"Alright now James, don't you be getting in to too much trouble now. Amber, we expect you to keep him in line, understand?" My mum asked me looking into my blue eyes making me nod. I smirk over at James who pokes his tongue out at me. Mum and Dad roll their eyes.

"You can count on me mum." I lean up and kiss her cheek making her smile softly and stroke my black hair a little.

"I love you sweetie." She whispers hugging me. I then hug my father who gives me a tight squeeze. Being a daddy's girl, it was hard for him to let me go each year but like always he knew I would always come back. He lets me go and kisses my head.

"Stay safe." He whispers smiling at me before ruffling James hair, who grinned.

"I'll see you guys at Christmas." I smile at them before running into the train. The past summer had been quite an adventure, unlike James; I had decided to travel around with my parents, meeting wizards from all over the world! It was the best trip of my life. Unfortunately, it meant I did not get to see all my friends and I had missed them so much! I walk around looking for Lily and Marlene, my two closest friends, thinking Alice will be with Frank and didn't need to be bothered. As I was searching, someone tackled me to the ground from behind. I groaned in pain as we fell to the floor. There was no doubt in my mind who was on top of me right now.

"Marlene McKinnon you better get your fat ass off me right now!" I warned. She giggled and got off me making me smile as I stood up. I turned to face her before hugging her tightly. I held her close to me, enjoying her embrace having missed it the entire summer.

"I missed you so much." We said together making us pull apart laughing. Marlene had been my friend since day one. We shared the same dorm so it would've been hard for us to not get along. We were lucky we got along so great. We had a lot of things in common but of course none of them knew... I was scared they wouldn't treat me the same if they did… Especially Marlene. She was… she was simply amazing. Her beauty was incomparable, her long black hair always flowing perfectly down her shoulders. Her perfectly full red lips always arched in a smile never ceased to make me smile and her gorgeous greyish eyes made my heart stop. I can't remember how long I've had a crush on Marlene but it pains me to know that my feelings would never be reciprocated. It pained me to think of what would happen should she ever find out the truth about me… should she ever find out the truth about my feelings for her.. I felt Marlene snap her fingers in front of my face and I jumped slightly.

"You okay Amber?" she asked worried. I smile and nodded.

"Yes why?" I asked

"Well you seem a little you know…" She hesitated.

"I'm fine Mar. Now shall we go find Lily?" I asked impatiently. She nods smiling and crossing arms with me. We skipped across the train looking for Lily and we found her sitting in a compartment reading a goddamn book. I groan walking in and sitting on her lap after pushing the book to the ground.

"Why is it that you are always reading?" I ask. She laughs and hugs me tightly making me giggle.

"I missed you too Amber." She says in an almost sarcastic manner.

"I never said I missed you" I smirk teasing her, making her roll her eyes as she pushed me off her. I sat down across from her as she hugged Marlene after which they both sat down across from me.

"So how where your summers?" Lily asked picking up her book from the ground and putting it in her rucksack.

"Well mine consisted of owling Amos Diggory over and over again. I think he might like me," Marlene says blushing looking down at her fingers. Lily wiggled her eyebrows at Marlene as I tensed slightly at the mention of Diggory. I tried to force a smile, not wanting them to notice how uncomfortable this made me.

"Marlene and Amos sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G-" Lily sang but couldn't go on as she burst into laughter making Marlene blush even harder. I looked away from them, turning my attention to the window watching the scenery fly by. Just as Lily was about to say something to Marlene, there was a knock on the door before three boys stride in.

"Evans!" James plops down next to Lily who tensed up, her face growing red with anger.

"How was your summer" He puts his arm around her shoulder. She gags pushed his arm off her. I snicker shaming my head at my brothers antics. He never failed to distract me with them, even when he didn't realize it.

"James leave her alone." I smirk looking over at him. He frowns before moving to sit next to me.

"I thought my twin would have my back!" He says making me laugh.

"Under any other circumstance, the answer to that would be a strong maybe. But you are so wrong about this right now." I tease him smiling as I pat his cheek.

