A masked hoodie in a new world



Discaimer: Marble hornets is created and owned by Troy Wagner, Joseph DeLage, Tim Sutton as well as some other characters

Pokemon is created and owned by Nintendo,Game Freak, and Creaturesalso this is my first story so no flames please_

"Run", it was the only word running through his cloudy mind as he sprinted through the trees. He knew if he stopped for a momment he would be caught by the tall slender Operator. He watched as the world changed and shifted from a forest to a dark tunnel and from there an abandoned building. He felt the Operators radiation affect his mind and body as weakness spread throughout his being. He saw a bright flash of light before he found himself suspended in darkness, although his senses were still clouded he felt as if the heavy dark atmosphere the Operator emited was lifted. He questioned if he was dead before he heard high pitched giggling. the voice then said "Whew that was close! you were almost caught by that thing". Before he could respond the voice continued "Anyway I will save you from that monster, but you might have trouble finding your way around" the voice giggled. "Wh-what do you mean?" Brian replied. "You will see soon enough" the voice replied. Brian felt himself start to lose consciousness but before he lost all his senses he saw a small blur of pink floating towards him.