"Oi, you're taking up all the room," Jiro fussed, turning from his side to his back, only to come face-to-face with the sleepy blond beside him, pushed away after being clung to the older man's back.

Rui groaned in protest, struggling to fight Jiro as he pushed him closer to the opposite edge of the futon.

"It doesn't help that you're sweaty, too," Jiro kicked off one of the layers of sheets and tugged on the collar of his shirt. He splayed himself out, thinking it would help cool him off instantly.

"But Mister, you feel so warm," Rui argued, muttering some other unintelligible excuse in his half-asleep state as he tried to draw himself back towards Jiro. He rolled onto his side, tucking himself under Jiro's arm and resting his head on Jiro's chest.

Jiro sighed in defeat. "Wouldn't you prefer I turn on the heater?" he suggested but knew quite well that, despite the agitation he felt only moments before, he couldn't find any reason to want to break away at this point.

"Nope," he shook his head, which made it feel like he was only nuzzling himself closer. "I couldn't make my love get out of bed just for that."

Jiro chuckled to himself, "Yeah, yeah, I understand." He tousled Rui's already disastrous bed-head.

Rui grinned, "You only need to say, 'Yeah,' once."