The Hero Of Our Time chapter 1

So before we get started, let me tell you what this fic is before you read it so you have an idea of what you will be reading. It's a time travel fic with references to other worlds. There will be a different star in this harem than I usually write. The lead is Sona this time. What inspired this fic is the song with the name and me completing Legend of Zelda: BOTW. This will have some singing with lyrics and it will be noted who is singing when.

Disclaimer I don't own anything.

[Sacred Gear]

[Ddraig talking]

{Albion talking}

[Ddraig singing]

{Albion singing}

"People singing"

"People talking"

'People thinking'

Prologue: Future

Issei Hyoudou, age 17, was working on a spell inside of the heart of Gremory castle. The spell was a difficult spell and one used in chronology or the magic of time. Vali has already died but transferred Albion to Issei, so he could finish off the monster that killed him. With only Kiba left alive as they fled to the manor.

There was one problem. The spell would revert the whole universe back in time while the castor left the dimension entirely restoring the life and replacing the seal on the monster with no name. Only one of the two them could go back.

"Issei I'll hold it off go now!" Kiba said running back to the outside.

"Don't worry Kiba I will save you all!" Issei said still boosting.

"I will hold you to that." Kiba said with a Holy Demonic sword in his hand charged outside.

"Ddraig Transfer it now." Issei screamed. [Transfer]

And with a red flash Issei Hyoudou was gone and the universe started spinning back a year later.

Prologue: 1 year before

Issei woke up on his old bed. He noticed his body had changed. His abdominal muscles were ripped, and he was quite muscular but not to built of a body. On the back of his right hand was a sword with 3 triangles forming a pyramid with a spot where on was missing a possible fourth triangle.

On the back of his left was a shield with a bow behind it and on his back was a guitar on it. This is how Issei was able to store some of the items from the other dimensions that he visited on his way excluding his new watch that showed several different things include be a phone and have global tracking only it doesn't tell time. (Tell me if you know where that is from.)

"It worked Ddraig." Issei shouted.

[I can tell] Ddraig said in Issei's head.

Issei quickly got dressed and realized he might have issues. The main one was that he was a human technically and he wouldn't be able to be resurrected by Rias because he still has Albion whose been sleeping ever since he was transferred to him.

'Maybe this is why people call me an idiot.' Issei thought to himself.

[Maybe but you were the one to find a solution out of that mess and figured out the lost magic of Chronology not to mention you mastered magic of other dimensions. You overcame many obstacles and still worked through it all.] Ddraig said. [You have accomplished what many people dream of so be proud of what you have become.]

"Thanks Ddraig you are the best partner I could have." Issei said. Issei put on a pair of fingerless gloves and left his room. 'Hello world are you ready for your hero?' Issei thought.