Hey everybody!

These are just a few things I wasn't to say about this story! So first of all, I do not own anything in the Harry Potter world. All that amazingness belongs to Queen Rowling.

Second, I originally had this story published on a website called Quotev under the pen name HPLOTRPJVD. It is/was called Sisters and it was slightly different from this one. The original plot contained two OC characters, one was Jame's sister (who I kept) and the other was Lily's twin sister. I decided to change it because I came up with the concept two years ago and I prefer this one much better. Two OC main characters are too much to handle. I was hesitating as to who I should make the love interest for this story and finally decided on Marlene McKinnon because there is very little known about her in the original books, so I have more creative room with this character.

This story is very personal to me because the struggles these characters go through are struggles similar to my own. Being bisexual myself and having to keep this a secret is something I struggle with on a daily basis. It's very awkward for me to talk about with people in my surroundings as only 3 people know about this part of my life. It's very much a secret in my very religious family and very religious coworkers. I'm often very awkward about it because I'm not able to fully embrace it my daily life. If this awkwardness ever translate into my writing, I'm sorry. I often try to be objective but it can be a little difficult. Whatever emotions or inner debates my characters have mirror my own and sometimes what you feel doesn't translate that well into writing and I'm sorry if anybody finds some parts awkward or offensive (which I don't think you would but obviously everybody perceives things differently.) I am in no way insinuating that the thoughts of my characters are thoughts reflected by every single LGBTQ+ person, but they are my own thoughts. If others going through something like this can relate to this story then I will be glad for it. (I feel like this whole paragraph is awkward... this is what I mean by feelings sometimes not translating well in writing. *has small anxiety attack*)

This story starts of 1975, during the Marauders era and some of the thoughts are reflective of prejudices in the era and are in no means reflective of my own thoughts. Please if you have any questions, do not hesitate to PM me.

If you stuck it through all this way, I hope you enjoy this story.

I will not tolerate any homophobic reviews on this story. I will not tolerate any hate regarding this aspect of the story. If you have any constructive criticism about the plot itself, please feel free to comment. I will gladly take it all into consideration but I will not, under any circumstance, tolerate bullies.