"There is nothing wrong with this" He states glaring a little at me.

"Oh of course nothing is wrong. You are just guy who will not stalking me and asking me out!" Lily shouts angry clenching her hands around her book which I presume she took out for self defence against James. As this whole thing was going on, Remus sat next to Marlene and they had started their own conversation. However, Sirius sat beside me smirking as James turned his attention back to Lily. I pretended not to notice him until his staring starting to get on my nerves. I turn to him rolling my eyes.

"Can I help you Sirius?" I asked slightly disgusted at his lustful look. He smirks softly as I noticed him.

"You know what I want" He winks at me making me roll my eyes.

"And do you know what I don't want?! You" I hit the back of his head. Marlene, noticing, fights back a laugh and shake her head. Her eye catches mine and we spend a little moment looking at each other, until we noticed Sirius staring at us curiously. I bite my lip looking away. Could he tell that I felt attracted to her? I shake my head biting my lip and look out the window once more. Just as Sirius is about to speak up once more, James interjects.

"Padfoot just leave my sister alone yah? She doesn't want you and it's not like I would let her date you anyway" He says sternly. I giggle a little at his protectiveness.

"Wow Potter, this is the first time I've actually seen you care for someone other than yourself" Lily says her voice surprisingly soft. He smirks turning to face her.

"Does that mean that you'll go out with me?" He asks making her groan as he ruined the moment.

"For the last time no!" She yells standing up.

"Now excuse me, Remus and I have a Prefects meeting!" She says angrily dragging Remus out of the compartment as the train started to leave the station. I close my eyes just wanted to get some sleep not wanting to deal with Sirius right now.

I was woken up by someone shaking me softly whispering my name.

"Wake up Amber, we are almost there" the smooth voice whispers making me smile as I recognize it. I open my eyes to see Marlene staring at me. She smiles brightly as I wake up.

"Have a nice sleep?" She giggles as I yawn and stretch. I giggle as well and nod.

"Wonderful" I reply as she holds her hand out to help me up. I take it with great pleasure and stand. Neither of us let go which makes my smile grow.

"We need to change into our robes, we are almost there" She explains to me still holding my hand. The compartment door opens, making us let go of each other's hand. Lily walked in smiling at us.

"The bathrooms are free if you need them" Lily says putting her muggle clothing in her bag. Marlene nods thanking Lily.

"Let's go" She says to me smiling widely as she drags me out. I have just enough time to pick up my bag as we leave, heading to the bathroom. There being only one stall, I let her go in first. She soon comes out in the Gryffindor robes smiling at me. I dress quickly but have trouble with my tie. I pout as I come out, my tie in a mess. She giggles shaking her head.

"Don't worry you'll get used to it one day" She teases me, since this was a recurring problem with me, often stealing my brothers tie right of his neck at breakfast only to have him use my undone tie for himself.

"May I?" She asks motioning to my tie.

"Of course, I don't want to start off the year looking like this" I tease making her laugh as she undoes the knots in my tie. She slowly starts to redo it as I stare at her face. Her tongue was sticking out just a little bit as she bit her bottom lip in concentration making her look absolutely adorable. She tightens it a little as she finishes, her faces only inches away from mine.

"Done" She breaths looking me in the eyes. I stare back looking back into hers. Just as we were leaning in a little, she coughs a little.

"Come on, we should um, head back" She whispers walking away flustered. I sigh in despair as I follow her back to the compartment. I shouldn't be letting myself imagine these slights of fancy about Marlene, I didn't want her to start figuring out how I felt. I also would never want her to feel uncomfortable about me. She ignores Lily's greetings as she sits in the corner staring out into the window. I cough a little and don't say a word as I sit down. Lily shoots me a questioning look but I shake my head telling her it was fine. She nods and lets it go.

After the feist, we start to head to the common room when Marlene pulls me aside.

"Are you okay?" She asks as our friends keep going without us. I frown rubbing my arm subconsciously.

