choir sang, "HALLEUJAH!". Self-control went out of the window as Ace's clothes came off at the speed of his bike, and Ace put his BlackTab and Rakurai aside. Bulma and Violet both went beet red at this for slightly different reasons.

"You've grown a bit more since our last time." Bulma said biting her lips.

"Dear kami…" Violet said wide-eyed at the sight. "I think puberty overcooked your body. How do you hide it in your pants?"

"I have a lot of self-control, I know chi gung, and meditation helps." Ace said with his flagpole bobbing.

Violet was still dumbfounded as it did not expect this. She expected half the size and a quarter less thickness.

"Well… another bonus to saying I don't regret saying yes to be your girlfriend." Violet remarked feeling it with her hand.

Ace stopped her though.

"I think we can save it for the bedroom unless you want to do it here and now." Ace said with a grin. "It's Bulma's call. It is her house."

Bulma thought about it only to start undo the sarashi to let her "girls" breathe.

"It's fine here. It'll be fun, plus I can hire a cleaning service for the mess." Bulma said slipping out her hakama.

Violet proceeded to slip off her clothes giving Ace the exposure to her bare body. Violet in terms of figure was quite pert and fit. As Roshi had said, she certainly give Bulma a run for her money in the chest department. Violet's ample chest was dotted a pair of dark pink nipples to Bulma's light pink ones. Her legs fit and firm developing to nearly rival Chun-Li's if Violet kept working on her legs. A patch of violet hair was around her flower contrasting to the peach fuzz that Bulma had between her legs.

"Those have got to be Ds." Ace stammered drooling like he was starved.

"They are." Violet said rolling her eyes. "Now are you going to drool or…"

Violet did not get a chance to speak as Ace carried her the kitchen table to put her behind on the cold counter.

"I must taste you." Ace said licking his lip.

"Wait, you're going to eat me out? Seriously, I thought Launch was bullshitting me when you did…ohh…fuck!" Violet said before Ace got in between legs to begin his "oral assault".

"Oh no, Ace enjoys doing it." Bulma said walking up.

Violet squealed a bit as Ace went faster in swirling his tongue around having a grip on her toned rear. Violet's legs crossed to pull Ace deeper in.

"Don't stop!" Violet cried out.

"Don't *lick* intend *lick* to Vi-Chan." Ace said between licks.

Bulma was already soaked from the display of affection but decided not to step in right away. Ace kept up the pace only to suddenly stop after five more minutes. Ace looked up at Violet and told her he did not want to make her too winded.

"A bit of precaution. Plus, Bulma's there soaked and needing some attention." Ace said slipping out from Violet's legs.

Performing the clone headseal, Ace preformed the Kage Bushin to provide two naked clones of himself. Violet summed this up in a single sentence.

"By kami, he's a one-man orgy!" Violet said.

Bulma was dumbfounded at first but remembered that ninja Ace fought back at the Tournament used the same technique.

"Now, I have two more clones. They are for Bulma, as you will get the real me." Ace said carrying Violet bridal style into a bedroom. "Have fun, Bulma!"

How do I describe sex with Violet? Well, to put it into a single word, intense. She actively tried kept up with me actually using ki to push her body. We have started with her on top by her request to break her hymen and start right away. A while of that, she wanted to continue with me on top plowing into her. I had given her I had thrusting into her, and she delivered back nearly as head. The pure euphoria I felt was mirrored on her lovely face. Her embrace was tight pulling me in deeper as I pounded away.

"I'm about to cum, Vi-chan." I said panting.

"Not inside!" She cried out.

On instinct, I pull out and I splatter Violet's breasts and face with globs of semen. I was panting harder than ever as I felt completely exhausted. My clones dispelled as I get the memories of what they did to Bulma. Well, it seems my clone claimed another virginity of Bulma's. I might be completely exhausted and sore, but, man, it was totally worth it.

"Sorry about the mess, Violet." I said.

"Eh…it's no real issue. I can wash it off." Violet said struggling up to her feet. "Mind helping up into the shower? I need to hurry back to Roshi's."

I was able to transfer enough ki for her to limp into shower, and I had to drag myself out into the living room. I think my clones were too rough on her. Bulma was the ground sprawled out completely exhausted with semen on her face and all over her ass.

"Bulma, I think it's best we stop training for today." I said to her. "Sorry if they were a bit rough."

Bulma was breathing heavily as I noticed a few bite marks on her breasts and hand print bruises on her rear end with a pleasured look on her face. I helped her up to her feet, but her legs were pretty much jelly. I had to carry her to the shower and Violet had to help her until the feeling in her legs returned. I showered separately.

It would be near evening before Bulma regained feeling in her legs, but Violet had recovered earlier leading to helping Ace back. Ace was dressed in a black sleeveless compression undershirt with orange linings, the white karate gi, a black martial arts belt and shoes with weights. His studded weighted armbands were on him as well. He was packing up to leave town and possibly the Northern region. He only had about three more places he wanted to visit. His BlackTab's map updated to give a few more details of the Earth and its locations and had Ace more enthralled than ever. Ace got his BlackTab on his side, his sword in sheath on his other side, and his backpack on him ready to leave. Outside, Bulma, Ace and Violet were ready to part ways.

"I'll have to work twice as hard to make up for taking an off day." Violet said. "But tangling with you was a workout in itself."

Ace blushed but cleared his throat.

"Bulma, I have this book for you to read and study." Ace said giving her a handbook on swordplay. "It's a bit basic, but it has a few tips on how to craft your own style. Study it, and I'll visit you again soon."

"Thanks, but what about the telepathic training?" Bulma asked piquing Ace's memory.

"Ah jeez, I completely forgot. Well, since I did give your ki a jump start, you can form telepathy through meditation and mental training. It'll be a bit easier for you to develop it thanks to your genius and strong will." Ace said earnestly. "As for telekinesis, I'll help with that next time."

Ace turned to Violet having a warm look on his face.

"I'll see you soon, Violet. Train hard and keep safe." Ace said as the two shared a brief goodbye kiss.

"You too, Ace." Violet said.

Ace took off on Kageyama leaving Violet and Bulma to leave on separate capsule planes. The destination Ace had in mind next, Divine Crossing. However, he was unaware that he would have two unwanted guests. Distracted by enjoying the evening air, he rode past Raven and Clair who just arrived at the entrance to Bridgetown unintentionally splashing Raven with mud. Clair was tempted to laugh but held it in barely stifling. Raven was stoic over this but made a note to get vehicles with windows instead of using a dune buggy to get around.

"Well, after him!" Raven said to Claire.

"We can't, Boss. We're out of gas." Claire said lying through her teeth.

The buggy has at least a quarter tank, but Claire was hoping to buy time for her to make another call to Qrow. Raven groaned and repeated that action when she saw the prices for gas here.

"This is highway robbery! So, I'm robbing you! Fill the car up and empty the register!" Raven said with her katana at the attendant's neck.

Ironic, that Raven wound up killing the same fake blondes Ace fought earlier and steal their expensive luxury cars (think: a Mercedes and a Ford Mustang). Claire rolled her eyes at this before getting in the Mercedes as Raven commandeered the Mercedes after capsuling the buggy. As the two left, the attendant idly took out the wallets out of the two corpses to pocket the cards and cash in their wallets not even bothering to call the cops. He had more "important" things to do! Ace was par for the course to his next destination unaware that six people would be soon to follow!

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