Who Lives and Who Dies

A world where Nazis had taken over everything was a lot to take in. And scary, very scary—worst nightmares come to life and invading your planet scary. He thought about his team, about the other heroes gathered here today, and realized that even if they weren't the type of people to fight to their last breath to defend others, how many would survive a Nazi planet? He thought of brown skin and faith and Jewish ancestry and love—except Kara, he didn't think any of them would.

As a black man bonded to a Jewish professor, he certainly wouldn't.

Before anyone feels the need to explain this to me, I am aware Kara was not intended so survive the invasion from Earth-X. This is set when Harry first explained what Earth-X was and therefore before anyone knew that. Seriously, though, out of six straight non-Jewish white people (Kara, Oliver, Barry, Nate, Ray, Mick), one of them married a Jewish woman, one of them married a black woman, two of them have had relationships with two African women, and Mick really doesn't do well with governments of any kind, let alone oppressive ones-none of them were gonna survive this.

Posted under Legends of Tomorrow because the POV character is from there.