"Of course I am, why would I not be?" I ask her trying to avoid the possibly upcoming subject. She rolls her eyes giving me a look.

"Because I know you Amber, and I know when something is troubling you. Just tell me, you know it'll make you feel better." She says and I sigh looking around before looking back at her.

"Not here okay?" I say taking her hand and start dragging her towards the front door. I start heading for the lake, ignoring Marlenes constant questions as to where we where going. I bite my lip as we get on a rough path by the lake and finally emerge at a clearing overlooking the lake. I look back at Marlene.

"Whoa" she says not really knowing what else to say.

"I know right?" I smile sitting down on the grass.

"The only people that know about it are James and I" I say patting the spot next to me. She smiles and sits down next to me.

"And why are you sharing it with me and what was so secret that you had to drag me all the way out here to tell me? Not that I mind of course. This place is beautiful." She says staring right at me, making me tense a little. I obviously couldn't tell her that it was because I was attracted to her, and that I was being weird because she was somehow fifty times more beautiful this year than she was last year. I turned to look at her and give her a small smile.

"Because you're my friend, and this is what friends do. And I just… I've been acting weird because of Lily and James" I reply before turning back to look up at the stars. I didn't know what else she would say, but I definitely didn't want to push the subject, hoping she wouldn't figure out I was lying about the James and Lily thing. She nods satisfied with that answer, almost making me sigh in relief.

"What's to be worried about though?" She laughs a little looking out at the lake.

"James is a special guy, there is no denying that. He's stubborn, obnoxious and rude when he wants to be but most of the times he's funny, adventurous, caring and generous. He's a really great brother but unfortunately for him and for Lily, he doesn't know how to act around attractive girls. He freaks out and tries to be all cool and cocky, which isn't who he really is deep down. I can tell he really loves Lily and that every rejection hurts him badly. It just sucks that Lily can't see how great of a guy he is. I think the main reason for that though is the fact that James bullied Snape. In the second year, he heard Snape use the M word with his Slytherin buddies when they were talking about Lily and ever since then well" I trail off running my hands through my hair.

"Lily didn't believe him and called him a liar and I guess James has always despised Snape for getting in the way of his and Lily's relationship because up until that moment, they had been friends… sort of. I've tried to tell Lily but she doesn't want to believe it because Snape is her oldest wizarding friend" I smile a little over at Marlene who was frowning.

"Now I really dislike Snape more than ever. I can't believe that snake. But Lily is a big girl, she'll figure it out eventually. You just have to have faith." She offers me a small smile. I nod and sigh lying down on my back.

"It just sucks for James, he doesn't show it but I know he hurts every time he gets rejected… Lily just doesn't get it, nor does she care I mean she thinks he in it for the sole purpose of humiliating her" I close my eyes a little.

"Lily can be a little stubborn but I mean James could be a little less cocky and act like his real self from time to time" She giggles shaking her head.

"I guess, you know what we should do? We should totally try and set them up together" I say sitting up. She gasps and nods enthusiastically.

"But how can we do that? If James always get cocky around girls he likes how is that going to work?" She asks. I think for a little bit before smiling widely.

"After she rejects him, I'll drag him out and talk to him and then he'll start telling me how he feels. We just have to make sure that Lily hears what he is saying and hopefully that will put him on the path to redemption." I say smirking. She laughs and nod.

"That just might work!" She says laughing a little.

"You're really brilliant you know that?" She says biting down on her lip after a slight moment of silence. I shrug a little starting to feel a little bit self-conscious.

"I do my best" I whisper looking down at my hands. She smiles widely and sighs lying down, me following her movements.

"Thank you, for showing me this, for bringing me here" She says smiling a little not moving her eyes from the skies. I smile, looking up at the stars.

"I thought you might like it. But don't you be bringing any boys up here to snog and/or shag" I tease her looking at her.

"Don't worry, that won't happen" I hear her whispers sighing softly. As curious as I was, I didn't press the matter, just enjoying the moment.